101 Blog Post Ideas for Mindfulness Niche Blogs

Every time I open the doors to VIP, I get new folks in who want to choose mindfulness as their blog niche. While this niche can be amazing to be a part of, it's also competitive, a lot of women (especially women in their 40s) are hopping on this niche lately, and the main keywords are high competition.

That doesn't mean you should choose another niche, but it does mean you need to have a subniche inside of the mindfulness niche if you want to monetize your blog as quickly as possible – and stand out in such a saturated online space.

Note: I didn't say “over” saturated, as I don't believe in OVER saturation… but this niche has been one of the top niches done in my VIP mastermind for more than a year now, so I know a lot of women are doing it. The upside to being in a niche like this is, especially if you're in VIP, you have other women in your niche to get backlinks from! You've just gotta make sure you're publishing regularly. Do this by making writing a habit.

Each niche has its own nuances, and those are the things you really want to dig into when it comes to figuring out what to blog about. If you simply do keyword research for the keyword “mindfulness,” you're going to miss out on a lot of opportunities to serve your audience.

Ask yourself these questions:

What does mindfulness mean to me?

Why am I choosing this niche?

How is my voice and perspective unique compared to what's out there?

Why do I want to blog about mindfulness?

How can I learn more about mindfulness?

Who am I serving when I write my blog posts?

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Mindfulness Subtopics

Each niche has its own subtopics. These can become your blog post clusters (or silos).

  • breathing methods
  • guided imagery
  • reducing stress

In addition to these subtopics, other topics can cross over. For example, yoga and meditation both rely on the foundations of mindfulness. Does your blog cover these topics? If so, they can become their own clusters.

Mindfulness Blog Post Ideas

If you've asked yourself the above questions, pondered your mindfulness subtopics, but are still looking for what to post on your mindfulness blog, here are some ideas from various keyword tools (RankIQ, Keysearch, Google) and my own brainstorming.

When you're writing posts in a high competition niche, you'll want to find keyword topics that fit within the niche but are not yet overdone.

Some examples off the top of my head are:

  • emotional intelligence
  • positive psychology
  • personal growth
  • stress-relief

These are topics I've seen those in the mindfulness niche talk about, but are not all super high competition like “mindfulness” is.

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Mindfulness Meditations

These can be 1, 2, 5, 10, or even 15 minute meditations. Depending on your audience, you can create the meditations on YouTube and then write a blog post that accompanies each video, or you can record a podcast with your meditations, or you can even create mindfulness meditation scripts if your audience is made up of people who teach others mindfulness.

Knowing your people (who you're talking to) is so important when it comes to figuring out what to blog about. These blog post ideas are essentially formulas: you will need to do your own keyword research and make the titles fit for your audience.

1. Mindfulness Meditations for _______ (Coaches, Moms, Kids, whoever your audience is)

2. Beginner's Guide to Mindful Meditations

3. Ultimate Guide to Mindful Meditations for _______ (your audience)

4. 7 Steps to Achieving Peace With Mindful Meditations

5. 5-Minute Mindful Meditation for Better ____________ (sleep, sex, focus)

6. 10 Simple Mindfulness Meditations for Daily Stress Relief

7. Exploring Body Scan Meditation: 10 Benefits and Tips

8. Guided Mindfulness Meditations: Your Essential Playlist

9. Managing _________ with Mindfulness Meditations (chronic pain, stress, anxiety, etc)

10. Mindful Walking: Combining Meditation with Physical Activity

11. Quick Mindfulness Meditation Tips for Busy ________ (moms, professionals, dads, college students, etc)

12. Guided Mindful Meditation for Sleep

13. X Steps to Creating Your Personal Mindfulness Meditation Retreat at Home

14. X Ways to Integrate Mindfulness Meditation into Your Yoga Practice

15. Eating Mindfully: Meditative Practices for Mealtimes

16. X Benefits of Joining a Mindfulness Meditation Group

17. X Short Mindfulness Meditations for Quick Mental Resets

18. Navigating Grief with Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

19. Mindfulness Meditation for Couples

20. How to Practice Mindful and Meditative Breathing: A Step-by-Step Guide

Mindfulness Worksheets & Activities

Pro tip: Using words like quick, fast, easy, best, etc can greatly improve your click-through rate on blog posts!

21. 5 Senses Mindfulness Worksheets

22. Mindfulness Worksheets for ______ (Kids, Moms, Book Club, etc)

23. Mindfulness Activities for _________ (High School Students, College Students, Families, Kids, Moms, Seniors, Professionals)

24. 5 Minute Mindfulness Exercises for ___________ (who??)

