PIPs Freebie Marketplace

Part of the PIPs Path is creating massive value for free to help your audience. Twice a year we do the Freebie Challenge in our free Facebook group so everyone can learn how to create a freebie F.A.S.T..

This Marketplace is full of freebies our VIPs have created as part of the challenge using our F.A.S.T. Framework.


The PIPs Path

Want to know the exact path PIPs mebers use to start and grow their business? This freebie will lay out the same path for you so you can get started right away. The Path is a comprehensive online course designed to guide you through the intricate world of passive income generation. From identifying profitable niches to building sustainable income streams, this course offers step-by-step guidance and actionable strategies. Whether you're a beginner or experienced entrepreneur, The Path equips you with the tools and knowledge to achieve financial freedom and create a successful online business.

Blogging Foundations

Blogging Foundations is a valuable resource designed to jumpstart your passive income journey. This freebie includes expert tips, strategies, and tools to help you kickstart your online business. Whether you're exploring new income streams or looking to expand your existing portfolio, Blogging Foundations provides actionable insights and practical advice to help you achieve financial success. Download now and start building your passive income empire!

Ultimate WordPress Cheat Sheet

📚The Ultimate WordPress Cheat Sheet is a comprehensive yet simple guide: It covers everything a beginner needs, in language that's easy to understand. The Cheat Sheet includes WordPress terminology, a dashboard overview, simple steps to create a menu, basic SEO tips, plugin management, backup procedures, and troubleshooting tips. You also get a look at the most common Gutenberg blocks and a section on media management.

Blog Post SOP

Streamline your blog writing with our Free Blog Post SOP Template! Designed for women entrepreneurs, this easy-to-use free tool helps organize your blogging process, enhancing efficiency, and ultimately saving you time! This template is flexible, allowing for continuous improvement and adaptation – it evolves with you!

Customize the cover page to fit your brand with the included Canva template. Grab this free standard operating procedure template and transform your blogging workflow today!

Branding Guide for Niche Websites

Ready to boost your website's brand? This branding guide is for you! 🚀

As a website owner, you know how vital it is to have solid branding that reflects YOU. This guide will take you through the process of defining your audience, dialing in your visuals, and finding your unique voice. With the handy checklist, questions, and real-world tips, you'll have everything you need to create cohesive branding that resonates with your ideal audience and turns your passion into a recognizable brand!

Free SEO Blog Post Checklist Pack

🔥 Elevate your blog's performance with this SEO Blog Post Checklist Pack.

📋 These 5 comprehensive checklists guide you to fully optimize your content for search engines, ensuring no step in your marketing strategy is missed.

💥 Boost organic traffic with proven SEO techniques and stay ahead of the competition with these advanced optimization strategies.

✔️ This set of checklists is an essential tool for every content creator aiming for more traffic to their website.

Blogging Habit Builder Workbook

Are you a blogger struggling to find consistency while juggling family, friends, and a job? Do you dream of turning your blog into a powerhouse of engaging content but find it challenging to make blogging a daily habit? Introducing “Blogging Habit Builder,” a transformative workbook designed to guide you through three steps that will revolutionize your blogging routine. Your audience is eagerly waiting for what you have to say – let's make sure you deliver, consistently and confidently.

Digital product creation

Set Up Your Etsy Guide

Stop letting the tech side of things stop you from setting up your Etsy shop.

Grab the free Set Up Your Etsy Guide – and take the process off of your to-do list.

Finally, easy to follow instructions with templates, to aid in setting up (or optimizing) your shop!

Intro to Etsy

Create a Profitable Printable Business

🌟 Ready to turn your creativity into cash? Grab my ‘Create a Profitable Printable Business' workbook! It has easy-to-follow steps and tips to help you design, market, and sell your own printables.

🎨 Whether you're creative newbie or a design pro, you'll find something valuable.

Plus, it's a super fun way to earn some extra cash from your creations. Don’t miss out on grabbing your workbook to get started on your printable passive income journey! 🚀

10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a TpT Store

Are you dreaming of opening up a TpT store, but you still have so many questions about what you will need, and how you will be successful?

