3 Steps to Making $100 a Day from Home (Without Scams or BS!)

Why are you interested in learning how to make money online? Whether you want to pay off college loans or other debt (including your mortgage!), or just want some extra spending money, working online is something everyone can do.

I know that's a bold statement, but if you can post on Facebook, I firmly believe you're capable of working online! 🙂 All you need is access to decent internet, and a laptop. Everything else, you can do for free or super cheap.

How to Make $100 a Day Online

There are many scams online, so the first thing I want you to do is put your critical thinking cap on. I'm not sending you to go join an MLM, I'm talking about launching your own business and designing your life exactly how you want it – without an upline in the way.

No shade at those who do well with MLMs, but I find them predatory so we are not gonna talk about them today. We're talking about real, long-term, sustainable income.

To get from $0 to $100 a day working online, you'll need a plan and lots of elbow grease. Monetary investments are few and far between if you have the time and hustle to work, but having a little money to invest can definitely help you get to $100 a day faster!

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I earn a commission when you make a purchase through them. 🙂 Click to learn how to increase your affiliate earnings on your own blog.

Step 1: Pick a Profitable Niche

Picking the right niche, the most profitable niche for your situation, isn't difficult… but the decision shouldn't be taken lightly if you're depending on this $100 a day to happen any time soon. Sure, I've started blogs on a whim and they've been wildly successful – but I put a lot more work in than I needed to! This is the quick and dirty – EASIEST – way to get to $100/day.

What is a niche? A niche is like a topic. When you're choosing a niche, you don't want it to be too broad (“food blog”) but you don't want it to be so niche that your audience is very small (“vegan mushroom recipe blog”).

While small niches CAN do well and DO pay better, overall the fastest results – without some luck of going viral – are going to come from choosing a solid niche that the right amount of people are interested in. Not too big (“sports”), and not too small (“underwater basket weaving”).

You may want $100 a day, but your next goal will be to multiply that into something more, right? That means you'll need to choose a niche you enjoy working in. Often, personal satisfaction translates into more money , moreso than keyword volume and competition stats do.

If you're super excited about vegan mushroom recipes, that may shine through enough to attract a huge audience. Ya just never know… 😉

At the same time, you want something that has profit potential. You can't be careless about that part of the equation, because that's the part that's going to pay your bills! What constitutes a profitable niche? The best niches include lots of product creation and affiliate sales potential – maybe even in both the tangible and digital product arenas.

Let's go over a few examples so you can learn how to dive into the best niche right of the bat.

Everyone always wonders if they can begin in the “Internet marketing” niche. The answer is definitely yes! The biggest objection I hear to this is “but I feel like an impostor, I'm not successful yet!”

The thing is, I started teaching people how to coupon AS I was learning. My first profitable blog was about how to save money, cook cheap meals, and learn extreme couponing. Not the sleazy kind of couponing! That's actually why I got out of that niche.

Anyway. Even if you're not an expert yet, you can still teach someone who knows less than you on some topic, what they need to know.

Some of the things you may know how to do that you can teach others in this niche:

  • How to write articles or sales copy
  • How to install a blog
  • How to make a video for YouTube
  • How to conduct keyword research (SEO)
  • How to use Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc

There is SO much potential in this niche, even though most people say it's “oversaturated”. Oversaturation is a myth, in most cases. Were there a million and a half mommy blogs? Yes. Was the niche deemed “oversaturated”? Yes. Do many mommy bloggers still make six figures? YES!

Perhaps you've learned you can't afford to be a stay at home mom. This is where side hustles come in, and honestly it's how most of us got started!!

Beyond teaching, you can recommend products you're using along your journey. For example, I started using MailerLite as an alternative to the very expensive ConvertKit. As I was learning how to use it, I had wished there were more tutorials!

So, each time I figured out how to do something, I'd make a tutorial and share it with my blog friends. Not only did the tutorials make money (from ads), I also earned affiliate income when my blog friends signed up for MailerLite!

Don't have any blog friends? That's okay! They will find you when you start delivering value content. Create something bloggers NEED and you will never go out of business. 🙂

Challenge: Start a blog and YouTube channel, and start creating tutorials that will resonate with others in your niche – or those wanting to break into your niche. Think about it: real estate agents have an AMAZING niche opportunity. They can teach aspiring agents exactly how to be awesome – and get paid for it! You should always have multiple revenue streams. Teaching is one way to ensure that.

What about the health niche?

Another niche people claim is too competitive, health! While it's not a great idea to start a health blog specifically right now (Google isn't a huge fan), you can start a personal blog that mentions health. One of my blogs tells my thyroid cancer story, and without ever even promoting it and only a few posts on the blog, it gets good traffic from Google!

