How to Make Money With Cricut: 7 Cricut Projects You Can Sell on Etsy

If you're like a gajillion other women this year or last, you got a Cricut (or other vinyl cutting machine) for Christmas. Woo hoo! But, now what? Are you going to use it as a hobby, or turn it into a business?

Cricut ideas – projects to sell

If you want to turn your Cricut creations into a business, there are a lot of things to learn first. Besides learning how to use your new machine, you'll have to figure out how to be unique and stand out because everyone and their mother has a damn Cricut, right?

This post is designed to get your creative brainstorming juices flowing. Pick a few projects, try them out, put your own unique spin on them, and perfect them. Then, you can move forward with the business side of things! I'll write some more posts about crafting for profit in the new year, so be sure to check back.

If you're brand-brand-new to owning a Cricut, check out the post I wrote over on Dollar Crafter: 22 hacks and tips for Cricut newbies. It's super helpful and will get you started using your Cricut TODAY!

7 Projects to Sell Using Your Cricut | Passive Income Pathways

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Cricut projects to make and sell

Before we get started, I also wanted to mention another side hustle I recently shared: rewriting recipes in Procreate. This is an easy way to make some bucks while watching Netflix. 🙂

1. Paper Flowers

You can create paper flowers in a variety of colors. While they can be a bit tedious and time consuming, that's what makes them such great sellers! It's a convenience thing: we love flowers but don't want to put the labor into making them.

So, if you enjoy crafting, this may be your golden goose! 🙂

What do I need to make paper flowers? Cardstock, adhesive, and of course, your Cricut!

Who buys paper flowers? Think about the busy bride. The mom-to-be who wants beautiful nursery decor. The friend who is throwing a baby shower but doesn't have time to create everything.

How to make money with your paper flower creations: you can sell the designs (PNGs, SVGs) to other makers, or you can sell the finished product. With selling the finished product, it's more work each time but you can charge more than you would with digital files. With digital files, you create once and sell over and over again.

250+ digital product ideas to sell

I highly recommend having a digital Etsy store in addition to your physical products.

I love this elegant paper flower set on Etsy that is selling for $100+, and a single paper peony selling for $18. Wow! Talk about inspiration. They're beautiful. And, here's a shop that's selling paper flower templates.

2. Layered bows

I am in love with these faux leather bows. I made some for a craft show I never got to do… thanks, Covid. This is the tutorial I made: faux leather bow tutorial.

What do I need to make faux leather bows? Faux leather (I get mine cheap on Amazon), hot glue or other adhesive, StrongGrip mat, deep cut blade, and a clip or headband to attach the bow to.

Who buys bows? This one is easy! Think about anyone with a daughter, granddaughter, niece, etc. Also think occasions: birthday bows, Christmas bows, christening bows, Halloween bows. Heck, I buy Halloween bows for MYSELF! 🙂

Think digital: you can also buy (or sell) digital bow files.

I super love this faux bow baby headband set. It's cute, very tiny, and affordable. And I'm definitely buying this buffalo plaid bow. My best friend has a daughter, so I get to live vicariously through him with all these bows!

Remember: photographs sell your products! Do not skimp on the photos, especially of bows and other boutique items. Mommies want pretty.

3. High-quality stickers.

Notice I didn't just say “stickers” here. High quality is important! And to be honest, a Silhouette is much better at doing print and cut stickers than a Cricut is, so I'm going to share a little hack to bypass your Cricut below.

There are three ways to make and sell stickers online. I wrote a blog post to help, too: how to sell more stickers on Etsy.

What do I need to make stickers? waterproof vinyl

How to make stickers with your Cricut:

How to Make Stickers that You Can Sell YouTube Video

Who buys stickers? Everyone! I love, love, love stickers and if you create them, I'll most likely buy some LOL Leave your link in a comment below! 😉

Think digital: Yes, you can sell digital sticker designs!

Quick hack: you can design stickers in Procreate, send them to StickerNinja or another high-quality print provider, and sell your stickers that way. This skips the Cricut step completely.

There are tons of really cool sticker shops on Etsy. Stand out by starting a TikTok channel to attract new customers. And, of course, by creating your own designs rather than using SVGs you purchase will help you be more unique as well.

You can step outside the box and create custom portrait stickers. I love this encouraging sticker pack. Selling stickers individually as well as in packs is a great way to increase sales.

Don't forget to network with other Etsians! Even if two people are both selling stickers, you can promote each other because you aren't selling the same stickers. Collaboration over competition, always!!

4. T-shirts.

T-shirts are a HUGE market, and they're actually pretty simple to create!

How to make custom t-shirts with your Cricut:

Beginner Friendly Iron On Vinyl T-Shirts with Cricut YouTube Video

What do I need to make custom t-shirts? Blank tees, iron-on vinyl, StandardGrip mat, weeding tool, and a heat press or iron.

Who buys t-shirts? Everyone! You can make onesies for babies and t-shirts for toddlers all the way up to adults. You could even specialize in plus-sized tees, because getting ahold of anything larger than a 2X can be tough!

Think about why someone buys a t-shirt. Whether it's a family reunion, a holiday or birthday gift, or a shirt to advertise their brand, pretty much everyone wears shirts! Get creative!

Think digital: Yes, you can make money selling t-shirt designs (SVGs, PNGs). Did you know you can even make SVGs in Canva? You can create custom designs in Canva, then click “save as”, choose SVG, and transparent background.

I really like glitter vinyl shirts. They stand out from the typical “print on demand” shirts. Not that there's anything wrong with POD (I do it!), but there's just something special about a shirt like this.