Grab this free ebook 🌟 “10 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a TpT Store”. Unveil essential tips from creating a solid Terms of Use to mastering product design with my BFF PowerPoint. Learn the art of product presentation, the importance of community, and taking your store seriously. This guide is your key to unlocking TpT success, filled with insights and a sprinkle of fun. Download now and transform your curiosity into a thriving online business! 🚀

Lead Magnet Tracker + DFY Freebies!

📊 Presenting our Lead Magnet Tracker Spreadsheet! 📊

Now you can effortlessly manage your lead magnets, mockups, descriptions, email campaigns, tags, completed tests, and more—all in one convenient place. It's like having a personal launch checklist to ensure you never miss a beat. Imagine knowing at a glance which freebies are live and thriving, and which ones need your attention. No more second-guessing or frantic last-minute fixes. Our Lead Magnet Tracker will keep you organized and in control.

21 Ways to Use PLR in Your Business

Using PLR templates to create printables is just one of many ways that you can use PLR in your business. This short guide contains 21 ideas to help you make better use of your PLR. Stop letting those templates gather dust on your computer, and use them to make your business more efficient and more profitable!

Create Printables in Canva (Beginner Guide)

Create Printables in Canva (Beginner Guide) 🎨🌈 – Dive into the Canva design world with ease! This guide is perfect for beginners, it offers step-by-step video instructions, 25 unique design ideas, and a handy checklist. Embark on a fun, rewarding journey into the world of printable design with Canva. This guide is your key to unlocking a world of endless creativity and stunning designs. Grab your copy and let your design adventure begin!

250+ Digital Product Ideas

Discover the lucrative world of digital products with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to create, market, and sell digital products for passive income. Whether you're an aspiring creator or an experienced entrepreneur, this course provides step-by-step guidance to help you succeed. From ebooks to online courses, unlock the secrets to building a profitable digital product empire. Enroll now and start earning passive income today!

Witchy Stuff

Your Stars Aligned: A Cosmic Playbook for Self-Discovery

Embark on a transformative journey with our ‘Self-Discovery: the Journey of Birth Chart Analysis' Workbook! Unlock the secrets of your birth chart, demystify astrology, and turbocharge personal growth. ✨

This beginner-friendly guide offers tailored journal prompts, exercises, and 60+ pages of planetary insights. Discover your unique blueprint, identify your chart’s pattern, and craft rituals to unleash your full potential. Dive deep into self-awareness and empowerment—grab your workbook now and step into the person you were always meant to be! 🪐

Major Arcana Affirmation Deck

Unlock the Power of the Tarot in Your Everyday Life! Welcome to a transformative journey with our Major Arcana Affirmation Cards, exquisitely crafted to bring the ancient wisdom of tarot into your daily routine. Each card in this beautifully designed deck is an invitation to explore, reflect, and empower yourself through timeless symbolism and positive affirmations.

Self Help and Mindset

Eat By Design: Tailoring Your Nutrition to Your Human Design Type

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic wellness with “Eat by Design,” a comprehensive nutrition guide intricately tailored to your Human Design type. This unique guide is more than just a dietary plan; it's a pathway to aligning your lifestyle with the innate blueprint of your energy, paving the way for a life of harmony and flourishing well-being.

Mindfulness in Minutes: Easy Exercises for Busy Minds

Escape auto-pilot and embrace the present with ‘Mindfulness in Minutes: Easy Exercises for Busy Minds' 🌱. Perfect for women juggling life's demands, this workbook offers quick, simple mindfulness exercises tailored for those with busy minds. Discover how to reduce stress, learn self-acceptance, and stay connected – all in just minutes a day! No lengthy meditations, just impactful, easy-to-follow practices for everyday calm. Get ready to transform your days with mindfulness that fits your schedule. 🌟 Dive in and start your journey to a more mindful, present you!

Mindful Monitoring: Master mindful monitoring for increased productivity.

Maintaining focus and productivity can be challenging in today's fast-paced world, where distractions are just a click away. “Mindful Monitoring,” a transformative free eBook, offers a practical solution to this modern dilemma. This insightful guide is designed to help you enhance your focus and productivity by implementing mindful monitoring techniques. It's more than just a book; it's a journey towards unlocking your true potential.