25. X Mindfulness for Beginners Worksheets

26. Body Scan Meditation Worksheet

27. Mindfulness in Nature Activity Sheet

28. Mindful Eating Tracker

29. Mindful Movement Guide

30. X Easy Mindfulness Exercises for ______ (anxiety, OCD, depression, chronic pain)

31. X Yoga Poses for Mindfulness Practice

32. X Mindful Parenting Techniques for ________ (new moms)

33. Mindfulness for Mental Health: X Exercises for Stress-Relief

34. Mindfulness Outdoors: X Ways to Reconnect With Nature

35. X Ways to Incorporate Mindfulness into Your Yoga Routine

image states "need a blogging refresher or just getting started? grab the free blogging foundations course!"

Mindful Mornings

36. X Steps to Masterming Mindful Mornings for ______ (busy moms, working moms, teens, etc)

37. Wake Up Mindfully in 3 Easy Steps

38. X Simple Breathing Exercises for a Refreshing Morning

39. Mindful Commuting: Starting Your Workday on the Right Foot

40. Best Mindful Morning Routine: Starting the Day Right

41. Overcoming Morning Stress: Mindful Strategies for a Calm Start

42. Slow Mornings: Embracing Mindfulness in Your Daily Routine

43. X Tips for Building a Mindful Morning Habit

44. How Coffee Plays a Role in Your Mindful Morning

45. Early Bird Mindfulness: Tips for Waking Up Without Hitting Snooze

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Everything Else

Think of different niche angles here. Are you talking about mindfulness for Christians? If so, you can easily add in related Bible verse posts (that will bring in lots of traffic!). And remember, there are loads of posts you can write that don't mention the word mindfulness directly, but have to do with the topic.

46. How to Be Mindful of Others

47. How Mindful Are You? A Quiz

48. Mindful Balance: How to Care for Yourself and Others

49. Mindful Business: Balancing Career and Home

50. Mindful Intentions: Being More Attentive as a ________ (mother, business owner, wife, husband)

51. Developing a Routine for Mental Clarity and Focus

52. Self-Compassion and Personal Growth in 5 Steps

53. Cultivating Patience in an Instant Gratification World

54. Creating Mindful Connections: Building Meaningful Relationships

55. X Benefits of a Digital Detox: Reconnecting With the Real World

56. Balancing Work and Life by Being Mindful

57. Ultimate Guide to Creating a Sanctuary at Home

58. Start Your Day WIth Intention: The Power of Positive Thinking

59. Positive Thinking for a More Mindful Day

60. Eating with Awareness: How to Transform Your Relationship with Food

61. X Easy Techniques for Stress Relief

62. The Joy of Being Present

63. Physical Activity as a Path to Emotional Well-being

64. Finding Joy in Everyday Moments

65. How to Set Intentions for Personal Fulfillment and Growth

66. Conscious Knowledge: How to Cultivate an Informed Mindset

67. Intentional Unplugging: Finding Balance in the Digital Age

68. Aligning Professional Goals with Personal Values

69. Conscious Eating: A Mindful Approach to Diet and Nutrition

70. Harnessing the Power of Positive Affirmations for Intentional Living

71. Building Emotional Intelligence through Self-Awareness

72. The Five Pillars of Emotional Intelligence Explained

73. The Power of Positive Psychology for a Happier Life

74. Practical Tips for Cultivating Optimism Every Day

75. The Science of Happiness: What Positive Psychology Teaches Us

76. The Role of Empathy in Personal and Professional Growth

77. The Link Between Mindfulness and Positive Mental Health

78. Active Listening: A Key Skill in Emotional Intelligence

79. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction: A Positive Psychology Approach

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Low Competition Mindfulness Post Ideas

In order to make higher competition keyword phrases lower competition, you've gotta get more specific: think about serving your people in every post you make. What I love about some of these keywords is that it would be SUPER easy to make them free or paid products!

Note: These are keyword phrases. You'll need to turn them into actual blog post titles for your own audience.

80. 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge

81. 6 Week Mindfulness Course

82. 4 Week Mindfulness Course

83. Affirmations for Mindfulness

84. Animal Mindfulness Coloring

85. 7 Pillars of Mindfulness

86. 10 Minfulness Movements

87. 9 Attitudes of Mindfulness

88. 21 Day Mindfulness Challenge

89. 5 Senses Mindfulness Script

90. 3 Minute Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

91. Act Mindfulness Exercises

92. 1 Minute Mindfulness

93. 2 Minute Mindfulness

94. 10 Minute Mindfulness Meditation Script

95. Mindfulness Exercises for Groups

96. Anchor Words Mindfulness

97. Advanced Mindfulness Meditation

98. Acceptance Mindfulness Exercise

99. Difference Between Mindful Eating and Intuitive Eating

100. Being Mindful of Others

101. A Year of Mindful Living

A note

Remember: These are blog post ideas but they can also be used as podcast episodes, YouTube videos, and free or paid products! Need 1,000 more ideas? Use my affiliate link to sign up for Topical Map AI!

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