Another profitable sector inside the health niche is weight loss and fitness. One of my blogs was a Weight Watchers focused blog (healthy eating, healthy living, etc) and it sold for six figures! My husband has a similar blog, and he was just offered $80,000 for his – after he made $35,000 in ads without working on the blog much at all this year. This was barely two years after his blog started.

Even if you don't make a dime your first year blogging (which is highly unlikely if you put the work in), can you imagine making $35,000 the next year with VERY part-time work? And then being offered $80,000 for it so you can sell it and go start another blog? There is amazing potential in blogging, no matter your topic!

One more niche… Pets!

What about the pet niche? Talk about cha-ching! If you're passionate about your dog, or your cat is super cute or unique, start an Instagram channel for them right away! Then, you can start blogging and working with sponsors to get free pet food, clothing, trips, and more.

You could even expand to create an Etsy store – or a store on your blog – selling pet products. Think pet toys, bandanas, leashes… basically anything to take care of or spoil your little animals. 🙂

In the pet niche, just like any other, you have to strike the right balance between narrow and broad. Targeting a specific dog breed will increase your earnings per sale or click, but may cut off a large part of a potential audience you could've tapped into.

Also, you don't want to be too loyal to only one product! If you zero in on just one model of one brand of one product, then you're boxing yourself into a corner. You want to have room to move around and pivot when necessary, but not be so broad that it's a catch all.

Step 2: Choose the Right Affiliate Products

Blogs take a while to get off the ground, so it's important to start your email list and affiliate marketing right away. It's just as important as writing content is. To get to $100 a day, you'll need multiple income streams – well, at least if you want to do it fast, in most cases.

Diversify from the beginning. Don't build up one platform, like Facebook, while neglecting Pinterest or Instagram. Why? Because what happens when Facebook's algorithm changes (again) and your business tanks? All of that time wasted!

Spend a little time here, a little time there, and build a house with a solid foundation rather than one that will fall over because you grew it quickly and carelessly on stilts.

Think of diversifying your income like a money tree: when one branch isn't making as much money, you have the potential to bring in cash through the other branches.

Some methods are residual, while others crank out cash one time only for you. It's a good idea to pair both services and products in your initial efforts.

While you're focusing on being an affiliate for others, you want to create helpful content. Don't just throw an affiliate link in willy nilly. Here are a few examples of top-performing affiliate posts:

Why are these posts great? Well, for a few reasons. First, they deliver value. These posts make great stand alone content. Even if you don't purchase the product mentioned, you will learn something.

Second, they're long posts with great images. Google and Pinterest both love pretty things, and Google especially loves thorough blog posts.

My top-ranking posts are always 1,000+ words. That shows Google I'm putting the work in. Don't half ass it, Google (and your audience) will notice!

Creating a product for your audience

As you start to grow an audience, you'll want to create a digital product. While physical products can be profitable, also, I highly recommend starting with digital products because it's free to create them.

Physical products always cost money up front. Don't know how to design? I didn't, either! In fact, I still really don't LOL but I still make money selling printables online. I use Canva exclusively to create my designs. It's SUPER simple.

Alternatively, if you have a little cash on hand and want to start selling physical products, they usually have a much higher profit margin straight out the gate. Here are some examples:

  • Crystal Sand Tarot – Etsy shop, mostly physical products, revenue about $2,000 a month

Each of these products requires a different amount of time dedicated to them. Because I only work part-time, but I have a million business ideas, I start my businesses and then hand off the day-to-day to my assistant. This allows me to spend my time doing what I love: creating, and helping other women earn six figures!

Crystal Sand Tarot is a business I sold a few years ago. This is part-time work and very little work on our part as far as advertising goes. It doesn't take a whole lot of brain power for us, and the return is pretty good. It's also fun, and the profit margins are high.

Ideally, you want to create an evergreen product that will build sales over time. You don't want something that's considered “trendy” right now because most likely, it won't be trendy next year. Create eBooks, video courses, and digital products (like printables) that will generate interest continually into the future.

Creating courses is a great way to get into the other end of affiliate marketing: my affiliates have made me 1/5 of the sales for my Etsy course! I don't have affiliates for my Etsy shops, but I always reward people who continuously send me customers. Whether it's with some free coaching and advice, or a coupon or freebie from one of my shops, everyone who helps me out is rewarded!

That brings me to a very important point: if you're going to have affiliates, don't be a cheap ass. I won't say which company it is because I don't want to cause riffs (yet ;)), but one of the affiliates my husband works with has him sending free referrals ALL year long and then puts the program on sale and cuts him out of commissions. They say “we can't afford a sale and a commission”. Well, then raise your damn prices!

Price your products accordingly, so you can afford affiliates. Don't be cheap and give them 10%! They can make you BIG bucks if you treat them right.

