I started blogging when I was 14 years old by learning HTML from Lissa Explains. Angelfire, Expages, and Geocities were my hyperfocuses* for years.

I first started getting paid for blogging when I had Nellie Bug's Tutus, which started as a craft blog (on Blogspot… cringe) and eventually turned into a full-fledged tutu and costume boutique! I sold Nellie Bug's and created a blog named Randomosity. It started out as a coupon blog but because I was one of the first female bloggers making money by blogging at the time, I started teaching others how to make money with their blogs as well.

Oh hey, there's proof I was teaching people the same thing back in 2011 that I do now – how to make extra money online! 😉

I sold Randomosity for $5,000 in 2012, and they turned into a spam farm. *tears*

I almost immediately launched Slap Dash Mom, with a few short stents with other blogs in between. One was named Sadie Bakes, which was a total failure because I got bored after 5 posts LOL but it did launch my short-lived career of running a bakery my best friend owned.

I studied ProBlogger like my life depended on it, I attended every blogging conference I could. I even spoke at a few blogging conferences, including Show Me the Blog in St. Louis, Missouri.

Since then, I've built and sold multiple blogs and have taught 1,000+ others how to build and monetize their blogs, too!

I love blogging so much, as a hobby, as therapy, and as my full-time income. While most of the people I blogged with 15 years ago have long since given up on it, I never have. I've studied, and pivoted, and learned everything I could about blogging – the right way. Not in a way where folks are ranking by writing negative reviews of businesses *ehem bro dudes ehem* but by truly leaning into writing about your passion and serving your heart audience.

*Yes, I have ADHD – and I'm autistic – so when I say I have the equivalent of a Doctorate in blogging, I'm not exaggerating. 😉

Passive Income Pathways

After building multiple six figure blogs (including Slap Dash Mom, which I sold in 2019 and Easy Blog School, which I sold in 2022), I started a blog coaching program called “The Driven Dozen” with my husband, Kevin Smiley.

In 2021, I founded Passive Income Pathways as Blogging With AI, with a partner who ended up ghosting me. That's where PIPs was born: I had to change the name from Blogging With AI, because I didn't own 100% of it. I needed to own 100% of a business I was pouring 1000% of my heart into.

Because I have so much experience with building and selling blogs, I have tried many methods to diversify my income. I worked online, tirelessly, for 10-15 hours a day for years to figure out how to build my first blog to six figures. I knew I didn't want anyone else to have to work that hard, so my coaching program was built around the foundation of blogging smarter and faster.

I only teach methods I've personally succeeded with, and these same methods have proven successful with several of our clients.

In my coaching programs, I teach how to build a blog, find and nurture your audience organically, and diversify your income with affiliate marketing, digital products, and a low ticket membership. We don't rely 100% on any traffic or income source; it's important to me that you can rely on your blogging income for years to come.

A picture from our recent trip to Sri Lanka and India.

You should be able to pay your bills without sacrificing family time.

In 2021, my family and I moved to Mexico to live more of a relaxed beach life. No more hustling. No more working online all day every day. We decided to take it easy.

We spend our time helping single moms start businesses locally, and we feed a gaggle of street dogs every day and help provide spays/neuters for dogs in the community.

Just like we always want a better path for our kids, families, and friends, I want better for YOU, too. You shouldn't have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, and you damn sure shouldn't have to sacrifice time with your kids just so you can feed them.

While there are many paths to finding success with passive income online, the road is paved with scams, spam, and predatory MLM schemes. We actively work against these schemes to help women like you who want to pave a better path for themselves and for their families (even if your family is the furry kind).

I know what it's like to struggle with paths created by neurotypical folks. You don't have to keep getting frustrated with inaccessible courses. We've got you.

Here at Passive Income Pathways, my team and I want to help you build your passive income business to 6 figures – without the complexity (or expense) you're used to with other programs.

We do this with a simple path*:

  • Blogging – Your blog is the foundation of it all! We show you how to set one up the right way, step by step.
  • Freebies – Serving your audience is what PIPs is all about. Learn how to create high-value lead magnets.
  • Low-Ticket Membership – This is the bread and butter of your business. You'll earn recurring monthly revenue, on autopilot.

*Note: I said simple, not easy. This is going to require work on your part!!

Need testimonials? We've got those in spades! Here are a few Passive Income Pathways reviews.

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