How to Use Alexa in Your Homeschool

Whether you're homeschooling or crisis schooling, the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa) can help ease the burden a bit. I know it seems silly to think that a robot could help, but trust me when I say these Alexa Skills keep the kids busy for HOURS. We also use Alexa for meditation on a regular basis.

Grab your Alexa!

We have the Echo Show and absolutely love it, but there are several options if you don't have an Echo yet. These are my affiliate links. That means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you shop through my links. Thank you.

Alexa Skills that are educational

No matter how many times you say “Alexa, homeschool the children,” it's not going to work. She can definitely help, though! 🙂 To start a game, say “Alexa, open ________”. If you say “play” instead of “open”, some of the games won't work.

  1. Jeopardy. We play this game at least once a week. If you miss days, you can play them all at once (up to one week's worth). To start, say “Alexa, open Jeopardy”.
  2. Tricky Genie. Alexa tells you a story, and then gives you the option to pick sack 1, 2, or 3. Once you choose a sack, she tells you what's in it and you have to tell her if that's the right answer or not. Can you outsmart the Tricky Genie? Say “Alexa, open Tricky Genie” to get started.
  3. Freeze Dancer. Hop like a bunny, dance like you're a rocket flying to space, and get all that energy out!
  4. Math Dungeon. To escape the dungeon, you must answer math problems correctly.
  5. Outer Space Alice. Alice is a passenger on the International Space Station and shares what the Earth looks like from outer space!
  6. Wizard of Oz. The tornado is coming, so you tell Alexa to grab a hammer and break the lock so you can go hide in the cellar. This is an interactive story game where you tell Alexa what to do next when she goes from a dusty yard somewhere in Kansas to the Wizard of Oz.
  7. The Queen's Mathematician. Mischievous elves have kidnapped the Queen and the only way you can rescue her is to face a set of math challenges. A fun, interactive math game.
  8. Kiwi Monsters. An evolution adventure game, time travel and meet scientists from 5,000 years in the future. Educational and fun.
  9. Word of the Day. Each day, you'll learn a new word, its definition, and how it's spelled. Try to use it in a sentence throughout the day!
  10. This Day in History. I was OBSESSED with checking the daily history fact when I was a kid. Of course, back then it was at school on paper and then on a computer with dial-up internet, but the sentiment is the same. Bonus: you can ask for more history facts so you don't get stuck with just one! 🙂
  11. Word Play. Daily crossword-style puzzle. Score points each day and work your way up the Leaderboard. This game starts out easy and gets more difficult as you go.
  12. Daily Dinosaur. Do you love dinosaurs as much as we do? Well, if your kids do, Daily Dinosaur is a Skill you'll want to try out on Alexa ASAP! We learned about a Xiaosaurus today! This is a great way to kick off a Unit Study about dinosaurs.
  13. Kid Court. Sapphire really loves this one. Is Dad really guilty of telling terrible jokes? Court is in session and you get to be the judge.
  14. Kid's Hub. Play Alphabet Learning, Pictionary, Tongue Twisters, Fun Facts, and more! Learn essential skills needed for kindergarten.
  15. Travel Mania. The easiest way to visit different cities! Alexa whispers a city, you answer which city it is, and you get a ticket to visit that city!
  16. Travel Trivia. Alexa asks five questions and you have to answer correctly to get points.
  17. 1-2-3 Math. Math is my least favorite subject, so any math games I can let Sapphire play on her own are good in my book! This game lets you choose from easy, medium, or difficult math problems. Great for homeschooling multiple grades.
  18. Guess the Animal. Alexa asks five questions, giving you clues about the animal you're supposed to guess.
  19. Animal Workout. You're no longer a human; you're an animal! Do you want to be a butterfly first? Flap your wings, flap, flap, flap! Learn animal facts while dancing like different animals. This is a great “wake up” activity for the morning!
  20. Mighty Trivia. You get one hint at a time to guess what Alexa is thinking of. The sooner you guess the right answer, the more points you get. Even on “easy” mode, I didn't get them all right LOL
  21. Speak Spell. Choose a level and spell the words Alexa gives you. Even the hardest level is pretty easy. This game is best for Kindergarten to 4th grade.
  22. Lemonade Stand. One of the most popular Skills for kids on Alexa, this game teaches kids about running a business, including math skills.
  23. Mad Libs. Just like we used to play, but without the pen and paper. Alexa tells you to name a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb and then fills them all into a silly, funny story.
  24. Story Blanks. Similar to Mad Libs, Alexa tells a story and you fill in the blanks.
  25. Musical Chairs. This works best if you have a handful of kids LOL. It's a great way to get the kids to get up and move! Set the chairs up (one less chair than the amount of kids) and let Alexa do the rest.
  26. Yes, Sire. Maintain balance in the Kingdom by answering “yes” or “no” to the questions given. There was a “mature content” warning on this game but we didn't hear anything mature or inappropriate while playing.