5. Large Wooden Tiles.

Creating large wooden tiles is fun, easy, and the possibilities are endless.

What do I need to make jumbo Scrabble tiles? Wood blanks and some vinyl.

How to make jumbo Scrabble tiles with your Cricut:

Dollar Tree Scrabble Craft Tiles YouTube Video Tutorial

In the video above, she uses Dollar Tree puzzles that cost $1.25 each. Don't have a local DT? DT sold out? Find affordable blanks online.

Who buys wood tiles? These are great gifts for realtors to give to their clients. They can say “HOME”, or the client's last name. Your target market with wooden tiles is going to be anyone who likes this type of decor, whether they're owning or renting a house. It's not permanent to hang them on the walls, which is nice.

Note: I have not looked into the legalities of selling tiles like this because of Scrabble being trademarked! However, these are cute gift ideas and you can create gift baskets or bundles that these are a part of so you aren't specifically selling the tiles.

Just be sure to look into the specifics before you go selling them. Don't say “Sadie said…” cuz I did not say a damn thing! 😉

6. Memorial shadow boxes.

What supplies do I need to make a shadow box? Blank shadow box (get one from Dollar Tree, or at Michael's on sale, F^CK Hobby Lobby), vinyl or cardstock, adhesive, weeding tool. Optionally, you can grab some cheap lights to make the project below.

How to make a memorial shadow box with your Cricut:

How to Design a 3D Light Up Shadow Box YouTube Tutorial Video

You can fill your shadow box with cardstock designs, and/or put vinyl on the outside. The options with shadow boxes truly are amazing.

Who buys shadow boxes? I love the idea of creating memorial specific shadow boxes, but in reality you can make a shadow box for anything. Your target market could be anyone from new moms (baby/birth shadow boxes) to travelers (like a piggy bank, or scrapbook to remember their travels), to someone who has lost a loved one (memorial shadow boxes).

Think digital: Yes, you can think digital with ANY project! Designing shadow box files in Procreate or Design Space can be very lucrative.

Shadow box designs sell well on Etsy, as do finished shadow boxes. I fell in love with this memorial shadow box for a pet. Think of all the custom options you have.

Start with who you are serving. Then, work backwards to design the perfect product for them.

7. Earrings.

Just like with faux leather bows, you can easily make faux leather earrings with your Cricut.

What supplies do I need to make earrings on my Cricut? Faux leather, StandardGrip or StrongGrip cutting mat, weeding tool, earring findings, earring tool(s). You can also use a leather punch, if you don't cut a hole out with your Cricut ahead of time.

How to make earrings with your Cricut:

How to Make Faux Leather Earrings YouTube Tutorial Video

Who buys earrings? You'll find your customers for earrings are mostly women, or those who are shopping for women, but everyone can wear earrings!

Finding a target market isn't difficult if you think about who you are going to serve. Think about events that these special earrings would be worn to. Think Comic Con! Think glitter! Think fun and quirky! What about Bachelorette parties? Custom favors for a Bridal Shower. Get creative.

Think digital: Yep, just like with the rest… design some earring files! Design once, sell OVER and over again. BAM!

7 Projects to Make and Sell on Etsy Using Your Cricut | Passive Income Pathways

Bonus: Vinyl Car Decals!

I didn't want to count this as an actual idea because they're sooo easy, and so many people make them. However, if you can come up with a unique idea or find a target demographic to serve, you can make a full-time business with vinyl car decals alone!

What materials do I need to create vinyl decals? Transfer tape, permanent vinyl, minwax fast drying sealer, and a weeding tool.

You'll also need a scraper tool, alcohol, and wipes if you are attaching these decals to your own car. Creating decals to advertise your business is a great way to get more customers!

How to make car decals with your Cricut:

How to Make Car Decals with Your Cricut YouTube Tutorial

Who buys vinyl car decals? Moms! Well, not only moms, but moms are literally addicted to car decals. Many moms also own a Cricut, so your target market with this product may be someone else, but starting with Moms in mind is an easy way to get rolling.

Cute and snarky SELL. Think of cute sayings to get started.

Bonus #2: Care Instruction Cards

I wrote an entire post on how to make care instruction cards and sell them on Etsy, digitally and physically.

Which Cricut is best?

You can use any Cricut to make projects. The “top of the line” is the Cricut Maker. You can also buy the Silhouette. I'm not brand loyal! 🙂

Where to buy wood blanks

Look at your local retailers for blanks. Check hardware and craft stores. You can also check online retailers to find the best prices for what you're looking for.

How to go digital

As you can tell, I highly recommend going digital with your Etsy shop. Designing something once and selling it hundreds of times is GOLD.

PRO TIP: Don't undercut prices!

Before I end this post, I've gotta mention this because newbies especially are notorious for undercharging.

Instead of making your prices cheaper to get more customers, over-deliver! This means add in something special – such as free gift wrapping – that you work into your pricing.

Set yourself up for success by going above and beyond. Create gift baskets, be unique, and build your business based on delivering great customer service to every single customer you have.

Need help?

Leave any questions you may have in a comment below and members from the community will respond to help you out! I will, too. 🙂 We're all in this together. Collaboration over competition, always!

You've got this!

Are you ready to get started? Need more ideas? Check out my full list of side hustles for 2024.

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It helps my blog tremendously. Thank you!

How to Make Money with Your Cricut | Passive Income Pathways
7 Cricut Projects You and Make and Sell on Etsy
Have a Cricut? Here's What to Make with It and Sell on Etsy!

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