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From the PIPs Team

PIPs LITE Membership

Learn how to start a profitable blog with our PIPs LITE Membership! Tailored for beginners or those wanting to start over the PIPs way, this membership offers comprehensive courses, monthly co-working, and Q&A calls. For just $7/mo, you'll also have access to our Lite Resource Vault, packed with tools and templates. Whether you're overcoming technical challenges or seeking a supportive community, PIPs LITE is your gateway to a thriving online business. Embrace collaboration over competition and start your journey with PIPs LITE today!

PIPs VIP Membership

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to join VIP? Now is your chance! PIPs VIP Mastermind is now open, but only for a limited time during Black Friday week. With limited spots, now is your opportunity to join our amazing family! For $97/month, you'll get unparalleled support, expert coaching, and access to a community focused on collaboration and growth. Jump in and start learning with our comprehensive suite of resources, weekly coaching calls, and an inspiring VIP-only Facebook group. Start building your successful online business today with PIPs VIP

Canva CLarity

This course is your go-to for tidying up and sorting out all your stuff in Canva. Whether you're just starting out or you've been around the block a few times, it's got you covered. You'll dive into sorting out your images, videos, and designs in Canva like a pro. I'll show you how to clean up your project page, get rid of stuff you don't need, and keep everything neat in folders so you can find things in a snap. Plus, you'll learn the tricks to renaming and categorizing your stuff, making it a breeze to find and use again. Packed with hands-on tips, this course is perfect for anyone who wants to make their Canva space neat, tidy, and super easy to use. 🌟📁👍

PLR Profit Academy

Unlock unparalleled content strategies with our exclusive PLR Membership! For a minimal $7/month, get access to two premium PLR packages, interactive live Q&A sessions, and a treasure trove of resources & courses. Whether you're a coach, content creator, or solopreneur, our community is your key to scaling faster, working smarter, and maximizing your content game. Don't just follow the trend, set it! Join us and redefine your content journey. 🔥🚀

Overcoming Overwhelm

Life can be “overwhelming” at times, and the struggle to find balance is a common challenge we all face. In the “Overcoming Overwhelm” mini-course, we invite you on a transformative journey to regain control and cultivate a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Throughout this course, you will discover practical strategies and time-tested techniques to tackle the stress, anxiety, and feelings of being buried under an endless to-do list. Each module is designed to empower you with knowledge and skills that will help you overcome overwhelm and create a life that aligns with your true priorities.

UNdated Printable Business Planner

Keep your business (or your client's business) organized with this year-long undated printable planner. Print everything out to get organized, or only print off the pages you need as you need them throughout the year.

Beyond the Bio: About Me Page Mini-Course

Did you know that your About Me page is likely the second most visited page on your website and plays a huge role in turning clicks into customers? In our Beyond the Bio mini-course we'll guide you step by step to create an About Me page that engages and converts readers into loyal followers. You'll learn the 5 things a great About Me page needs and to identify the mistakes you should avoid. Don't let your About Me page fall short; grab our course today and transform your online presence.

First Bakes

First Bakes is your key to sweet family moments. This ebook offers 10 easy and irresistible baking recipes, specially designed for parents and kids to enjoy together. Say goodbye to complicated instructions and hello to fun-filled, creative hours in the kitchen. Watch as little hands eagerly measure, mix, and decorate, all while building essential life skills. Whether it's crafting classic chocolate chip cookies, whipping up mini fruit pies, or trying your hand at other scrumptious treats, “First Bakes” is your recipe for precious bonding moments and delicious results. Get ready to mix, bake, and savor the joy of family time.

From Our Marketplace Sponsors


For bloggers looking to boost their SEO game, RankIQ is a fantastic choice. It simplifies keyword research and optimizes your content so your blog ranks higher on search engines. Plus, it's user-friendly, saving time and significantly increasing your site's traffic. Check it out using our affiliate link below and save some serious $$!

KOala AI

Koala AI has been a great asset for enhancing my blog writing. It provides AI-powered assistance to create SEO-friendly posts effortlessly. The tool is ideal for bloggers who want to produce engaging content efficiently, improving both writing quality and online visibility. They are having some amazing Black Friday deals!

Creative Fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a must-have for bloggers seeking creative digital assets. It offers an extensive range of graphics, fonts, and templates, perfect for elevating the look of your blog. It's an invaluable resource for adding a professional touch and captivating your audience visually. With our affiliate link, you will get an amazing deal this Black Friday!

