17+ Erin Condren Alternatives for Planner Addicts

Perhaps you've heard about the Erin Condren mess that's playing out online. While I've always thought her planners were over-priced, I know she has had many loyal planner addicts for followers. Don't worry, there are PLENTY of Erin Condren planner alternatives.

Black-owned Planner Companies

As soon as news broke about what Erin Condren did, I knew I had to make this roundup. Then, a friend sent me a link to a thread in the Courage to Earn Facebook group, where others had already started sharing Black planner creators, so honestly they did a lot of legwork that I didn't have to do. I want to put these links all in the same place for easy access. If you're transitioning from EC, you'll find plenty of options on this list to make your days easier to manage, without the racism.

All planners on this list are from Black creators. Check out the list of 1,000+ Black-owned Etsy Shops while you are here!

A must-have for ALL planners: Guard Your Yes (stickers available from Black Girl, Lost Keys).

Plan Your Year in a Day

First of alllll, Amiyrah's Plan Your Year in a Day planner is only $5.99 so it has to be at the top of this list. You know I love a good deal, sign me up!

Ms. Glitter N Goals

I truly love this planner. Ms. Glitter N Goals Planner reminds me of the type I would want to make if I was creating a planner myself.

“filled to the brim with inspiration, style AND organization to help you SHINE ALL YEAR LONG!”

This planner is currently sold out but you can get on the list to be notified when it's available again.

Whose Shoes Journal

Christine K. St. Vil & Julian B. Kiganda, authors of “Whose Shoes Are You Wearing? 12 Steps to Uncovering the Woman You Really Want to Be” are the creators of the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner

“The mission of the Whose Shoes Transformational Planner is to help women identify their vision and set intentional goals with deadlines. We want them to be bold, fearless and relentless in pursuing their dreams.”

The Whose Shoes Journal is everything you're looking for in a journal, planner, and more. It is lined with 180 full-color pages and motivational quotes throughout. Motivational quotes are a MUST for me. They keep me motivated, grounded, and positive.

Video Planner Walk-Through

If you prefer a video walk-through, I found this one and I LOVE IT. Also, some of the shops on this list are also featured on hers.

The Forward Planner

A planner, sticker sheets, and pens… yes, everything you need to get your life together TODAY is included in The Forward Planner.

“Life is what you make it, and you will only truly live your best life through optimization of your time.”

Allyson Renee Scrutchens is the creative mastermind behind this planner, and she knows her stuff. She's currently pursuing her PhD in Planning. A PhD. In Planning. If that doesn't scream “expert”, I don't know what does.


image of black colored NotIQ planners as an Erin Condren alternative planner

Touted as the easiest transition from EC/HP, NOTIQ is all about minimal but elegant planning. Enjoy complimentary shipping on orders over $149.

My Dream Planner

My Dream Planner is a 158 page planner for people who will commit to making at least one (or more) of their dreams/goals come true in a year. This planner is also a workbook that helps hold you accountable as you go through the next 365 Days.

The best part? My Dream Planner includes a Dream Book List with 12 books that you read each month to keep you motivated & inspired not to give up in addition to proven strategies to move you closer to what you desire.

If you're ready to achieve your goals and stay motivated every month of the year, this is the planner for you!


Yay Day Paper

Looking for bright and colorful, even playful planners and sticker sets? Yay Day Paper has you covered! The Yay Day Paper blog also has a huge list of planner resources you don't want to miss.

Gold Mine and Coco

They're in the middle of a move, so stock is limited right now (June 2020), but Gold Mine and Coco will soon be back and bigger than ever!

Looking for a quarterly subscription planner box? Enrollment opens once a quarter – reminders will be posted on the website, in our Facebook group, on Instagram (@goldmineandcoco) and via email notification. In the meantime, check out planner essentials, sticker kits, and more over on their website.

Capitol Chic

Found in Michael's stores, Capitol Chic is a planner addict's dream. I definitely need to order a custom doll, STAT.

Capitol Chic Designs (formerly Pink Bow Ties) is a stationery company based in Columbia, Maryland. While starting out making simple stamps, it wasn’t long before our line of stickers and custom dolls became our most popular and favorite product. Our product line includes dolls that represent all ethnicities and incorporates details such as hair wraps, hair styles, clothing and accessories to give them each their own unique personality. CCD translates current trends and modern influence into their products. 

Little Miss Fancy Plans

Love the name! Little Miss Fancy Plans offers stationery, stickers, subscription boxes, and more. Follow the creator on Instagram, @athomewithquita.

Single Mom Success Planner

If you've ever been a single mom, you know how CRAZY it can be to juggle everything alone. Even with a support system in place, being the only adult in the household to handle everything can be, well, overwhelming (to say the least).

Kaywanda Lamb is an author, speaker, blogger, soon to be podcaster, and The Winning Single Mom.

And the best part about you learning my prioritization system and using this planner is the knowledge that everything you want and need to do is within reach. All you have to do is follow through.

The Single Mom Success Planner has your specific needs as a single mom in mind: everything from managing distractions to remembering self-care.

Keep Chasing the Stars

Are you ready to gain clarity, organize your schedule, and see the BIG PICTURE? Create 90-Day plans with this Visionary Journal.

And if you HURRY, you can order the digital version of the Visionary Journal for just $15.00!!!

Planning Collective

I first discovered Planning Collective when I was putting together the Black-owned Etsy shops list. I love the Jefa Planner, because it's designed specifically for entrepreneurs like myself. There's monthly strategy pages, a calendar, and a long and short to-do list. I love using two versions of my to-do list because some things CAN be done today, while others are more long-term projects. Keeping both at the front of my mind is critical to my success.

This is Us

No, it's not the TV show. This is Us is a planner site that focuses on celebrating and honoring the beauty of uniqueness.

“We celebrate the things that make us different – because that's what makes us beautiful. We believe that anyone should be able to find stickers, stationery, and craft products that represent who you are, AS you are.”

The PRIDE COLLECTION makes me smile. A big smile!

Mind of Wonders

Looking for something simple, yet encouraging? This Black Girl Magic Undated Monthly Planner checks all the boxes. I love the brainstorming section. Start your planner at any time as it is undated and ready to start helping you organize your life!

Tawana Simone

Tawana Simone offers stickers for your planner.

“I have always loved drawing and pursed a degree in graphic design only to discover illustrations are my niche. I love curly hair! . I love vector art and do all of my work in Adobe Illustrator.”

Oh So Paper

Looking for Black Lives Matter stickers for your planner (or laptop, or wherever)? Oh So Paper is where it's at! If you're addicted to subscription boxes like I am, I recommend the MINI FRIENDS® MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION.

Wildly Noted

Looking for stationery that fearlessly speaks to the soul?! Wildly Noted has stationery, planner inserts, and more.


Not a planner or stationery, but awesome nonetheless: coloring books for entrepreneurs.

Want to learn more about racism in the planning community?

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