How to Use AI To Write Your Blog Author Bio

One of the most dreaded tasks for me as a blogger is writing about myself. Yeah, kinda weird considering I have a blog is literally my name – but I like teaching people about things I love rather than focusing on my own life.

However, in a world where AI is only increasing its presence, it's important to add a human touch to everything we do. People crave that humanity; we don't respond as well to AI!

Now, I'm not the Queen of Bios or anything. But as I get my digital products included and more and more bundles, I'm asked for my bio quite often – so why not be as prepared as possible?

I listened to an episode of the Blogging Millionaire Podcast and took some notes for this post, and then combined Brandon's tips with my own experience using AI. Excuse my chicken scratch handwriting. I was on a plane LOL. If you have questions about writing your author bio, leave them in the comments.

Picture of paper with boxes that have notes of what to include in an author bio

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Should I write in first or third person?

This is a highly debated topic. On your own blog, I recommend writing in first person! But if you're submitting an author bio for a bundle or podcast, you'll write in the third person.

Keep a few author bios on hand: 2-3 in first person and 2-3 in third person.

How long should my bio be?

Some podcasts will ask for a 100 word bio while others will just say “keep it short” – so having a few different bios will ensure you always have one ready that fits the parameters they're asking for.

If you're putting your author bio at the bottom of your blog posts, stick with 3 sentences. Show off your accomplishments, then link to your “about” page to give them a more in-depth look at your life.

What should I include in my bio?

This depends on how personal your blog brand is. My blog brand is literally my name (ehem, so I keep everything pretty personal. However, if you're building a brand to sell, you'll talk more about the brand and principles than your personal life.

Highlight your expertise and authority in your niche, link to social media profiles if you have them, and don't forget to include your own personality – even if AI helps you write your author bio.

Writing your author bio with the help of AI

Below, you should see a widget from nichesss that will help you write your author bio!

I put in a few points:

  • I'm a multiple six figure blogger
  • I believe in radical generosity
  • I used to be homeless
  • I love to help others blog

nichesss gave me this:

Sadie Smiley is a six figure blogger, speaker, and mentor. She loves helping others to achieve their dreams, especially helping parents enrich their children’s lives through technology. She writes for the Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, and iVillage. Sadie lives in New York and has two daughters. She is addicted to Italian food, the television show Gossip Girl, and to chasing her dreams. She is passionate about helping others overcome their fear of failure and limiting beliefs.

Well, it's a start, I guess? 🙂 I would change it to stuff that is actually accurate (I have never seen Gossip Girl and could take or leave Italian food LOL). So something like this, perhaps:

Sadie Smiley is a multiple six figure blogger and mentor. She loves helping others achieve their blogging goals, while working less and making MORE money. She has built and sold multiple blogs and taught many others to do the same. Sadie lives in Mexico and has one daughter and one son left at home. She believes in radical generosity and dreams of her VIP coaching program changing the world!

I like it! 🙂 Then, I can write one in first person, if I want.

Something like this:

Sadie Smiley is an embedded writer and motivational speaker. She speaks internationally about writing, goal setting, and achieving your dreams. Sadie is the author of the book, “The Third Step: A Memoir.” Her new book, “My Requiem,” comes out on November 1, 2016. Sadie Smiley is a #1 Bestselling Author and has been featured in the Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Black Enterprise, NBC’s The Today Show, and USA Today. Along with her book tour, Sadie Smiley will be shooting a reality show for NBC called The Scribe. Her book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, and Books a Million. Her website is:

Okay so the weird thing is, it put my website in there! lol But the rest of the stuff is completely made up – I have not been featured in Black Enterprise haha. Seems that AI is best for generating ideas instead of finished-out-of-the-box bios.

personal bio template from jasper

Let me try Jasper real fast.

I gave Jasper the same input as I gave nichesss and this is the output:

Hi! I'm Sadie Smiley. I used to be homeless, but now I live in Mexico and run a multiple six figure blog.

I'm all about motivation – helping people see that they can do anything if they set their mind to it. I want people to know that no matter what their situation is, they have the potential to make a change for the better.

And here is another, without edits:

Hey there! I'm Sadie Smiley, and I used to be homeless. Crazy, right? But it's true. Nowadays, though, I'm doing pretty well for myself. In fact, I'm a multiple six figure blogger!

I live in Mexico now with my husband (who is also a motivational speaker). We love traveling and spreading our message of hope and happiness to as many people as possible.

My goal is to motivate as many people as possible to achieve their dreams. No matter what your situation may be, you can always make a change for the better!

Wow, okay, so Jasper kicked ass this time! 🙂 My husband will love that Jasper called him a motivational speaker. He LOVES giving motivational speeches and is actually one of my VIP co-coaches!

Use the widget above to generate some ideas, or if you haven't tried Jasper yet, use my link to get a free trial and craft your own bio!

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