From our VIPs:

Keywords to COnversions

Keywords to Conversions is a simple, step-by-step guide designed to take the guesswork out of SEO and email marketing. You'll learn how to get your target audience to discover you organically in Google search and funnel them straight onto your email list, all without breaking the bank on ads. It's about more than just traffic and newsletters; it's about converting your audience into loyal customers and making business growth both passive and organic!

Getting Started with Educational Printables

Are you ready to have a thriving printable store on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) or Etsy? This all-in-one course transforms you from a hesitant beginner to a confident seller. Master the art of crafting irresistible printables, killer listing descriptions, and SEO magic that keeps the cash rolling in. Our foolproof templates and step-by-step guides are your fast track to TpT stardom. Stop dreaming and start earning—your TpT empire awaits!

The Beginner's Guide to Digital Planners

The Beginner's Guide to Digital Planners is designed to get you from ideation and creation to listing and selling the planners you create. This guide walks you through the process from the very beginning to your first sale.

Getting Started With Points and Miles E-Book

This eBook is a Lazy Person’s Guide to how to travel more for less with as little effort as possible. We’ll cover the ins and outs of points, miles, and loyalty programs, making sure that you understand their value and how they work. You’ll get clear, simple and actionable steps to get you up and running with earning points and miles without complicated strategies!

Food Preservation Checklists

Stress-free food preservation checklists. Preserve the freshness and flavors of seasonal produce and ensure safe food preservation with comprehensive checklists. Worried about accidentally skipping a crucial step? The checklists ensure that you cover every detail, guaranteeing your food is preserved safely and deliciously. Don't let the lack of proper tools hinder your preservation journey. The equipment checklists guide you on the essentials, so you're always prepared.

Etsy Shop Startup & Optimization Checklist

Kickstart your Etsy journey with our Etsy Shop Startup & Optimization Checklist! This guide simplifies the process of setting up and optimizing your shop into manageable steps, whether you're a newbie or an existing seller. Each step is paired with a checklist of practical tasks – helping to create your roadmap to success. Get the guide today and make running your Etsy business straightforward and enjoyable.

Self Love Kids Activity Book

Are you ready to empower the children in your life with the essential tools of self-love and self-esteem? Our eBook is designed to help kids aged 5-13 build strong foundations of self-worth, embrace their uniqueness, and nurture a positive self-image. Inside, you will find:
20 Engaging Activities: Fun and interactive exercises to promote self-love and self-awareness.
Practical Strategies: Techniques to boost self-esteem and encourage positive thinking.

Connect With the Soul of Your Business

Unlock the secrets to a soulful business journey, and add a dash of magic to your workdays. “Connect with the Soul of Your Business” is a transformative mini-course designed to help business owners like you connect with the deeper essence of your business and make more intentional, soul-led decisions. While the wisdom of spirituality and intuition is ancient, we're all about ushering in a fresh and transformative perspective for business owners like you.
Power up with the New Woo Business Crew to experience a flow to your business like never before!

Understanding Time Management

This mini-course will help you understand time management and how neurodiversity can affect it. You will also learn strategies that you can easily implement to improve your time management skills. The lessons are broken into small, manageable chunks. Each video is under 15 minutes and there is a workbook to help guide your learning.

WtF Is Syndication Bundle

Not sure what Syndication is or how it can help you? I'll break it down in plain English, no fancy words. I'll explain the concept without even saying “syndication.”

The Egg Hunt Journey Checklist

Introducing the ‘Egg Hunt Journey' checklist, crafted by ShaRhonda from her personal infertility experiences. Dive deep into the world of egg donation with insights, heartwarming snapshots of real egg donor moms, and their inspiring tales of hope. This isn't just a guide; it's a testament to resilience, hope, and shared journeys. At just $7, embark on a transformative path to motherhood. GO GET YOUR BABY!

Easy Peasy Meta Ads

Learn how to create your own Meta Ads with this easy-to-follow eBook guide! This introductory guide covers the essentials of successful Facebook ad campaigns. Learn how to research and define a target audience, set objectives and goals, plan budgets and timelines, track performance, and interpret results. With this guide, you'll have all the information necessary to run effective ad campaigns to increase conversions and grow your business.

