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Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership: Is It Worth It?

I'm going gush about Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership a bit because this membership did HELP my business (okay, me) in regards to emailing my list!

Liz Wilcox calls herself the “Fresh Princess of Email Marketing,” and rightfully so. She knows her shit. Liz specializes in helping small businesses establish online relationships by helping them present compelling emails that not only engage readers but also drive sales.

Her low-ticket membership caters to more than 4,000 users. Wow! That is impressive, but I get why so many people are in the membership because it is a blogger/business owner's dream. It walks us through the whole process with templates, videos, and much more.

This is an image from Liz Wilcox's sales page- it shows how vibrant she is and how she got started.

Side note: Did you know that this is the very same Liz Wilcox who appeared on Survivor (2024)? Watching her on the show made me feel a connection because I'm a member of her program, almost like a devoted fan experience. I kept telling my kids “I know her!” Okay maybe not in real life because I never leave my house… but in the online world, and in my head, we besties.

Do you struggle with creating (and sending) email content? Liz doesn't fluff up her membership with tons of printables, recordings, etc… it's all very-much-needed content. Her email membership focuses on getting you to take action, which is what we should all strive to do.

I mean, how many times have you purchased a course or membership and just let it sit and collect dust? Not with EMM: you log in, grab a template, put it to use, and schedule the email out. Wham, bam, thank you ma'am. Finished.

Email Marketing Membership

I've been a member of Email Marketing Membership for almost 2 years and I plan to be a member until the cows come home. #memberforlife

I happily invest $9 monthly (yes, just nine dollars) because the wealth of knowledge in this membership is incredible. Actually, I invested in her yearly pass – which I highly recommend when the time rolls around.

While I've always loved writing emails from the heart, I struggle with any type of sales emails. They never felt authentic to me until I started writing the email from the heart and then sliding in some of my sales copy. However, I still struggle with it. Am I delivering enough value? What do people really want to hear? Am I rambling? Is story-telling still in?

This is an image from Lix Wilcox's email marketing membership sales page.  Ugh Email

If you neglect your email marketing in the early stages of your business, you will miss out on a chance to really connect with your people – and make money from your list while doing so.

I used to have a tough time sending emails regularly. Thanks in part to Liz's membership, and another membership I use that I'll be linking to as soon as that post is ready, I now have regular emails, welcoming sequences, special announcements, and more going out weekly.

Sending emails to my subscribers has brought in more sales, more people joining my Facebook group, and of course more people in my membership. That is always the goal: get them to your low-ticket membership.

What is included in the Email Marketing Membership

  • Weekly Newsletter Templates
  • Monthly Live Q+As
  • Email Foundation Trainings
  • Guest Expert Sessions

There's a wealth of information available, and it's presented in a well-organized manner that doesn't overwhelm you. For me, the vibrant colors add to the experience, but I have heard people complain about the colors hurting their eyes. If you're sensitive to neon/bright colors, you may want to skip this membership.

I appreciate it when memberships offer additional valuable resources. Liz Wilcox does provide us with a lot of templates, videos, and if you are stuck, you can go to her Q&A calls.

The EVERYTHING PAGE is, well, everything.

This is the Everything page from Liz Wilcox's membership.  It shows all what is in her membership

Using the Email Templates

Liz Wilcox has given us a template for every scenario. The way she organizes this for us is remarkable. A new template is added every week- she even sends us an email about it! Love that reminder. Cuz trust me I will forget if I don't get it.

While I batch create 4-10 emails at a time, I do appreciate the weekly reminders anyway.

Templates serve as the cornerstone of any business, so why not for emails, too? An email template acts as a helpful aide, making email composition quicker and less stressful. Liz Wilcox's email templates have saved me quite a bit of time and I appreciate that.

Before I joined this membership, I would often find myself stuck at my desk, unsure of what to write that didn't seem totally rambly and random. Most of the time, I would avoid writing the email altogether because not writing it seemed easier. Does that resonate with you? If so, this membership can be a game-changer for you!

When you click on the EMAIL TEMPLATE you want to check it out, Liz Wilcox provides a brief description of the email, a video, subject line suggestions, a Skeleton Outline template, a Detailed Template, and two swipe examples to illustrate how it looks once content is inserted.

Remember, you can't simply copy and paste her swipe examples because they're not yours to swipe, and they are meant for reference purposes only. But she gives so much guidance that you can do this by yourself.

