Passive Income Pathways Reviews

What is Passive Income Pathways?

PIPs is more than a blog, it's more than a membership full of amazing courses – it's a community of folks who believe in radical generosity and who want to make the world a better place. We know the only way to be able to be financially generous is by making a fuckton of money, so we work together – and we work hard – to do just that.

We are the misfits of the blogging and affiliate marketing world: many of us are neurodiverse, many of us fight daily mental health battles – and almost all of us are women – but we are family.

We'd absolutely love to have you as part of our family here at PIPs. You can join our free Facebook group, work through our low ticket membership, or become a VIP. Just wanting to dip your toes in? Check out our freebie marketplace, where our VIPs offer their best freebies for you to grab!

Inside of our LITE program, we also have a $1K challenge. Here is a testimonial from March 2024:

1k challenge passive income pathways review

Passive Income Pathways: History

PIPs was founded at the end of 2021, with the purpose of teaching people how to set up and monetize their blogs on a path that creates long-term recurring revenue as passively as possible.

Over the last 2.5 years, we've worked hard on expanding our offers to include multiple courses as well as several different perspectives from coaches across the globe. We teach you how to build a six figure business with blogging as the foundation, while working on your mindset and motivation, learning skills you need to succeed in online business, and more. You can see our team here.

Passive Income Pathways Reviews

This is really what Passive Income Pathways is all about: the community. We have two communities (free and VIP); some of these reviews are from the free community. Some are referencing the $1K Challenge, PIPs LITE, and others are referencing VIP.

3 screenshots reviewing Passive Income Pathways. They read: "You stole all my excuses and DOING THE THING seems to be so much easier now." -- "I was stuck on a wheel of ideas and never feeling like I could pull any of them off. I knew it was possible, but I have more confidence and can see the vision more clearly. I'm less depressed since being in this group. I am happier as a whole since finding my tribe here. My mental health is something I deal with regularly, but it has improved significantly since being here." -- "I have sooo many ideas turning in my head and I feel like they are actually possible now! I am a recent join of a few weeks. I have my husband thinking about his own TPT site (he's a school counselor) and I'm working on my logo for an etsy store that revolves around my passion."

Amazing Blogging Resource!

After being in the group for a few months, I finally signed up for PIPs LITE this morning and I'm LOVING it. I started my first blog last May. It took me three weeks+ last year to set up what I've already done in a few hours this morning with my new blog, following Sadie's method. And this time I did things the RIGHT way. With high quality hosting.
I love my first blog, but I've been itching to start a niche destination site which is what I did today! I'm so excited to go through all of PIPs LITE, and apply everything to my new site, as well as my original one.
Thank you so much Sadie for creating such an AMAZING course on how to start a blog. There is truly not another course like yours, and what you teach and deliver is absolutely amazing.
Haley Chavez