EF This! Understanding Executive Functioning

Start your journey toward better executive function! Gain insights into core skills and challenges faced by neurodivergent people who struggle with executive dysfunction. Plus, grab some quick-win strategies to implement for immediate impact. Get this free guide today to get started on improving your life skills.

Authenticity Workbook

Discover the true potential of your brand with our Authenticity Workbook for Introverted Entrepreneurs. Tailored for those who value genuine connections, this downloadable guide empowers you to define your core values, craft a unique brand voice, and tell your story authentically. Stand out in a crowded market, build trust, and create lasting connections. Download now and embark on a journey to elevate your brand's authenticity and impact.

Self-Discovery Journal Prompt

🌟 Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with our prompt exercises!
📖 Dive deep into personal growth, uncover strengths, set empowering goals, and embrace intentional living. Ready to transform?
🚀 Join us today! 🌱


Ultimate Declutterbuzz Dashboard

Reclaim Your Life with the Ultimate 4-Page Decluttering Spreadsheet! 🌟

Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a clutter-free, organized existence with our innovative 4-page decluttering spreadsheet! 🗂️✨ Whether you're tackling the initial decluttering process, staying on top of daily tasks, managing weekly goals, or planning for the long term, this interactive spreadsheet is your key to a simplified and harmonious lifestyle.

Intentional Weekly Planner Template in Notion

If you often find yourself winging your week or days, while you’re being pulled from different directions at the same time, which make you feel frustrated because you’re not getting the results you wanted.

Please give this Intentional Weekly Planner Notion Template a chance.

It'll help you be the best Goal Achiever you can be.

You'll have a purposeful plan, determined priority and steady progress every single week.

Mom's Life Balance: A Smart Time-Tracking Guide

Are you a working mom feeling like you're constantly juggling a million things?

Imagine if you could find the secret to balancing work, kids, and ‘me time' without dropping any balls. It’s time to finally redefine time management without juggling a million tasks.


Road Trip Boredom Busters E-book

🚗Embark on a journey of endless fun and learning with ‘Are We There Yet? Road Trip Boredom Busters'! This ultimate guide is your secret weapon against the dreaded ‘I'm bored' chorus from the backseat. Packed with a variety of engaging games, innovative activities, and educational challenges, our E-book ensures that every mile is brimming with laughter and learning.

Camping Planning Bundle

Embarking on a camping adventure? Use our comprehensive printable camping planning bundle to ensure your trip is a success! Printable and user-friendly, our camping planning bundle is your ultimate companion for a stress-free getaway. With thoughtful meal planning, smart budgeting, and a comprehensive packing list at your fingertips, you'll be ready to embrace the great outdoors with confidence and enthusiasm. Say goodbye to last-minute problems and hello to the ultimate camping experience!

All Inclusive Resorts Planning Checklists

Your All-Inclusive Resort Planning Checklists are the ultimate tool for anyone dreaming of a perfect getaway without the stress. They are thoughtfully designed to guide you effortlessly through every stage of vacation planning. From choosing your ideal resort to budgeting wisely and packing like a pro, these checklists ensure nothing is overlooked. They're perfect for both first-time visitors and seasoned travelers, offering a simple and enjoyable way to organize the trip of your dreams. With these in hand, you're all set for an unforgettable all-inclusive experience!

Budget Travel 101

Do you want to learn how to travel without paying full price for it? 🌍✈️ This Budget Travel 101 course is your ultimate guide to becoming a savvy traveler without compromising your travel style or breaking the bank. 💼💳 You'll learn what it means to be a budget traveler and not a “cheap” traveler. 💰 You'll gain insight into how to leverage points and miles to pay for travel instead of using cash. 💡And you'll get 3 top strategies for finding the best deals on travel! 🎉No gimmicks, just simple ways to make traveling more affordable and accessible. 🌟

Small Town Travels Bingo

Say goodbye to dull moments during your vacation! This BINGO card is your passport to a world of excitement. ➡️ Whenever boredom strikes, simply pick a square, start a new adventure, and turn every moment into a thrilling memory. ✨ No more downtime, just endless possibilities! 🚗


