About Kevin Smiley

Meet Kevin Smiley.

You may already know Kevin as Sadie's amazingly supportive husband, but he's more than just arm candy — he is also a motivational coach for Passive Income Pathways!   

Kevin's motivational style combines his decades of experience in working hard to improve as a man and a husband to become the best version of himself.

When he's not fishing in Baja California, Mexico, he's encouraging people to just “do the thing!” and achieve their dreams.

Kevin is no stranger to getting what he works hard for, but he's also a firm believer in manifestation. Ask him about the “Smiley parking spot” when you see him. 😉

As a Certified Life Coach, he's studied and read about manifestation and motivation for more than two decades and loves sharing all of the knowledge he's gained. He doesn't just read about it, he puts it into action and encourages you to do the same!

Kevin's inspirations are Inky Johnson, Jim Carey, Will Smith, Matthew McConaughey, Maya Angelou, and his mother (RIP) and Aunt Natalie. Each of these individuals have inspired and motivated him along his journey.

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