Donation Page

Hello, friends! If you don't know me yet, my name is Sadie and my husband, Kevin, and I are in the process of setting up a non-profit to help local families get fed, as well as helping women – especially single mothers – start businesses here in Mexico. My family has been blessed with the opportunity to live in Mexico, and there is a great need here.

We are humbly asking for your help in raising funds to help. While all donations are appreciated, we really need some recurring donations set up to help with office space rent and supplies for these businesses.

Please email me if you have any questions at all., or you can message me on Facebook. If you do not have money to donate, you can donate your time – content creation, printables, etc that we can sell and use the money to help set up businesses. 🙂

We firmly believe in giving a hand UP, not a hand OUT.

100% of your donations are going straight to women who are hustling to pay the bills right now (or to the landlord for rent :)). Some are struggling more than others, but our goal is to help them thrive.

Use the button below to make a one-time donation, or set up a recurring donation. We are thankful for any and all donations, and again, 100% of the funds go straight to these business women. We are not collecting any type of fees or keeping any of the money. In fact, we are matching as many of the donations as we can! 🙂

You will see “Passive Income Pathways” on the donation button. Paypal DOES charge us fees for receiving donations because are not a non-profit yet. However, WE WILL COVER THOSE FEES. You do not have to increase your donation to cover fees, though PayPal may prompt you to do so.

If the button is not working, CLICK HERE to access the donation page on PayPal.

Here is more information on the programs listed on the donation page. If you do not designate a program, we will use it amongst the three. 🙂

Feed the kiddos (and families)

UPDATE 9/22: We are still feeding the families every week, but are doing so on our own as Casa Mana was not an organization we wanted to be associated with anymore. They were attaching feeding with preaching and that's not our jam.

We provide a hot meal every Saturday and full despensas (flour, oil, eggs, toilet paper, beans, etc) once or twice per month – with our ultimate goal being once per week, but each trip costs us about $450USD so we have to pace ourselves.

Original: Every Saturday, we visit a local neighborhood full of migrant families who live in houses with no running water or electricity.

We bring them to Casa Mana and feed them, and send them home with blankets and clothing to stay warm. This is an ongoing need and every amount helps.

Our goal is to make food boxes to send home with them every week so they don't have to struggle to get eaten each day.

The funds raised will go to food, food boxes, and clothing.



UPDATE 8/22: We secured an office space in March 2022 and this single mom is now able to afford her own office space as of 8/22!!

Original: This is a business that is already established, but we are working to get this single mom into an office space.

She is bilingual and she teaches Americans how to speak Spanish.

She is physically disabled and caring for her baby who has the same disability.

Right now she is driving to client's houses and that is very difficult for her.

An office space will allow her to eventually grow her business, but at first she is anticipating a decline in clients because of the change in convenience.

The funds will help cover her set up (desks, chairs, a computer, etc) as well as her expenses for the first 6-12 months (rent, electric, water, etc for the office space).

The total amount we are aiming for is $500USD per month, with the first few months needing a little more because of the furniture – though furniture here is pretty affordable, so it shouldn't be too much! 🙂

1/24/22 FULLY FUNDED!!