free math resources homeschooling

40+ free math resources for homeschoolers

Are you a homeschooler looking for free math resources? We made a math glossary notebook to help with general terms and operations, using this cheat sheet as a rough guide.


Are you homeschooling? Are your kids on track with math? Whether you (and they) enjoy it or not, math is one of those topics that's non-negotiable.

Even if you're only teaching “real world” topics or unschooling, math is needed. You can skip lots of concepts, but this isn't one of them. 🙂

free math resources for homeschoolers

tips for teaching math at home

Whether you have a reluctant learner, or a kid that can't get enough math worksheets throughout the day, Math is one of those subjects that parents either love or hate to teach. Total transparency here… I'm on the hate side. Anything past 6th grade math and I'm just staring at the letters and numbers mixing together, slowly blinking, hoping it'll disappear if I ignore it long enough. Lucky for me (ha!), my daughter lovvvves math and always wants to learn more. Woo hoo…

Math Facts

Math by topic and grade

free math games

Free Full Math Curriculum

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a “free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere”.

Khan K-8 Math Curriculum

Everyday Mathematics

Everyday Mathematics by the University of Chicago is for Grades K through 6.

Zearn Math

Zearn Math teaches math curriculum through videos and interactive lessons. They also offer practice problems from Grades K-5.

School Yourself

School Yourself is for grades K-12 and offers free math lessons, with personalized lessons and assessments, all for free.

Plain and Not So Plain

Plain and Not So Plain… where do I start? This woman not only has ten children she homeschools, she also designed a complete curriculum – FOR FREE – for grades 1 through 9. The curriculum is thorough and each lesson is right there on her blog so you don't have to click around a million times. She is very open about her religion, so if you are secular you may want to avoid some of it, but I think everyone should check her website out. I'm in awe of it, and her!

Moby Max

Moby Max is what many of the schools use for supplemental math. Some even use it to cover the majority of their curriculum. It's free, but a paid subscription offers extra features. I've always used the free version with plenty of success. My girls all love Moby Max and ask to “play” on it frequently.

Easy Peasy all in one homeschool

Match Fishtank

Match Charter Public School is a high-performing charter public school serving students in grades Pre-K through 12 in Boston. They offer free “college-ready curriculum that is flexible and culturally relevant”.

3rd grade through Algebra II

Conceptua Math

The curriculum library is for grades K through 5. They cover everything from counting and number sequencing to understanding and multiplying equivalent fractions (and more).

Under the Home

Under the Home is a Charlotte Mason inspired K-4 homeschool curriculum. It's a very old school site, using Ray's Arithmetic as their base for Math. It's not the type of curriculum my daughter and I can really get into (we need something more engaging/interactive), but if you're a fan of the Charlotte Mason style homeschooling, you may enjoy it.

Buffalo State

Comprehensive School Mathematics Program, or CSMP, provided by Buffalo State. CSMP copyright is 1995, so some text may be a bit outdated but math is math, right? 😉

singapore math homeschooling resources

Singapore Math is known as the math that's “raising the bar”. There are pros and cons to the Singapore Math method, but I'm a fan. I wish I had started my kids on this method from a young age! Have your child take a free placement test before choosing your Singapore Math curriculum.

Since the 1980s, schools in Singapore have taken an innovative approach to teaching elementary math — a curriculum that focuses on problem solving with pictures and diagrams. 

6 Reasons Singapore math might be better

Difference between Singapore Math and Common Core Math: Common Core is an all-encompassing set of American educational standards, Singapore method is a problem-solving system taught traditionally to students in Singapore (and sometimes in American classrooms).

other free math resources for homeschoolers

If you know of any free math resources for homeschoolers that I didn't cover, please leave them in the comments below!

Download this as a free printable HERE.

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