White Hot Hate – A Poem About Black Injustice by Dimitri Aaliyah

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burn it all. get it through your fucking heads, the system is corrupt.

merchandise can be replaced but our lives cannot.

Our pleas go unheard, our screams;

“I cant breathe.”
“please stop.”
“help me!”
“i don’t have a gun, stop shooting.”
“what are you following me for?”
“please don’t let me die.”

Open your eyes, and see,
how history repeats itself,
the system reveals itself,
yet where’s the change?

they preach discipline for the “thugs” and those who “abuse the system”, but these gangs are in place because how else do we feed our children?




how are we supposed to escape from the bottom when we’re set up to be here from the beginning?

where’s the discipline when white cops shoot our brothers and sisters? when they kneel upon our throats and the throats of those they deem “killers”?

My skin is seen as a weapon,
these white cops claim to feel threatened,
but what’s so terrifying about a bag of skittles and a bottle of tea?

We the people, the powers that be, we demand an apology.

We want change, reform.

until there’s justice there will be no peace.

this society rubs our faces in the dirt, smears our names and demands us to disperse.

we refuse to go down in the flames of hate, we’ll light our own fires and scream their names.

Written by the beautiful and talented Dimitri Aaliyah.

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  1. Does Dimitri have a blog or have this writing posted somewhere? I’d love to link to their original work! <3 thank you.

    1. The Mad Mommy says:

      If you look at the top of the post you will see her Instagram. She shared her writing here so more people could see it. 🙂

  2. Beautiful and powerful! Very talented writer! Continue writing!

  3. “ We the people, the powers that be, we demand an apology.” soul-touching. Very well said, I stand with you!

  4. If you care about black lives but don’t mention the black officers killed in protests, then you don’t really believe black lives matter.

    Black lives are taken more by other black lives than any other demographic. But no one is protesting that fact.

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