Has literally changed my life

VIP has literally changed my life. From the community of support I've never found anywhere else, to the endless give and take of amazing ideas, I've gotten so much value from my membership. I've never been so proud to be part of something in my life. Sadie is a wealth of knowledge and she happily and freely gives away that knowledge.
The PIPs universe is so unique because there are people who are ready and eager to help you figure out how to implement ideas you have, instead of giving excuses or telling you it's impossible.
Beth Ann Averill
2 screenshots reviewing Passive Income Pathways program. They read: "Sadie - I just wanted to publicly thank you so much for giving me the kick in the pants I needed. My ADD and depression and anxiety has been off the charts with trying to juggle this move and working and the kids and everything else. I know I need additional income but just couldn't sit and focus to even begin to figure out where to start. Last night while I was working, I just grabbed a piece of paper and pen (like the only two things left on my desk at this point other than my computer) and just started outlining. It all of the sudden clicked and I felt so much better. Between calls, I was working on my site and finally feel like I have some purpose and direction again. You've been in the back of my mind saying 'just start somewhere and do it!' and I needed that so much so thank you. Your words and posts and wisdom don't go unnoticed. I can't wait to share more wins soon!" -- "Hello everyone! I want to tell those who do not know yet, follow the Sadie way! Since starting this path, I have created 2 blogs without following the Sadie way exactly and have not liked how they turned out. However, this third blog I have made I absolutely love! I am having so much fun writing the articles and doing the work. Today I created 3 posts and got 1 of them published. Sadie knows what she is talking about - so get in there and follow her!"
2 screenshots regarding Passive Income Pathways: "My mindset changed drastically. All the things I thought I could never do, you made me see I can. I have come out of my comfort zone have done the things I needed to do to grow my business. I appreciate you and everything you've been teaching us." -- "Sadie has a huge heart to help everyone! Encourages you every day, and yes pushes you! I know in the deep depth of my souul that I will meet my goals and fulfill my dreams if I continue to DO THE THING! Sadie - Appreciate you so much! THANK YOU!"
2 screenshots reviewing Sadie Smiley's Passive Income Pathways. They read: "I have been part of many programs and challenges over the years, but the amount of information Sadie and crew have provided is amazing! And it is all easily accessible to everyone! Tehre is nothing in this challenge that can't be done and accomplished. I love how everything was put in simple, easy to use steps that you can do regardless of your level of expertise. Even a beginner can create products in Canva or take photos for sale. Sadie is amazing and I highly recommend this challenge to anyone looking to create passive income streams." -- "LOVE the format and how much support there is for every step of the process and for people with all levels of experience. Soooo many ideas, tools, resources, directions. I learned about income streams that I wasn't aware existed and how easy it is to gt started. So many free resources means anyone can start on an idea and potentially make a lot of money. Society does not teach us how to value our time, money and to act on ideas. So it is definitely a mindset shift of action, action, action."
3 screenshots that read: "I've probably heard a dozen webinars that talk about freebies. Sadie, you're the first one to talk about using affiliates to make money from them. Thank you!!" -- "I have accomplished more in the past month than I have all year!" -- "That's one of the biggest things I've learned from Sadie. I always hated affiliate marketing because it felt so slimy and gross because I'd seen so many bad examples of it. Now I've learned it doesn't hav to be that way and has totally changed my outlook."
3 screenshots reviewing Sadie Smiley's Passive Income Pathways membership, they read: "Sadie Smiley, seriously - your stuff has helped me more than you can imagine. My site is up, I have my store open on my site (uploading products as we speak), the first 4 posts are scheduled, my newsletter list is available, and my first freebie opt-in is set with an automation. I NEVER would've gotten this far without your help." -- "I just finished Blogging 101 and I'm so excited! I've tried so many times to start a blog and get so discouraged because it just seemed so complicated. This was the easiest blog I've ever set up and I can't wait to start writing posts! Thank you Sadie!" -- "VIP and Sadie's straightforward, step-by-step framework and courses have completely changed my life and help me build a growing business that I'm really proud of. Not only that, but she has helped me hone in on my passions and gifts and gave me an entirely new direction! The VIP mastermind is unlike any online business community out there. Collaboration over competition is the key principle, and every day the members show up for one another and cheer each other on! Not only have I gained a business that is earning money every single month, but I've gained friendships with amazing entrepreneurs. I'm a VIP for life!"
2 screenshots reading: "It's unbelievable the massive amount of free information in this challenge! I learned new ideas and new avenues to explore. I have banked so many ideas to use in the future. That $1K is just the start. If you run across one of her (Sadie's) challenges, grab it and participate. You will see so much growth. Sadie is a rare gem and her challenges, courses and memberships are definitely an extension of her drive for everyone to succeed! Do the thing!" -- "The amount of amazing information and skills I've gained in this challenge is unreal! I've done so many challenges and this has been the best one by far. Not only is the material and amazing advice invaluable, but Sadie is an absolute gem! Her lovely personality, kick-butt attitude and commitment to everyone's success made me stick with it and revisit the challenge multiple times a day. Best. Challenge. Ever.
5 screenshots of reviews for Sadie Smiley, 6 figure blog coach. They read: "If you're considering joinning (VIP) - do it! I'm still working on publishing articles consistently and my analytics are already showing crazy growth since I joined in November. VIP is totally worth it" -- "I love that you share so much knowledge - and also include so many helpful resources too! It's all put together in a neat little package." -- "Sadie your level of help is epic! Always helping!!" -- "I can't recommend VIP enough! I literally didn't know anything about blogging or making money online and now I have over 3K sessions in 28 days on my blog, over 1K in my Facebook group, and 551 on my email list. Definitely couldn't have done it without VIP." -- "Great call! VIP is the best decision I've made"
2 screenshots reading "Sadie Smiley and her $1K challenge came into my life at the perfect time. With the holidays upon us, I was looking to make some extra money but wasn't sure where to start. Sadie's ideas helped my scattered mind because I could switch between Mercari, door dashing, photography, and creating digital products to sell in my store. I love that I could make money, actively or passively, no matter what! Thank you, Sadie, for helping me get over myself and just do something!" -- "This challenge was proof that things can get done even when crazy busy. I am a person that has little time at this point in my life and was able to learn so much, do things and get to see results quite soon. It takes effort and the right mindset but everything I learned was so valuable that I am sure in the future everything I learn in these few days will make my life better."
2 screenshots of reviews for Passive Income Pathways, reading: "I never in a million years thought I could make money from home. I used to have panic attacks thinking about re-entering the work force as a woman who has been home for 10 years. I never thought I could get ahead, or contribute to my family financially. I thought my life was essentially just a babysitter, since it's too expensive to get a babysitter for 3 kids. I'm so much more than that. So so much more." -- "I did it. I set up my second blog, and the first post is set to come out tomorrow. I'm proud of it; it's irreverent and informative and full of stories about my life as a Black expat. And I have to admit that it would've stayed an idea if it wasn't for this group. So thank you SO much for the energy you've lent, and the info, and the inspo. You're a special group of people and I'm glad I'm here."
3 screenshots of passive income pathways reviews. they read: "thank you so much Sadie! I learned so much today!" - "Sadie, four hours later - you better rest after this!!! You are amazing to do this for VIPs!" -- "VIP has literally changed my life. From the community of support I've never found anywhere else, to the endless give and take of amazing ideas, I've gotten so much value from my membership. Sadie is a wealth of knowledge and she happily and freely gives away that knowledge. The PIPs universe is so uniqu because there are people who are ready and eager to help you figure out how to implement ideas you have, instead of giving excuses or telling you it's impossible."

“One of my pins for a blog post I wrote in 2019 took off at the end of June. So, I read through Sadie's affiliate blog post and updated my post. Usually I make about $15-25 in total for the month in affiliate earnings.

This month, so far I am at $372 in affiliate earnings all from this one post! And that post is promoting all free products too!

Listen to Sadie, she knows what she is talking about!” – Kate T

Passive Income Pathways Reviews from Coaches

Since writing these reviews, both Pam Allen and Kimberly Houston have become PIPs coaches! They believe in PIPs, they've seen success with the process, and are now paying it forward by helping more folks be successful in following the PIPs Path.