PIPs Sample Timeline

First step: PIPs LITE

Next step: PIPs VIP

The time in parenthesis is how long it will take for each step.

NEW!!! VIP MEMBERS!! Please use the GUIDES in the private Facebook group. They're way more in-depth!! 🙂

1. First 25 blog posts and email list (1-3 months)

These should be on topic, on niche blog posts that will organically lead people to your future membership.

2. 26-50 blog posts (1-3 months)

You will continue publishing 2 or more blog posts per week while continuing to grow your blog, get backlinks, and network with other VIPs. This is not “write 50 posts and you're done” type of thing. It is ongoing. These posts should always be on topic. Do not write about random topics.

Note: If your blog is more than a year old or if you have more than 100 blog posts published, you should do a blog audit.

3. FreebieS

  • Create: at least 3 freebies (workbooks, worksheets, ebooks, email course) as opt-ins for your blog.
  • Create: a free challenge for your audience. Use ChatGPT to brainstorm, or ask for ideas in VIP.
  • Learn: how to make freebies from VIP Pam.
  • Add: a reusable block with your freebie opt-in to each of your blog posts.
  • Read up on: Creating Spreadsheets to Sell with VIP Andreia
  • Create: a bundle product (this is a product priced $27-$97 that will be used specifically for bundles)

4. Thank you page upsell on all freebies

  • Create a product to add to your “thank you” page upsell, if you haven't already.
  • This upsell should eventually be your membership, but for now it can be a $10 product or even a free challenge replay.

5. Membership – first 100 members (1-6 months)

$1k++ months start here – or sooner, if you're monetizing with digital products, Etsy, PLR, affiliate marketing, etc.

If you laid a solid framework with front-facing content (blog posts, YouTube videos, etc) and you've been delivering value via your Facebook group and/or email list, you should be able to launch and get to 100 members your first 30 days.

Collaborate with a few other VIPs and host a free challenge together to launch – you can all push everyone to *your* membership. Then, the next month or quarter, you can rinse and repeat for another VIP. All VIPs working TOGETHER towards ONE goal is how we will all rise to the top.

6. Membership – 101+ members (3+ months)

Scaling your membership to 101, then 500, then 1,000 members takes a lot of work, but it's worth it! Recurring revenue is the best way to create financial freedom for your family, and memberships do just that. When we offer low-ticket options and show our generosity publicly, we are showing that money flows to us infinitely and we are not afraid to make our products financially accessible.