Business Truth or Dare

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This is marking your spot. If it’s a truth, you may be able to answer it right away. If it’s a dare, or a more in-depth question, it may take more time. You will then come BACK when it’s complete and add the answer to your post. This may be a blog post link, for example, if you got #27 on the dare list. 

Check the #truthordare hashtag and be a cheerleader for other VIPs. If they published a post, see if there’s a way you can give them a shout out, link, etc. Let’s help each other!!


1. Are you happy where you are in your business right now? If not, why not?

2. What's the biggest fear holding you back in your business?

3. Do you have a clear vision for your business?

4. What’s your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

5. What’s your exit strategy for your business?

6. How much time do you spend each week on *focused* work vs distracted work?

7. Does your work ethic match your financial goals?

8. Have you ever thought of giving up? What kept you going?

9. How do you handle stress or burnout?

10. Are you investing enough in your own development?

11. What is your customer retention strategy?

12. Is your business impacting your personal life? How?

13. What’s one thing you’d like to delegate but haven’t?

14. How well do you handle negative feedback?

15. What is your definition of business success?

16. Do you have mentors or advisors? Are you utilizing their advice?

17. What’s the last business book you read? What did you learn and implement from it?

18. Do you have a “hit by a bus” plan? What happens if you can’t work your business?

19. Is your business profitable? If not, why not?

20. What does your typical day look like?

21. Do you have a business emergency fund? If not, why not?

22. What is your churn rate?

23. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your business? How will you ensure it doesn’t happen again?

24. What is your approach to handling competition? Are you too obsessed with comparing yourself to others?

25. What are your quarterly goals?

26. How diverse are your income streams?

27. Are you doing your accountability thread daily? If not, why not?

28. How are you contributing to society with your business?

29. Is your business making a positive impact? Howso?

30. What is your favorite metric to track?

31. How are you handling your taxes? Are you ignoring the important financial stuff because it’s difficult?

32. What’s the biggest obstacle for your business right now? How will you overcome it?

33. How are you balancing customer acquisition and customer retention?

34. What are your values in business? Are you following them in all you do?

35. What's your policy for giving back to the community? Who do you donate your time and/or money to?

36. How honest are you being with yourself in regards to your goals and them matching up to your work ethic?

37. Are you being generous with your knowledge, time, and/or money? Are you serving the less fortunate instead of leaving them behind?

38. What are you doing to improve your leadership skills?

39. How do you make sure you stay motivated?

40. What is your pricing strategy and why?

41. Do you have an automation strategy?

42. What keeps you up at night?

43. How do you prioritize your tasks?

44. Do you have a morning routine that helps you with your business?

45. What percentage of your business is from repeat customers?

46. How do you collect customer feedback?

47. How often do you review your business plan?

48. Do you have a personal brand?

49. Are you in any business debt?

50. Are you actively working to achieve work-life balance?


1. Go live in your Facebook group and deliver value to your members.

2. Send an email to your list with a special offer.

3. Post a video to YouTube.

4. Attend a coaching call with your mentor and ask for advice.

5. Set up a customer feedback form and share it.

6. Automate one manual process in your business today.

7. Reach out to a fellow VIP for a possible collaboration.

8. Start a discussion about your next product in your group.

9. Create a content calendar for the next month.

10. Conduct an analysis of your business.

11. Identify a task to delegate and hire it out (or barter).

12. Post a behind-the-scenes look at your business on social media.

13. Implement a new productivity tool into your workflow.

14. Write a heartfelt thank you note to a mentor, coach, or someone who has helped you in your business.

15. Pitch your business to someone in an elevator speech format.

16. Create a short video testimonial from a satisfied client.

17. Revisit and update your business plan.

18. Host a webinar or online workshop.

19. Create a job posting for a position you’re looking to fill.

20. Write down your quarterly goals and share them in the VIP group.

21. Engage with your audience by asking a question on social media.

22. Run a flash sale – don’t discount, add bonuses.

23. Network with other VIPs on a coaching call.

24. Interview an industry expert and publish it.

25. Revise your quarterly goals. Post them in your accountability thread.

26. Do a guest post or Facebook live for a fellow VIP.

27. Write a blog post and publish it.

28. Start tracking a new business metric.

29. Audit your business expenses. Get rid of unnecessary subscriptions, tools, etc.

30. Connect with 5 people in your industry on social media.

31. Host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.

32. Create a “golden goose” affiliate program.

33. Outreach to three past clients to see how they’re doing, or tag them in your group and check in. Do this in a generous, genuine way. 

34. Make a poll in your Facebook group.

35. Volunteer for a cause. Help someone.

36. Review and update the front page of your website, or one of your landing pages for a freebie or paid product.

37. Collect testimonials and add them to your sales page.

38. Read a hard-hitting book and take action. Something like Show Your Work, Do Epic Shit, We Should All Be Millionaires, The 5-Second Rule, etc.

39. Set up an email automation for your freebie. If you already have this in place, check all links, copy, etc and improve it in some way.

40. Perform a customer service audit. How are you handling support requests? Do you need a better workflow? 

41. Create an offboarding sequence: when someone leaves your membership, send them an email with a freebie “parting gift.” Nurture them in an automation sequence, then offer them a “win back” special in a few months.

42. Streamline one area of your business. Automate anything you can.

43. Do a live Q&A session. Have questions prepared ahead of time in case nobody shows up. People WILL watch the replay.

44. Audit your website for user experience. Have someone else do this for you (trade and do theirs for them).

45. Offer a bonus for yearly membership sign ups.

46. Interact in another VIPs group. Be their cheerleader!

47. Create a new mockup for a product you’re already selling.

48. Look on RankIQ (or your keyword tool of choice) and write a blog post for a low competition keyword phrase. Publish it immediately, and add it to the VIP published directory.

49. Set a goal to get to 100 members in your membership. No membership yet? Create a new product.

50. Collaborate with a VIP on a live challenge.