Chrome Extensions for Bloggers: The Ultimate List

Chrome extensions are easy and (mostly) free tools perfect for bloggers. Whether you are a new blogger or one of the OGs, there is a Chrome extension for you to use for so many blogging tasks!

If you're looking to streamline your workflow, get more traffic, or better understand your audience, there's sure to be an extension on this list that can help you out.

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Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Have you ever found yourself darting from one big idea to the next? *raises hand*

Do you get distracted easily when you're trying to complete a task? *feels called out*

If you're a blogger, there's a good chance you're always on the lookout for ways to optimize your workflow and boost your productivity. Let's talk about my favorite extensions for keeping my ideas and shit organized!

While you're here, I want to mention this freebie I just grabbed that really helped me: 40 Time Saving Google Tips. This is from another creator but I LOVE it so much I grabbed the freebie and the upsell. I'm not very easily impressed, but this is an amazing resource.

screenshot of organization tool Toby

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I earn a commission when you make a purchase through them. 🙂 Click to learn how to increase your affiliate earnings on your own blog.


If you're like me and you always have 37 browser tabs open, Toby is an amazing tool. This Chrome extension allows you to organize tabs according to your tasks or systems.

For example, if you have sites or email accounts you need to check every morning, you can organize all these tabs into a Collection in Toby.

Click to open and run through those daily check-ins. This is my VIP dashboard – something I tell all of my VIPs to set up as soon as they join, so they never miss anything.

screenshot of Toby Chrome Extension

It includes the dashboard (where all of my VIP courses are housed), my email, and the Facebook group (where I post randomly throughout the week).

I can open this Collection and get to work without (too many) distractions.

When you're finished with that task and related tabs, just close the tabs! Toby will keep them safe for you.

screenshot of Toby Chrome Extension

I have many Collections! Be sure to sign up, though, because if you just stay as a guest and you, say, switch computers one day… all is lost.

Ehem. Ask me how I know. #ADHDTax

Cost: FREE

screenshot of the Workona Chrome extension


If you work with a team or virtual assistants, Workona is another great app for organizing tabs and resources. It's like Toby, but for teams.

Your team can integrate multiple resources from the cloud so everyone can see everything in one place.

No more searching for where a file was saved or what source you used.

screenshot of Workona

I like that Workona acts like my assistant and says, “hey, slacker, you've got some unorganized tabs – what the heck am I supposed to do with them?”

More robust than Toby, this Chrome extension for bloggers organizes both tabs and projects. There is even an app for iPad users so you can access the workflow on the go.

I recently switched to a Mac computer, I have an iPad, and will be switching to an iPhone (only for simplicity's sake – #teamandroid) soon, so I like that I can keep track of shit on the go (cuz I totally leave the house more than once a month, mmhmmm).

You don't need Workona and Toby, but I have them both anyway. You could say I'm addicted to pretending I'm going to get organized. #worthit

Cost: Free with paid options.

Screenshot of Tango Workspaces


If you work with a virtual assistant or partners in your business, I cannot recommend Tango enough. It allows you to screenshot processes (to make SOPs) in real-time, making it easy for your VA to follow along. You can use these as written guides or even make them into a video.

Having a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for every business task makes it easy for your team to know exactly what they are supposed to do. It also gives directions to others in case something happens to you (or them).

Tango makes the creation of these SOPs so simple! But it's limited to 100 steps at once, which I found while creating an SOP for my “easy Niche in a Box process” for my husband to follow… it's like 300 steps, apparently LOL. Whoops.

Cost: Free and paid versions.

LastPass screenshot


I'm not going to pretend I use this one as much as I should. I try, but then I forget my main password, and it's a mess. Write that shit down, y'all.

However, LastPass has saved my assistant's sanity, and I'm here for it.

A plethora of writing tools and websites means a plethora of passwords. Our brains have enough to remember, so let this Chrome extension do that work for you.

LastPass will manage your passwords and autofill them when needed. You can log in to your vault with one master password (that you need to write down!) and then let LastPass do the rest.

Cost: Free with paid options

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Focus

Whether you have ADHD like I do or not, as bloggers, we know there are days when the words flow easily and other days the words are stuck and we are prone to falling down rabbit holes of other brilliant ideas and areas of curiosity.

These Chrome extensions help us stay as focused as possible. It's amazing how much we can get done when we are attentive to the task in front of us.

This means closing extra tabs (ehem, I see you Facebook) and putting your phone down, and paying attention to the task at hand.

screenshot of Forest App Chrome Extension

Forest App

My daughter Sapphire, the literal master of productivity, absolutely loves the Forest App.

This creative little app is based on one of the best techniques for focus and productivity called the Pomodoro technique. This technique recognizes our brains can only concentrate for small portions of time – umm thank you!!

Sapphire started using the Forest App when she got really into productivity and mindset stuff a few years ago. She went from literally flunking out of school to being on track to graduate 2+ years early, all while dealing with chronic health issues and learning disabilities.

I'm so thankful she found the Forest App because it really started her down an awesome path. She now has her own productivity-based membership that she runs with her dad (ehem, my lovely husband), Kevin.

The Forest app sets a timer for 25 minutes. During that time, you should be intensely focused on your project. When the 25 minutes is over, take a 5-minute break. Rinse and repeat.

The Forest App is a perfect Chrome extension for bloggers because it prevents distractions. You can use the Chrome extension on your browser and the app on iPhone and Android devices.