Which Digital Products should I create?

This is probably what you're thinking now… okay, great, but what in the world should I create? You can start small! You don't have to have a $100 product to make $100 a day.

Challenge: Create an inexpensive digital product (a workbook, homeschooling printables, inspirational wall art, whatever your heart desires), and sell it to the audience you have. If you don't have any audience at all, start building up your personal Facebook page as a network to launch your business. Start with a low price point like $7. It's a digital product, you create it once and can sell it thousands of times. Don't get greedy too fast. 😉

Use Canva to design your product if you aren't well-versed in other programs. Check out my free Canva tutorials to get started.

Other ways to make money with your writing skills

What kinds of tasks are you doing for your own business that you can offer to busy marketers willing to pay?

  • Ghostwriting
  • Social Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Graphic Creation
  • Website Development
  • Customer Service
  • and more!

You can rely heavily on services to get started and then wean yourself off of them as your income nears closer to $100 a day with residual product and promotion earnings.

Step 3: Blog Daily

Blogging daily is important for you to achieve your financial goals. Blogs are loved by Google, and it's pretty easy to rank on the front page of Google with the right niche and a little keyword research. Most of what I learned about SEO was on YouTube. Instead of saying you “can't” or you don't understand, find videos that are easier to get.

How to get started with a blogging schedule

blog content planner

Start by lining up a set of blog topics for your niche. Don't worry as much about keywords as you do writing for your target audience. While keywords are important, writing for humans is our first goal. We can add keywords later. Alternatively, if you feel like you must have keywords in mind, start with those. What are you going to write about? What's your audience searching for? Start there, work backwards, and figure out what to write about.

The sweet spot is where SEO crosses over with your passions. Don't write like a robot, write like yourself, write for your audience. When writing posts, don't type your keyword phrases over and over and over again, that's called keyword stuffing and is a big no-no. Organically and naturally, work your keyword phrases into your copy.

Don't be afraid to use PLR

It's no secret that I'm a huuuuuge fan of PLR. Private Label Rights content, or PLR, is content that writers have created and sell to bloggers over and over again. My HustleSchool shop is PLR. I create content, and then other marketers buy it and reuse it as their own after they add their own branding. PLR is like having a cheat code while playing Mario: it cuts your writing time in half!

Challenge: Check out my personal spreadsheet where I track clip art and PLR – check out the PLR tab and download all the freebies! Bookmark the spreadsheet as it's updated weekly. No email sign-up required! 🙂

In addition to keywords for ideas and guidance, use Facebook groups and other social media forums and groups in your niche to pick the brains of your target audience. The questions they're asking and the problems they're talking about provide you with prime opportunities for creating the best blog content for them. The best blog content = the most money made!

Be sure to blog a few times a week if you're on the fast track! If you aren't worried about income and just want to chill, once a week is fine. Want to get to that $100 a day like… yesterday? 3 posts a week, friend! Not only does frequent blogging provide your search engine bots with more fodder for them to index, but it keeps your human visitors returning because they know they can always find fresh, helpful content on your site.

Bonus: Set up a collaboration!

how to make money as a blogger

Once you start blogging regularly, your network is going to grow. Join some blog groups, start rubbing virtual elbows with other writers, and keep an eye out for those diamonds in the rough. If you see someone who is hustling, doing their own thing, not busy talking about rumors and being rude to people, THAT is the person you want to connect with.

Don't offer a collab straight out of the gate, because that'd be weird and kinda spammy. Make friends, network, and you'll naturally find someone you want to go in on a joint venture with.

Be sure to set clear expectations for each blogger at the beginning of the partnership, and get everything in writing. Even if it seems super formal, these things go south more often than you'd think, so cover your ass – and theirs.

Networking in this manner helps you connect with other marketers in your niche. While blogging is a solitary career choice for me, nobody really wants to be left completely alone in their online efforts. Everyone enjoys finding like-minded niche leaders because it is healthy… and it can amplify your income!

Are you ready to get started working towards $100 a day?

To be completely honest, if you've read this entire post, you're ready to make $100 a day. It may not seem like it, you may have some doubts in the back of your head, but this post was more than 3,000 words long. It takes quite a bit of effort to stick with a blog article for THAT long, right?

If you can read to the end of this post and NOT shut out the idea of making that $100/day, it's time for you to take the leap. Leave a comment letting me know you're READY! We can chat and I'll help you figure out where you should start.

Getting to the $100 a day level isn't difficult. It just requires planning and action taking. Don't let competition or technicalities get in your way. Take it one step at a time, connect with like-minded women, and you'll make your financial dreams a reality in 2021, no doubt about it!

Remember: $100 a day starts with that first $1!!

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