10 Side Hustles You Can do From Your Phone – No Computer Required!

I talk a lot about side hustles here on my blog, but most of them do require a laptop and a stable internet connection. As I meet more people who are interested in making money from home, I'm learning that not everyone has a computer! Or, if they have a computer, they don't always have access to it.

These side hustles do not require a computer. Want more? Try these side hustles that will make you money right now! You can do them all from your phone.

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Side hustles to do from your phone

Keep in mind these side hustles you can do from your phone are meant to be a stepping stone. It isn't always possible to run your entire business from your phone, and honestly, why should you have to? Get started with your phone and put some of your side hustle money aside to buy a decent computer. Your productivity will go through the roof when you're able to work from a laptop (or desktop!) instead of just your phone, and your eyeballs will thank you. 🙂

Disclaimer: I always have to write these disclaimers… do your own research. Do your due diligence. Make sure you follow all local and federal laws in your country, etc etc etc. These are just ideas, not instruction manuals. 🙂

New: Make & Sell Art

Did you know you can use AI to create art? I wrote a post about 25+ ways to make money with Jasper Art – and you can do them FROM. YOUR. PHONE! Jasper Art works perfectly on mobile and I use it every night while I'm relaxing in bed instead of doom scrolling Facebook. MAKE THAT MONEY.

Food Delivery

The most obvious side hustle you don't need a computer for is food delivery. Whether you're working for UberEats, DoorDash, InstaCart, Shipt, or another food delivery company, you can make a full-time income with part-time work.

One of my clients makes $200 a day working for InstaCart, and I have an entire guide on how to make more money with DoorDash. These side hustles can be lucrative AF if you get organized and put the work in.

Sell Stock Photos

If you have a phone with a high-quality camera (pretty much any phone that's been released in the past few years), and an eye for photography, you can make money selling stock photos or stock video footage.

Cell phone photos rival photos shot with a DSLR, especially if you know the basics of photography and are great at editing. People look for stock photos for all sorts of things.

Here are just a few of the stock photo topics I've searched for and used in the past month:

  • families eating together
  • homeschooling
  • business/office
  • beach/ocean
  • colorful Mexican houses
  • kids doing chores
  • happy children
  • travel photos with dogs

Everyone who has a blog either takes their own photos or uses stock photos. Most bloggers use stock photos. While there are many free stock photo sites, paid stock photo sites are still very popular.

I have a PLR website where I sell stock photos. I took the photos ONE time, uploaded them ONE time, and if the bundle sells 100 times that is $350. These were photos I just took for fun while I was on vacation.

I also took some ocean photos in La Jolla, California. I give those away for free on my site, but they help grow my email list. An email list is essential to stay in touch with your customers and clients, so if you have your own website, be sure to set one up.

screenshot of foap website

If you aren't ready to set up your own stock photo website or haven't had much luck with sites like Deposit Photos, try an app like Foap. They have missions where they give you the material to create, and then you go out and shoot the themed shot they're looking for. You split the profits 50/50. If a brand uses your photo, you make pretty good money. Foap is a fun opportunity for budding photographers.

Full disclosure: I have not used Foap. I'm signing up now to check it out, and will update this if I learn anything worth sharing.

Proofreading and Editing

While it's not ideal to write from a phone, proofreading and editing from your phone isn't as difficult. This is a job that can become tedious rather quickly, so you definitely want to be working towards the goal of buying a computer (even if it's just a Chromebook) ASAP.

Bloggers and website owners need proofreaders and editors (I'm sure you can find mistakes in this post, even), but so do college students and some employees. Keep an eye out for anyone who needs help with editing; you'd be surprised at who may want to hire you!

Find Jobs for People

Many people are looking for jobs these days. Whether they're looking for side hustles or an actual 9-5 job, they may need help! You can review resumes, browse job listings, help submit job applications, and more – and get paid for doing it.

You can charge an hourly rate, or you can charge a deposit – like $50 – and then get the other $100 after the person actually gets the job. This gig will work best when you have multiple clients. It takes a lot of time to scour through job listings, contact potential employers, etc. But if you can scale that process and be doing the same tasks for multiple people – say 10 people in the same industry – your time doesn't go up much, but your pay does.

Deliver Packages for Amazon

AmazonFlex is a program where you use your own vehicle to deliver packages for Amazon.

screenshot of the Amazon Flex website explaining the program

Most AmazonFlex drivers earn $18-$25 an hour, and that number can be much higher around the holidays. Unlike with DoorDash and similar apps, you don't have to sit around to wait for a job. You choose your hours ahead of time and work during those designated times.

AmazonFlex is currently recruiting in dozens of cities, and I see the program growing larger as more people learn the freedom of side hustling. You can see the full list of cities here. If they're not actively recruiting in your city, you can still download the app and create an account to let Amazon know you're interested in becoming a delivery partner. They'll let you know when an opportunity is available.

Design and Sell T-Shirts

With design apps like Canva having mobile options, it is possible to design t-shirts, mugs, etc. and sell them in a print on demand shop. While it's definitely easier to design on a computer, Canva actually makes it easy to design from your phone.

When I do Print on Demand stuff, I use Printify, but there are many other options. I've got a POD guide somewhere around here… I'll link it when I find it. 🙂

Deliver Cannabis

There are more rules and regulations with cannabis than there are with food, so I wanted to list this side hustle separately from DoorDash, etc. However, it's a much-needed service. People like me who rely on cannabis as medicine to help them be able to function and enjoy life can't always drive to the dispensary to get our medications.

My husband does all of the driving since I got cancer (it's gone now!), but if I was by myself I definitely would've needed to use a delivery service. Because the laws are so different in each state, I'm not going to go into the details of how to do this – but many states have this as an option especially as cannabis is legalized more and more.

Sell Clothes n Stuff

Sites like Poshmark and Depop, along with eBay and Facebook Marketplace, are awesome opportunities to unload your gently used clothes – and other items. You can even sell services such as tarot card readings on some sites.

Get creative with building a brand. Pick up clothes from thrift stores and resell them for a profit. Or, if you're feeling crafty, upcycle the clothes into something new!

Either way, at the end of the day you will have fun with this side hustle and you'll make money… and that's what it's all about.

Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite ways to earn money online is with affiliate marketing, and you can do it from your phone! There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will teach you the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, and my affiliate marketing course is almost complete so I'll link it here when it's ready. 🙂

Affiliate marketing is all about delivering value to an audience. If you have social media, you have an audience. You can do affiliate marketing on Facebook, TikTok, or even on Instagram. Whichever platforms you spend your most time on, take a step back and think of how you're delivering value. Why are people following you? Which products have you recommended in the past, without getting paid for it?

If you can teach something or entertain people, you can make money. Tell your life story or teach a process; share your knitting sessions each night, or read tarot cards. Whatever you do, if you can get eyeballs on you, you can make money.

Tarot card reader? Link to your favorite deck(s). People LOVE buying tarot card decks. “Just” a mom? Recommending your favorite products that have saved you time and money is an easy way to make money as an affiliate.

Run errands for people

You can sign up for a site like TaskRabbit, or you can create your own landing page website that explains which services you're offering and how much you charge. Your business will grow by word of mouth, so be on your best behavior in your local Facebook groups. 😉

How much money can you make running errands for people? $25 an hour or more, especially if you combine errands from several people.

Think about it: if you have five clients you're picking medications up for, and two you're picking groceries up for, and they each pay you $20… that's $140 in however long it takes you to make seven stops and deliver everything. Not bad for a few hours worth of work, if you ask me!

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Legit Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone
10 Legit Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone
10 Legit Side Hustles You Can Do From Your Phone

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