PLR Party Games Pack

Boost your earnings with this PLR Party Games Pack. Party games and activities are hugely popular to sell on places such as Etsy or your own website. We have a proven track record of sales on Etsy and our own website so we know what customers like and what will sell. These commercial-use Canva templates are designed to make it easy for you. Simply personalize and customize these games to create your own unique products to either use as a giveaway or sell in your shop. This pack contains 20 fun games and 5 answer sheets.

Home COffee Recipes

Ever wished your morning coffee tasted like it was straight from a premium café? Now, it can. Immerse yourself in our coffee home recipes guide: a treasured collection of coffee shop classics, each carefully crafted for your home kitchen. From lattes to iced banana mochas, we've got you covered. Alongside our cherished recipes, discover essential tips and tricks, ensuring every cup is a masterpiece. The best part? You save a fortune without daily café visits. Experience coffee luxury without the luxury price tag. It's not just a guide; it's your passport to coffee excellence. Elevate your daily brew ritual today.

WordPress Design Mini-Course

Learn the 9 Essential Design Elements of a professional website. Consistency: Maintain a cohesive design across your entire site. Color and Contrast: Use color and contrast to convey your brand's identity. Alignment: Master the art of alignment to help with navigation and consistency. Proximity: How to group related elements for a sense of organization. Prioritization: Guide your audience's attention to what matters most. Call to Action: Craft compelling, action-inducing buttons. Imagery: Enhance your website's visual impact. Navigation and Accessibility: Make your site user-friendly and accessible to all. White Space: Harness the magic of white space to improve readability and aesthetics.

Mindful Morning RItuals to Change Your Life

Embark on a journey into the art of cultivating a Mindful Morning Routine. Start your day with intention and purpose as you explore a range of mindfulness practices designed to enhance your well-being. In this course, you'll learn to craft morning rituals that nurture your body, mind, and spirit, setting the tone for a positive and productive day. Uncover the power of mindfulness, meditation, gratitude, and more as you embark on a journey towards a calmer, more centered, and harmonious life. Elevate your mornings, and you'll find yourself embracing each day with a renewed sense of vitality and clarity.

Pinterest Jumpstart Toolkit

Get ready to rock your Pinterest presence with the Pinterest Jumpstart Toolkit. It gives you the key information and resources you need to establish an eye-catching, optimized profile that drives engagement and traffic. With clear checklists, guides, and tips, you’ll be able to elevate your Pinterest game.

Metaphysical PLR + Image Membership

Our crystal-inspired stock image and PLR membership has been designed with you in mind! Imagine having a treasure trove of crystal- and metaphysical-themed PLR content, stunning stock images, and business tools right at your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned crystal or metaphysical shop owner or just starting your spiritual business journey, we've got the content solutions to elevate your brand, support and connect with your audience, and give you back precious hours in your day: all for one low monthly price.

Dollar Sense

Introducing “Dollar Sense” – your ultimate budgeting companion! Three powerful worksheets to get your spending under control! Track personal and business expenses, earnings, and projected costs effortlessly. It's your all-in-one solution to manage business and personal spending. When you know where you’re spending you can make informed decisions for your financial future. Easily transfer personal expenses to your business as you add revenue streams that can absorb them, created by a seasoned accountant and tax strategist with over three decades of experience. Works with both PC and Mac for FREE online (Google Sheets version available upon request.)

DeclutterBuzz Monthly Membership

Ready to Transform Your Life? Tired of clutter, chaos, and disorganization in your life? Let's make that transformative shift into a more organized and fulfilling lifestyle. Our “Shift Into Action” membership, an extension of, will help declutter your home, mind, and life. Discover the Power of Decluttering: With monthly Zoom meetings, we can connect, learn, and grow together. Exclusive Workbooks and Checklists: These resources empower you to take meaningful action. Declutter Your Home, Mind, and Life: Simplify and create space for what truly matters to you. Don't wait another day to reclaim control over your life: “Shift Into Action”!

ProFlow Audit Tool

In just 10 minutes, ProFlow offers a thorough business health check and strategic action plan for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Through a customized spreadsheet audit tool, evaluate operations, prioritize tasks, and receive actionable solutions tailored to your business. Easily add your tasks into platforms like Notion or Trello, and shift from chaotic workflows to streamlined efficiency. Whether bogged down by low-impact tasks or seeking clarity on task prioritization, ProFlow guides you toward focused productivity and operational growth. Say goodbye to workflow wilderness, and embrace a clear, structured pathway to success with ProFlow's intuitive guidance and holistic business insights.

