How to Live Stream from Zoom to Facebook (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

Facebook no longer allows third-party apps to stream into groups. This has caused quite the disruption for those of us who go live in our Facebook groups through zoom, Streamyard, etc.

Though there were work-arounds posted by people before the change took place, I wanted to make sure I could show you FOR SURE that this works before posting about it.

Now that I've tried it and it's worked, I hope I have explained it well enough for you to follow along and do the same. 🙂

It's much easier for me to learn through text and screenshots than video. Even though there are a handful of tutorials about this out there, I didn't find any blog posts that walk through step-by-step how to live stream from Zoom to Facebook after the April 2024 update.

I read through the developer updates from Facebook and still don't quite understand all of it, so I'll leave that to the experts. What I do understand is how to get your live stream from Zoom to Facebook, and that's what I'm walking you through today! 🙂

How to Live Stream from Zoom to Facebook

You're going to have your Facebook group open as well as your zoom account open in order to configure these settings. In order to fully go LIVE in your Facebook group from Zoom, you'll need to actually start a zoom meeting.

You can walk through ALL of these steps without actually going live in your group, up until the part where the BLUE BUTTON on Facebook says “Go Live” (very last step). So don't be afraid to test this out before scheduling a live for your audience.

You can also test this out in a private group where you're the only member, just to be safe.

Side note: You can now read all of my Facebook Group growth posts in one spot.

Step 1: Enable Custom Live Streaming in Zoom

screenshot of zoom account settings

Access Account Settings: Log in to your Zoom account and go to Account Management > Account Settings.

Enable Live Streaming: Navigate to the Meetings tab, find the Live Streaming section, and turn on the option for Custom Live Streaming Service. You may leave the optional description field blank unless you want specific instructions there.

Step 2: Set Up the Zoom Meeting

Schedule or Open a Meeting: If you haven't already, schedule a new meeting or open an existing one.

Configure Live Streaming: In the meeting settings, ensure that the Custom Live Streaming Service is selected and set up.

Now we're going to switch gears and head over to Facebook.

Step 3: Prepare Facebook for Live Streaming

Go to Your Facebook Group: Navigate to the Facebook group where you want to stream.

screenshot of facebook group live settings

Start a Live Video Post: Click on Create Post > Live Video.

screenshot of facebook group live settings

Click “Go live” on the left.

screenshot of facebook group live settings

Select Software Streaming: Instead of choosing the webcam option, select Software to use a streaming service.

Configure Stream Settings:

Enter a description or title for your live stream (top right).

Note the Stream Key and Server URL from the Facebook setup page. You may choose a Persistent Stream Key to keep the settings the same for future streams.

Step 4: Link Zoom with Facebook

Open Your Zoom Meeting: Start or join your scheduled Zoom meeting.

Start Streaming:

screenshot of facebook group live settings

Click on More in the Zoom meeting controls.

Select Live on Custom Live Streaming Service. Then a window will pop up. It should look like this:

screenshot of zoom streaming settings

In the popup window, input the Server URL (in the Streaming URL box) and Stream Key from Facebook.

Enter the URL of your Facebook group in the Live Stream Page URL field.

Click “Go Live!”

Step 5: Go Live

Activate the Stream on Facebook: Once Zoom confirms that the streaming is set up, go back to your Facebook page.

screenshot of facebook group going live

Begin the Stream: Click Go Live on Facebook (this button will be BLUE) to start broadcasting your Zoom meeting to your Facebook group.

Whew! *wipes brow*

And that's it! You've successfully set up a live stream from Zoom to Facebook! If you have questions, leave them below and I'll try to help out. 🙂

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