You shouldn't have to work 3 jobs!

Hey there! Welcome to Passive Income Pathways (PIPs). I'm Sadie Smiley and I'm here to guide you on the exciting journey to financial freedom and a life powered by radical generosity and serving your people.

At PIPs, we are on a mission to empower women like you around the world to tap into the wonders of blogging, digital products, and low-ticket memberships—all without spending a ton of money to build your business.

Hustling for a season is fine; hustling your whole life? Not so much. Burnout is real! Finding that balance is key. Ignore the bro dudes and step into your power with coaches who are just like you!

Meet Your Amazing PIPs Team!

image of coach pam allen on a pink and yellow background

Pam Allen

Pam is our Onboarding Specialist and resident Canva expert. She is an official Canvassador! She loves to help people learn how to make their business assets more beautiful.

Kevin Smiley

Coach Kevin is our motivational coach who loves to help you “do the thing!” He's always got an interesting perspective to share.

image of sadie smiley

Sadie Smiley

Sadie Smiley is the founder of Passive Income Pathways. She is an amazing accountability coach and will kick your ass all the way to the bank!

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