  27. Magic Door. You're on a magic island with Alexa as your narrator. This is one of our favorite games to play. It helps instill creativity and storytelling skills.
  28. Science Trivia. Another trivia game to get those brains fired up, Alexa asks science-related questions and gives you multiple choice options to answer. The questions were difficult for us, so I would say this is for older kids or a family game.
  29. Categories Game. Alexa rolls a letter and gives you a category. You have to name a word (or person, sometimes) that starts with that letter.
  30. Silly Things. Ask Alexa for a silly thing to do. “Cast a spell by using your pinky finger as a magic wand” was the first task we had.
  31. Twenty Questions. Alexa will read your mind. Think about any animal (or whatever she tells you to), and Alexa will ask questions until she's able to guess what you were thinking of. If she can't guess what you're thinking of, you win.
  32. Panda Rescue. You can do panda, tiger, or turtle rescue. You're a volunteer at the Panda Wilderness School, which is a conservation and research center for the giant panda in China.
  33. Watch Your Words. This is a game by Nickelodeon. Get a series of brand new questions every day, and guess other kids' top answers. Be careful, though, there's always one word you CAN'T say!
  34. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition. If you love Trivial Pursuit, you'll love this Alexa Skill. Test your trivia knowledge as a family!
  35. Sesame Street. Perfect for little ones, the Sesame Street Skill teaches letters and more. You can also play Hide N Seek with Elmo!
  36. Boss Baby. They're looking for smart thinkers to join their team! Keep on your toes, answer questions quickly, and you'll get hired!
  37. Focus Game. Need a break? Kids need to get back on track? Play Focus Game, where your mind will become sharper than a sword.
  38. Escape Mystery Room. Just like a regular escape room, you've gotta solve the puzzles to escape. Super fun!
  39. Recycler Story. Like an escape room, solve the puzzle and help your friend escape by answering questions about recycling.
  40. Mother, May I? Did you play this game as a kid? I did! Ask Alexa, “Mother, May I take four steps?” and Alexa will let you know if you can or cannot. The player to reach the wall (or designated mark) first, wins!
  41. Barbie. We visited the International Space Station with Barbie! I love that this Skill incorporates Barbie and learning. Girl power, too!
  42. Forever Lasting Game for Kids. A survival/story game, you can “go scavenge” to find essentials to survive on the deserted island.
  43. Multiplication Table Game. Solve multiplication problems with Alexa.
  44. Animal Yoga. Choose an animal from the list, or tell Alexa you want a random animal yoga pose. Learn a fact about the animal, then listen to Alexa's instructions to complete the yoga pose.
  45. No Way That's True! True or false? Take an adventure and find out with your favorite Nickelodeon characters!
  46. Travel Quest. Grab your passport and travel the world with your tour guide, Jenny. Answer questions correctly to win tickets, level up, and more. We headed to Brazil first and learned a lot! This interactive travel game is one of our favorites on this list.
  47. Math's Quiz. Alexa gives you 20 questions with multiple choice answers to choose from.
  48. Master Swords. Retrieve your uncle's stolen master swords in this adventure game! In order to reclaim the swords, you'll battle using words (spelling). Choose your level of difficulty: easy, tricky, or masterful. Honestly, I'd play this game by myself even if the kids weren't around LOL.
  49. Word Mix. Guess the fruit, color, state, or word from another category after Alexa gives you a word clue to unscramble.
  50. A Dog's Way Home. Help the dog find her way home!
  51. Zoo Walk. Welcome to the zoo! The Zoo Walk has 10 levels. Guess the animal based on the sounds you hear to move to the next level. Best for younger kiddos.
  52. Kids Exercise Like African Animals. Let's exercise and pretend to be animals from Africa! Our first animal was a baby giraffe.
  53. Super Hero Story. This Skill is like Story Blanks, but specifically with a story about super heroes.
  54. Hinky Pinky. Alexa gives you a clue and you answer it with two words that rhyme.
  55. Hangman Kids. Just like the classic game, but easier for kids. Hints available.
  56. Curiosity. Let's learn about __________! This Skill would be a great jumping off point for more in-depth learning.
  57. Tricky Teacher. Alexa asks you a question, and you choose a book with an answer.
  58. Wild Ranger. Explore the deep forest of the Amazon with Pandora, your adventure partner!
  59. Classroom Thirteen. Buckle up! It's the unlucky adventures of Classroom Thirteen with Honest Lee.
  60. Crabby Dance. Dance with Sheldon, the dancing King Crab. This Skill is sure to get everyone moving!
  61. Fart. Okay, so this one isn't technically educational, but it's hilarious. Step it up to the next level by guessing what the person ate after you hear their fart. If you don't find this funny, I'm guessing you don't have boys kids.

Need more? Say, “Alexa, show me education skills.” Have fun learning with family skills, how to skills, science skills, math skills, and more!


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