The Basic Stitches Crochet E-Book

Have you always wanted to learn to crochet but get tired of watching video after video? I have the perfect book for you! ‘The Basic Stitches, the Slip Knot, the Magic Ring,' the first book in the ‘Flamingo Crochet: Learn to Crochet Series.' is perfect for beginners. This eBook teaches you the foundation of crochet so that you can build your skills. In this eBook, you'll learn about crochet hooks, yarn, the 6 basic stitches, and the magic ring. With easy-to-follow written instructions and real-world pictures, this guide is THE starting point for all the basics of crocheting.

Mindful Motherhood Affirmation Pack

Discover the magic of the Mindful Motherhood Affirmation Pack—a lovingly curated PLR set of templates designed for every dedicated mom. Dive deep with beautifully crafted affirmation cards, an introspective journal, engaging prompts, and an inspiring 30-day challenge. Templates come in both PowerPoint and Canva, brand and share with your audience. Use them to create your own product to sell or use as a lead magnet for your blog. Motherhood, while deeply rewarding, comes with its challenges and affirmations can serve as gentle reminders, anchoring moms in positivity and resilience.

Set Your Intentions PLR Pack

The ‘Set Your Intentions PLR Package' is your comprehensive resource, offering three meticulously crafted PLR planners: self-care, fitness, and goal setting. The self-care planner encourages self-awareness, confidence, and personal growth. Our fitness planner is your tool for a healthier you, tracking goals and progress. And the goal setting planner propels you toward your dreams by helping you create actionable plans. Tailor these fully customizable Canva templates to your audience while adding your unique branding. Whether you sell them individually or as a bundle, these high-quality PLR planners will enrich your content catalog and empower your audience to thrive.

intentional week success guide

If you want to design a purposeful and a PRODUCTIVE week, to ensure you have time for life, business, fun and creativity, then, you need this INTENTIONAL WEEK SUCCESS GUIDE. It's a no-fluff-direct-to-the point PDF Guide that will help you MAKE TIME for your passion and goals. The tips are actionable and easy-to-follow, so you’ll be ready to implement as soon as you finish reading the guide. Make each week of the year counts. You can create your intentional and productive week tailored to your unique goals and aspirations.

WTF Are Keywords

Unlocking the Power of Keywords to Boost Your Visibility Say goodbye to feeling lost and overwhelmed when it comes to using keywords to effectively attract a surge of organic traffic to your business! In this video training I break it all down for you with easy to understand examples, transcript and slides so you don’t have to take notes and a workbook to help you put it all into action. Get ready to appear in more search results than ever!

Positive Mindset Pack for Pediatric OTs

Are you ready to gain focus and energy as a pediatric OT? The “Positive Mindset Pack” will help you combat burnout and reignite your passion for helping children thrive. Inside, you'll find guided mindfulness audios to nurture yourself, and daily affirmation cards to boost your motivation. ✨ Overcome challenges with newfound confidence and a refreshed perspective. ✨ Use the power of a positive mindset and bring your best self to every session. 🌸 Join me on a mission to empower you, ensuring you receive the fulfillment and happiness you deserve. Grab this bundle now and experience the calm you crave.

Unlocking Your Social Voice E-Book

Unlock the power of AI to supercharge your social media game. Dive into an eBook that transforms your unique brand voice into a captivating social feed. Discover how tools like ChatGPT and Claude can turn your brand's essence into a consistent stream of tailored posts. Say goodbye to content droughts and hello to an AI-powered, authentic engagement boost. From establishing your voice to crafting visuals that tell a story, this guide is your ticket to a standout online presence. Ready to let technology elevate your brand's narrative?

Overcoming Rejection Guide

Every job seeker knows the sting of rejection, but not everyone knows how to navigate it effectively. Our guide is tailored to help you identify recurring patterns of rejection in your job search journey. By understanding these patterns, you can strategize more effectively, refine your approach, and significantly increase your chances of landing your dream job. Don't let rejection deter you. Instead, use it as a steppingstone to success. With our guide, you'll be equipped to face challenges head-on and triumph in your next job search. Invest in yourself today!

