These are the VIPs who participated in – and finished – Hell Weekend! Many courses are free but all are low cost!!

Travel Courses

luxury travel course

Luxury Travel Redefined

Luxury Travel Redefined will take you from dreaming about luxury travel to actually taking the steps to book your next luxury getaway.

budget travel 101 course

Budget Travel 101

Become a budget traveler regardless of whether you want to travel in business class or economy. Learn how to travel the world for less with as little effort as possible!

Home, Family, & Relationship Courses

reconnect in your relationship course

Reconnect in Your Relationship

Reconnect with your partner by learning the importance of rediscovery in your relationship, how to plan creative date nights and bring back spontaneity, and how to deepen your bond by bringing back intimacy.

balancing act: motherhood and career

Balancing Act: Motherhood & Career

Always feel like you're burning the candle at both ends, as a working mom? This course helps working moms effectively manage career and family commitments. Yes, you CAN have it all! 🙂

screen free fun for kids

Screen-Free Fun for
Kids Course

If your child is constantly reaching for electronics whenever they’re looking something to do, this course will help you find dozens of screen-free alternatives to offer them!

woman sitting with a coffee cup

Decluttering course

Shift Into Action is a step by step guide to finally begin your decluttering journey! This is perfect for you if you don't know where to start, and want step by step help from a friendly face. 🙂

herb preservation guide

Herb Preservation Course

Tailored for beginners, learn the methods of drying, freezing, and infusing herbs. Gain confidence in safety, sidestep common mistakes, and elevate your culinary skills with preserved herbs all year round!

stack of flour tortillas

Flour Tortillas 101

Master crafting soft and delicious homemade tortillas to enjoy with your family and friends! From learning dough techniques to troubleshooting, this quick-win class will elevate your kitchen skills and give you an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine.

Weight Loss 101 Course

Learn the basics to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable and empowering way! This course is for women who have been feeling stuck or struggling to lose weight and keep it off. It breaks down the basics (all we really need!) and crucial components often missing in most programs – mindset and keys to consistency.

mindfulness for busy minds 101 course

Mindfulness for Busy Minds

Transform your busy mind with our Mindfulness for Busy Minds 101 course. Learn practical techniques for stress relief, focus, and balance, tailored for those with ADHD or busy minds. Embrace calm and clarity in just a few minutes a day.

Making Money Online

clipart kickstarter course: cute mockup with watercolor clip art animals

Clipart Kickstarter

Learn to create stunning clipart with Clipart Kickstarter. This free course will go through all the necessary steps to help you get started creating clipart today. Each lesson has action items to ensure you are able to follow along easily and confidently create your graphics. Sign up for Clipart Kickstarter today!

how to make my wordpress site mobile friendly and accessible (mockup for course)

Responsive Accessible Site

In this course you will learn how to make your website responsive and accessible so that you can reach a wider audience and improve your SEO. Accessibility is a vital part of your website user's experience. Make sure your blog is accessible for everyone! 🙂 Plus, you'll keep Google happy!

mockup of teachers pay teachers. text reads: get seen on teachers pay teachers

Get Seen on TPT Course

This course walks you through creating all of the images, sales copy, and previews you need to list your products on Teachers Pay Teachers confidently. Bring your product, and let's go!

text reads: workflows & standard operating procedures (SOPs) 101

Workflows & SOPs 101

Learn how to document your business workflows using workflow diagrams and SOPs to optimize business processes and save time and money! No more important procedures being noted on sticky notes, the back of your hand, or memorization!

text reads: knowledge to passive profit, niche mastery for rehab professionals

Niche Mastery Course

Rehabilitation Professionals: Discover how to use your professional knowledge to understand what to sell and where to sell it. Overcome the barrier of ‘I don't know where to start.' and start making money online today!

website management

Ready to take control of your website management and supercharge your online presence? Learn how to streamline your efforts with batch working, automation, and AI, plus get exclusive access to a Time Sink Identifier tool.

text reads: meta ads set up blueprint for beginners

Meta Ads Set Up Blueprint

Get your Meta Business suite set up with ads manager, pixel set up and installed, and some basic policies to advertise on the Meta platform. You'll be ready to take the next step in your ads journey and watch your business boom!

watercolor painting of woman with flowers, text reads plr to printables blueprint

PLR to Printables

Learn what PLR is about and how to start customizing a PLR Template and creating a basic Printable. This course is perfect for beginners or anyone frustrated with knowing how to use and customize PLR Products.

Metaphysical & Manifestation

flow and focus: clear your blocks

Flow & Focus

Let me help you demystify energy work and make it accessible, providing practical and effective techniques that you can apply directly to your business and personal life. Learn grounding, space cleansing, chakra alignment techniques and more to clear old blocks and refresh your mindset.

text reads: manifestation magic, your journey begins

Manifestation Magic

Unlock the transformative power within with ‘Manifesting Magic: Your Journey Begins,' a free, empowering course meticulously crafted for vibrant women over 40, guiding them to break free from stagnation and manifest a life of abundance, purpose, and joy.

text reads: mindful money mindset course, intro to manifesting money

Mindful Money Mastery

Mindful Money Mastery is an enlightening course designed to revolutionize your financial mindset. Through insightful lessons on mindset shifts, actionable strategies, and personalized planning, it guides you towards financial freedom and confidence, empowering you to master your money with ease and positivity.