Crafting the perfect email can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools at your disposal, it becomes not only manageable but also enjoyable. Then you can also use RightBlogger to help with the process. While it's true you'll be the mastermind behind the content, leveraging RightBlogger's capabilities will significantly enhance your email writing process.

Here are examples of what the Skeleton Outline and the Detailed Template looks like in Liz Wilcox's membership.

I love her suggestion to treat it like a MAD-LIB. I think this is what's missing from a lot of templates; people just copy and paste and that isn't a great idea.

Who Would Benefit From Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership

The Email Marketing Membership is ideally suited for a range of individuals looking to elevate their email marketing game.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners: Small to medium-sized business owners who want to leverage email marketing to grow their customer base and increase sales. Especially for those who've previously neglected email marketing and wish to rectify this by engaging their audience more effectively.

Beginners in Email Marketing: Individuals who are new to email marketing and feel overwhelmed by where to start. The membership offers foundational training and weekly newsletter templates that simplify the process.

Content Creators and Bloggers: For those who have content to share but struggle with crafting engaging emails to promote their work. The membership provides the tools and knowledge to create compelling email content.

Busy Professionals: People who recognize the value of email marketing but don't have the time to craft emails from scratch. With ready-made templates and time-saving tools, the membership is a boon for saving time while maintaining quality.

Marketing Professionals Looking for Inspiration: Even experienced marketers can hit a creative block. The membership offers fresh ideas, guest expert sessions, and live Q+As to spark inspiration and introduce new strategies.

Those Seeking Community and Support: Members looking for a supportive community and direct access to expertise through monthly live Q+As and guest expert sessions will find this membership enriching.

Individuals Interested in Passive Income: For those exploring or already involved in generating passive income, utilizing the affiliate opportunities of the membership could be an attractive bonus.

This membership is particularly valuable for anyone who has faced challenges with email marketing. Email is required, not just optional, when it comes to running a successful business in 2024 and beyond.

what sets this membership apart

Extensive Content: The membership covers a wide array of resources, from weekly newsletter templates to monthly live Q+As, foundational training, and guest expert sessions. This diverse content ensures that members receive a comprehensive education in email marketing, spanning from fundamentals to advanced strategies.

Practical Resources: By providing email templates for various scenarios, the membership allows you to hit the ground running. These templates not only save time but also serve as educational tools, aiding in understanding the anatomy of effective emails. Detailed guides and swipe examples further enhance your ability to craft compelling content.

Suitable for All Levels: Whether you're new to email marketing or aiming to enhance your current campaigns, Liz's membership accommodates all skill levels. The START HERE section is especially beneficial for beginners, offering a clear starting point for the program.

Engagement and Enjoyment: Liz's distinctive approach focuses on engagement and enjoyment. By infusing creativity in a MAD-LIB style, she encourages personalized and impactful communication with audiences, making email marketing more enjoyable and relatable.

Flexibility and Assistance: The membership is flexible, catering to various industries and business sizes. With a wide range of templates and the option to request specific ones, every member's needs are addressed.

Community and Education: Live Q+A sessions and guest expert appearances not only facilitate learning but also provide a platform to interact with a community of like-minded individuals. This fosters valuable networking opportunities, knowledge sharing, and real-time responses to queries.

FAQs: Questions You Might Have

How do the email templates cater to different business needs? With a well-organized array of templates, a quick search will lead you to what you need. If you can't find it, there's a form available. The emails are crafted in diverse styles to suit different industries. This membership is suitable for any type of business.

Can beginners in email marketing benefit from this membership? Absolutely! Beginners in email marketing can benefit from this membership. And I'm certain that even email pros can pick up a few valuable tips from it.

What makes Liz Wilcox's approach to email marketing unique? By infusing fun into the process, she breaks away from the traditional norms of formal and business-like emails. Instead, she focuses on creating engaging and exciting content for subscribers, making the emails stand out from the usual dull and monotonous ones.

Liz Wilcox's Email Marketing Membership is perfect for those following The PIPs Path.

Last year we asked her to do a training for PIPS and SHE DID- it's in your PIPs VIP and PIPs LITE Dashboard! Lix Wilcox knows her stuff and has helped several business owners like myself.

Give Liz Wilcox a HIGH FIVE because of the wealth of info along with the $9 a month fee- shut up and take my money!

Check out the The Side Hustle Show Interview with Liz Wilcox.

P.S. Next, I'm going to write a post about the Index to Inbox Academy – it's email marketing + SEO from one of my VIPs, Emilee Mason. Yes, I am in both memberships and both are worth it! 🙂 I'm taking my email game to the next level this year.

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