Opening the Chakras with Meditation

Embark on a transformative journey through our Chakra Meditation Series. Dive deep into each of the eight chakras with immersive videos guided meditations, designed to balance, heal, and rejuvenate. Our accompanying ebook provides insightful knowledge, revealing the profound mysteries of each chakra. Unlock your potential, achieve inner harmony, and elevate your spiritual growth. Discover the power within.

28 30-Minute Date Night Cards

Looking for a simple way to add a little more love, laughter, and quality time to your relationship? Introducing our 28 30-Minute Date Night Idea Cards! No more stress about complicated planning or being too busy. Just draw a card, follow the easy steps, and you're set for a unique date night in under 30 minutes. We've also added conversation starters and fun twists to keep things exciting. As an exclusive PIPs Marketplace bonus, we've thrown in a Canva photo collage template and a printable monthly calendar for you. Are you ready to make every moment together count?

Traveler's Journey Blueprint

Discover the essentials of meaningful travel with the Traveler's Journey Blueprint. Learn about varied travel styles to suit your adventure spirit. Prepare effectively for memorable trips and manage travel details effortlessly. Understand cultural etiquette to travel respectfully and pick up safety pointers for peace of mind. Find inspiration in unique travel themes and benefit from practical preparation tips. Immerse genuinely in the cultures you explore. All these insights are bundled at just $7. Your guide to making every trip more enriching.

Spreadsheet Sales Starter Kit

Ready to dive into the spreadsheet game and score some sweet passive income 🤑? Grab our Spreadsheet Sales Starter Kit! You get How-To Videos, Mockups, and Templates – It's your all-in-one package to build and sell your first-ever digital spreadsheet product. Everything you need for a smooth launch with ADDED BONUSES: Mockup Templates, Product Description Template, Thank You PDFs along with a Digital Purchase Tracker Spreadsheet so you can keep track of all your Black Friday Purchases! Snag this awesome starter kit and make your spreadsheet dreams come true – your future self will thank you!

ADHD At Work – Quarterly Reflection Journal

The ADHD At Work Quarterly Reflection Journal supports self-reflection on your last three months at work. It helps you look deeply at challenges (particularly as they relate to your ADHD), celebrate successes, as well as set a course for leaning into your strengths in your next quarter at work. A must have for professionals with ADHD looking to cultivate self-awareness and success.

Where'd My Money Go Workbook

This guided workbook will help you record your income, bills, expenses, and debt for several months, so you can see where you are actually spending your money, instead of where you think you are spending money. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a FREE goal tracking sheet to plan your progress. I’ve been exactly where you are — struggling with debt, feeling lost, and riding the emotional rollercoaster of financial uncertainty. Don't let your financial situation continue to weigh you down. Take the first step towards financial freedom and emotional relief with “Where'd My Money Go?” for only $7.00 Your wallet and your heart will thank you

Camping Adventure Journal

Are your little adventurers ready for a camping experience like no other? Introducing our Camping Adventure Journal for Kids! This journal is the perfect companion for young explorers in Florida. Packed with exciting features like safety tips, fun campfire stories, a food log for delicious outdoor meals, hiking logs to record those epic journeys, a space to jot down nature discoveries, and even a reflection section to help them appreciate the beauty of nature. Let the young adventurers in your life embark on unforgettable camping experiences with this fantastic journal!

CHRISTIAN Coloring Books Bundle

Immerse yourself in the serene world of adult coloring with Magic Coloring Books Bundle collection, including exquisite designs of butterflies, wildflowers, and mindful mandalas, with a special bonus of inspiring Bible verse coloring pages. Priced at just $7, this printable download provides endless creative possibilities. Whether you're seeking relaxation, mindfulness, or a spiritual connection, our bundle caters to your every need. Elevate your coloring experience today and discover the joy of your creative expression.

Smile Joy Journal

Elevate Your Self-Awareness and Positive Energy and Experience a unique fusion of introspection and joy with our ACTIVE LISTENING SMILE JOURNAL. This meticulously designed 20-page template serves as a dual-purpose tool, facilitating both an active listening log and a smile journal, empowering you to cultivate better communication skills while embracing daily moments of happiness. With included private label rights, you’re not only purchasing a journal from, but the freedom to adapt, modify, and resell, opening avenues for potential business opportunities. Powerpoint, Canva, PDF. 8.5 x 11 in. (US Letter Size.

P.S. Check out this deal from The Women of AI! All Access for $197/yr! WOAH!