Black Inventors – Free Unit Study

There are MANY Black inventors; this list is not exhaustive. I chose a few inventors my kids wanted to learn about, or have learned about, to feature. Please continue to research and include historical Black figures in your homeschool on a regular basis, not just during Black History Month.

Before we get started, I MUST mention this amazing playlist: Black History for Kids. It's not all about inventors, but this playlist is a great jumping off point for learning about Black History and Black Excellence!

Black Inventors – Free Unit Study

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When doing research to write this post, I noticed there are several resources about inventors and their inventions out there, but very few lists include Black inventors. I hope this list will help you get started with your own research. 🙂

Black Inventors

Mary and Mildred Davidson

Sisters, Mary Davidson Kenner and Mildred Davidson came from a family of inventors. The siblings patented several household items, including the toilet paper holder. Yes, Mary Davidson is responsible for the “which way does it go?” argument in every household.

From childhood to becoming an early adult, Kenner was consistently creating things. She created a sponge tip to adhere to umbrella’s to stop water from dripping on the floor, a portable ashtray for cigarettes and a convertible roof for cars that could protect all passenger’s from weather ailments, all before she entered college. (Source)

Mary and Mildred Davidson Vocabulary Words

  • ingenuity
  • inventor
  • umbrella
  • convertible
  • sanitary

Learn more about Mary and Mildred Davidson.

George Washington Carver

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Books About George Washington Carver

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George Washington Carver Vocabulary List

  • agriculture
  • chemist
  • inventor
  • botanist
  • peanuts
  • sweet potatoes

Top 10 Fun Facts About George Washington Carver

If your children are visual and audio learners, videos can help with retaining more information.

Learn more about George Washington Carver from LessonPlanet and Teachers Pay Teachers.

Charles Richard Drew

“Father of the Blood Bank”

Renowned surgeon and pioneer of blood plasma, Charles Drew discovered the method for long-term storage of blood bank plasma. He also organized America's first large-scale blood bank.

Books to read about Charles Richard Drew

Learn more about Charles Richard Drew.

Elijah McCoy

The Real McCoy

Creator of the graphite lubricator, which allowed new super heater trains and devices to be oiled. McCoy's invention enabled trains to run faster and more efficiently. He held 57 US patents.

Elijah McCoy's parents were former slaves from Kentucky who escaped through the Underground Railroad.

Books about Elijah McCoy

Learn more about Elijah McCoy.

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Learn more: A to Z List of Black Inventors and a HUGE LIST of Black Inventors

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