Productivity Tips to Help You Get your Life in Order

Are you looking for some productivity tips to help you get your life in order?  I get it.  I do. I’m all about needing to get my life in order.  There are countless things that affect your productivity. Many people struggle with how to be productive. 

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I don’t know about you, but I often have high-productivity times when I feel like I can succeed at just about anything and other times when I feel like I cannot accomplish anything.  I know I can’t be the only one that deals with this.  

I recognize that there are often outside influences that affect my productivity.  Juggling family schedules, dealing with depression and anxiety, and many other things have wreaked havoc on my productivity.  I have found some tips that help tremendously when it comes to staying on top of things. 

We all have a lot of things to get done, and a lot of goals to reach even when it gets difficult.  With these productivity tips, you can move closer and closer to getting your life in order. 

Productivity has many benefits, even outside of merely accomplishing things. You can feel a sense of accomplishment overreaching goals, you will have more time to focus on what you want to be doing, and you will stress less because you have less stuff on your list. Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Learning how to become productive may seem insurmountable to some people and it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the never-ending to-do lists, but giving up and focusing on the negative will only hold you back.  Don’t allow yourself to get distracted or to set your goals aside simply because it may seem difficult. 

With these productivity tips, you can find yourself accomplishing goals you never thought possible.  Being more productive means that you can be a better business owner, better homeschooling parent, better employee, and the list goes on. 

Productivity Tips to Help You Get Your Life in Order

If you are ready to get your life in order, live in the moment, and start conquering your goals, check out these productivity tips that will help you get your life in order. With each productivity tip that you conquer, you can find yourself that much closer to your goals. 

Figure out your peak productivity time

We all have specific times of the day when we are more productive.  You know how some people are “morning people” and some are “night owls”?  This often has more to do with your peak productivity times than whether you prefer a specific time of day.  For instance, my peak productivity time is 4 a.m. to about 10 a.m. From late morning on, I am basically useless.  It’s a real thing. What is your peak productivity time?

Stop focusing on the negative

I know it’s hard, but you seriously need to stop focusing on the negative.  Negativity can have a tremendous impact on our positivity and our lives in general.  I recently read that the average person has up to 60,000 thoughts per day, with 80% of those being negative.  That is a lot of time wasted on negative thinking.  Wasted time kills productivity. Plus, negative thinking just sucks.   

Be realistic

We all have the same amount of time to work with, so it’s important to not overbook yourself. You simply cannot do it all and productivity has nothing to do with it.  It is necessary to be realistic about this.

Use a calendar

Productivity ceases when your time is unorganized. Using a Google Calendar or even a big family calendar can do a lot for your productivity.  It’s important to know what your time frame is. This time frame means when you have deadlines for work, or when you have appointments coming up.  

Use a To-Do List

You can be far more productive with a to-do list.  This may mean pen and paper, or it may mean a to-do list on your phone or computer.  Seeing your list of things to do shrink is very motivational. Many people get a boost of energy with each project that gets checked off of this list.  That is how I am. I love a pen and paper to-do list next to my workspace each day and each time I cross something off the list, I look forward to the next one.

Turn Notifications Off

We have become way too attached and dependent on our phones and that is a huge problem for productivity.  Turn off your notifications. This includes email notifications, social media notifications, and even texts if you get those often.  While you are at it, make it a plan to check these platforms less often. I think just a couple of times a day is sufficient. This will open up so much free time for you. 

Wake up Earlier in the Day

Stop hitting the snooze button! Oh, and set your alarm a little bit earlier in the morning.  This will give you extra time to get those little tasks done that you typically find yourself putting off. Plus, if you are awake earlier than the rest of the family, you actually have quiet time to work with.

Watch Less TV

Turn off the TV and focus on what you need to do.  With binge-watching culture, it’s easy to get lost in a television show, but it is also very easy to waste a tremendous amount of time while watching it. 

Take Advantage of Spare Time

It may not seem like you have any free time, but we all have small gaps of time available throughout our days.  Even just 5 or 10 minutes. Use this spare time to take care of little tasks such as writing out your to-do list, or making quick phone calls, etc.  It will save you a surprising amount of time. 

Focus on Becoming More Organized

Did you know that the average person spends DAYS out of every year looking for misplaced items.  Imagine if you don’t have to spend time unnecessarily looking for items or forgetting things. Being more organized definitely helps productivity.

Take Care of Yourself

Self-care is important for so many things in life, including productivity. Taking care of your mental health as well as your physical health is so very important. Self care helps to keep your stress levels down, which is hugely beneficial to your productivity.

Here are some of the best self-care activities that you can do to boost your productivity:

Many people don’t see the value of self-care, but it is truly a great thing to focus on.  Those who put more focus on self care find that they have reduced stress and are happier in general.  Happy = More Productivity. 

What are your favorite productivity tips to help get your life in order?  Do you consider yourself a productive person?

What are your top tips on how to be productive? Do you think you waste time each day?

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