Select a length of time between 10 minutes and two hours. When the timer starts, you plant a tree. If you check your phone or visit a web page not related to your task, or break focus halfway through then your tree will DIE.

picture of Captain Planet
I hope I didn't age myself too much with this one.

Okay, you first get a notification telling you to get back to work – but no one wants to be a tree killer, right?

If you complete your focused time without killing your tree, then you will eventually create an entire virtual forest and also be rewarded with coins. These virtual coins have a real-world use because they can be used to pay for a real tree being planted.

This is a fun, creative app and Chrome extension to help bloggers like you and me, but it's also good for the planet!

Cost: Free

screenshot of StayFocusd Chrome Extension


If you know certain websites are a total time suck for you, StayFocusd will restrict them.

If your habit is to check Facebook or Reddit while you're waiting for graphics to download, or for the right words to come to mind, this Chrome extension will keep you off these time-wasting sites.

You can choose to restrict entire sites or just certain pages. I tried this extension and I really liked how it kept me off of Facebook, but a lot of my business is done on that platform, so I decided to start using the Forest App instead.

If you need more restriction than the pressure of killing a virtual tree provides, try StayFocusd.

Cost: Free

screenshot of the Save to Pocket Google Chrome Extension

Save to Pocket

Have you ever been working hard on your blog when you see another interesting article or quote on a different topic?

It's so tempting to go read it, but that breaks your focus and productivity. Stay out of those rabbit holes by saving your ideas for later with Save to Pocket.

Essentially, this Chrome extension allows you to save those articles, blog posts, or other media in a library. You can then access them all later.

It's similar to EverNote.

Cost: Free and paid available

screenshot of Facebook home page

Newsfeed Eradicator

I have spent a lot less time and energy on Facebook since I installed Newsfeed Eradicator.

As bloggers, we don't have time to fight with random strangers on the Internet – even though most of us still do. *hangs head* But since I started using this extension, I've spent less than 2 hours a day on Facebook and I stopped arguing with idiots every day – that's HUGE for me!

To be honest, Facebook is kind of boring now so I use it for business and then log off and call it a day. The only groups I go in are groups I truly enjoy, and I don't have a newsfeed to suck me back in when I say it's time to log off.

Newsfeed Eradicator eliminates the most attention-getting part of social media – the newsfeed. Instead, you will see an inspirational quote.

All other features still work, you just need to be more intentional about what you are doing on the platform.

I love it but I have to remember to check my few favorite groups each day (thanks to having them in a Collection in Toby and Workona), and I turned notifications on for a few of my friend's posts, so I don't miss them. Other than that, peace and quiet… just how I like it.

Currently, Newsfeed Eradicator works with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, GitHub, and Reddit.

Cost: Free

Best Chrome Extensions for Blogging

screenshot of Text Blaze Google Chrome Extension

Text Blaze

I LOVE Text Blaze. This is going to save you a bazillion keystrokes in your blogging career.

Text Blaze is a text expander. It allows you to create text shortcuts which are useful when you are typing the same words over and over.

It's also useful when writing emails or standard greetings and responses. Out of all of the extensions on this list, I definitely use Text Blaze the most.

If you find yourself typing the same shit over and over again, try Text Blaze and let me know how you like it.

Cost: free

screenshot of grammarly extension


Even great writers need editors. Grammarly gives writing suggestions in real-time as you write. It checks for spelling, grammar, clarity, and tone.

Even the best writers make mistakes. There are always areas for improvement or typos that my eyes missed.

My blog friends all use it, but it annoys me to have the underlines on everything I type on social and in email, so I don't use this extension like I should. Maybe if I did, my blog posts wouldn't have so many errors. LOL

Cost: Free and paid

Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

screenshot of SEOquake


Get valuable SEO information on any webpage you visit – including your own. You can see at a glance key SEO metrics as well as backlinks, keyword difficulty, SERP overlay, and more.

SeoQuake has a variety of tools to help you optimize your website for search engines.

Cost: Free

screenshot of WhatsMySerp Google Chrome Extension


Unlimited (yes, you read that right) keyword research at your fingertips.

Whatsmyserp allows you to do light keyword research within Google results. This saves you time from having to switch between tools or web pages.

Results will tell you search volume as well as cost per click data for the keyword.

Cost: Free

screenshot of WooRank Chrome Extension


If you are looking to improve your site, woorank is a valuable, yet free, Chrome extension for bloggers. The data will show you metrics such as structured data, mobile friendliness, website technologies, backlinks, and website traffic.

Cost: Free and paid options

screenshot of LinkMiner Chrome Extension


LinkMiner checks web pages and sites for backlinks. With this extension, you can see internal and external link data on the Google results page – you don't even have to click through to the site.

You can set the data parameters in LinkMiner itself. This is especially helpful for new bloggers so you are only getting the information you need.

Cost: Free and paid versions

There are many reasons why bloggers should install and use Chrome extensions. They can be time-saving and increase the amount of content you're able to post.

Chrome extensions can help you with your SEO efforts as well as get over writer's block and improve time management. No matter what your blogging goals are, there's a Chrome extension out there that can help you achieve them.

RightBlogger Chrome Extension

screenshot of rightblogger extension

One of my favorite extensions is from RightBlogger. You can use it on your own blog posts, to make sure everything looks good: title, description, URL, headings, etc. You can also use it on competitor's posts, to instantly see all of their subheadings at a glance.

This is helpful when doing keyword research to make sure you cover all of the topics for your keyword as thoroughly as possible.

Cost: Free with your RightBlogger account.

What would you add to this list or which of these do you love the most?

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It helps my blog tremendously. Thank you!

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