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Dividend Income Report Q4 2023

We always see lots of income reports, even dividend income reports, from those who make a fuckton of money. My portfolio is considered small and my dividend income is, too, so I thought it'd be fun to start a monthly – or, let's be more realistic because ADHD… quarterly – report showing exactly how much money I earn from my dividends.

screenshot from stash portfolio showing $18,896.42 invested with $13,331.17 in a personal portfolio and $5,565.25 in a smart portfolio.

When I first started investing, I got into single stocks instead of ETFs, which was both the best and worst thing I could've done. The best, because many have *amazing* returns. The worst, because I really should've focused on diversifying with ETFs rather than getting sucked into the excitement of the ups and downs of single stocks.

Moving forward after the first year of investing, I decided to solely invest in ETFs so I could stop having so many highs and lows and just even things out. The ETFs I invest in now are high-yield dividend.

Dividends are completely passive income. This goes along with everything I teach here at Passive Income Pathways. If you're looking for other passive income ideas, be sure to take a look around.

Note: This is for informational purposes ONLY. I'm NOT a numbers person, at all. I'm also not even close to being a stocks or investing expert. My goal in sharing these numbers is to show that even if you're clueless (*waves*), you can make money and invest safely.

This is not financial or investing advice (or whatever else I need to say to not get sued if you go all in on a random ass stock and lose your shirt). The links in this affiliate post are my referral links, which means I earn stocks or credits when you sign up and meet the requirements of the platform.

It's January 2nd, 2024 and I just logged in to calculate the dividends I've earned in my stash portfolio (that's a referral link – I get $20 and so do you). This is the first time I've sat down and added them all up. They're automatically reinvested, because if they weren't, I'd spend all of it. 😉

Here is a screenshot of my portfolio. If you'd like to see exactly which stocks I'm investing in, just let me know and I'll add them to future posts!

Q4 2023 Dividend Earnings

Smart Portfolio Dividends: $42.15

Regular Portfolio Dividends: $50.47

Referral Credits: $20

TSLA Stock: $20

Total: $132.62

Total without referral credits: $92.62

Total invested: $18,896.42

Investing Resources

In the coming months, I'll add my favorite “learn how to invest” type resources, including YouTube Channels, books, etc.

I first started by watching Chris Sain on YouTube, but he quickly got way too over my head with stops and puts and options and and and… he also got more into day trading and I don't have won't make the time for that.

I also learned from Andre Jikh, but while he's super fun to watch, he's also super click baity and talks about things other than direct investing advice. I'm not really a video watcher for the fun of it, so I stopped following him after about a year – while still using the fundamentals I learned from both him and Chris Sain moving forward.

Like I said above, if you want to know exactly where the dividends are coming from, which stocks are performing best for me, etc, just leave a comment so I know to include them next time.

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image reads: dividend earnings december 2023 with a small portfolio. passiveincomepathways.com
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image reads: my dividend earnings with a small portfolio

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