Update Your Resume FAST

Revamp your resume quickly and effectively with our guide, ‘Update Your Resume FAST without Hiring a Resume Writer'! 🚀 Get tips, recommendations, and easy-to-follow strategies to make your resume stand out. BONUS: Top 10 industry-specific keywords (for 15 industries) vetted by an SEO Specialist! It’s perfect for job seekers who want to make a big impact with minimal effort. 📄✨ No need for expensive writers; do it yourself and shine! 💼🌟

Audience Building on a Budget

📣 Small Business Owners!
Are you struggling to get the spotlight on your brand without breaking the bank? If the world of Facebook ads feels like a maze, I've got just the map you need!🗺️

Ready to transform your audience building approach without stretching your budget?
Grab your copy of “Audience Building on a Budget” and start attracting the attention your business deserves.🤩🌟👩🏻‍🎤 Let's make your business shine💎

50 Ideas to Engage Your FB Group

This comprehensive list uncovers 50 epic ideas to breathe new life into your Facebook group starting today!

Get Started Growing Your Facebook Group

Get started growing your Facebook group with this comprehensive guide to leverage Facebook for passive income. Packed with expert tips and strategies, this freebie helps you harness the power of social media to grow your online business. Whether you're a novice or an experienced entrepreneur, this freeie provides actionable insights to maximize your earning potential. Download now and start monetizing your Facebook presence!

Cooking and Baking

Dehydrating Guide

Get ready to conquer food dehydration with our Free Dehydrating Guide! Perfect for beginners, it's your key to achieving consistent results, assures confidence in dehydrating, and provides precise guidance on temperatures and times, all while minimizing ingredient waste. Download now for an easy path to perfectly dehydrated herbs, seasonings, fruits, and vegetables. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to hassle-free preservation!

Mason Jar Recipe Guide

Join the VIP Meal Planning list and score a mason jar salad guidebook. Get started this year with fresh ideas for easy recipes for busy families. Once you sign up and receive your free guide, you're on the list for weekly menus and simple solutions to help you stock your pantry, celebrate with simple at home gatherings, and help you save time!

7 Day Low-Prep Dinner Recipes E-Book

Want to enjoy tasty dinners without being trapped in the kitchen all night? This curated e-book of 7 easy to prepare recipes will help you take the stress out of family dinner time. You'll get recipes that cover a week's worth of low-prep, delicious dinner options that are easy to make and perfect for busy weeknights. You'll get this handy guide and be the first to learn about new recipes as Anne publishes them, so you can make “What's for dinner?” the easiest question of the day.


Love Languages: Understanding and Expressing Love in Relationships

Discover the keys to deeper connection and fulfillment in your relationship with our FREE guide, “Love Languages: Understanding and Expressing Love in Relationships.”

🌟 Why You Need This Guide 🌟

Explore the concept of love languages and learn how they impact your emotional bonds. Find out how identifying and speaking your partner's love language can create a stronger, more loving connection. Take the time to nurture love, understanding, and mutual fulfillment in your relationship.

Scripts to Share the Mental Load and Reconnect After Yelling

Discover ‘Scripts to Share the Mental Load and Reconnect After Yelling,' a guide for overwhelmed moms 🌼.

Find effective scripts to articulate the mental load of motherhood, mom burnout, overstimulation and create understanding with your partner. Learn how to apologize and rebuild bonds after stressful moments, especially after yelling. This resource guides you towards balanced communication, helping to share parenting responsibilities and foster a stronger, more harmonious family life.


Kids Affirmation Card Bundle

Transform young lives with our FREE Kids Affirmation Card Bundle with PLR! As pivotal learning tools, these cards boost self-esteem and foster a positive mindset. For store owners, offering affirmation cards as digital downloads means providing invaluable resources that support children's emotional growth. They're easy to integrate, just edit & customize for your brand & offer them for sale. Make a difference, embrace positivity, and enhance your store's value with this unique offering.

Candy Deluxe Dice Game

Looking to sweeten up your game nights?🎲🍬 Dive into the world of the Candy Deluxe Dice Game, where candy and chance combine for tons of fun with family and friends. The game is simple to set up and play (let's hear it for “hassle-free!). And no matter the occasion, the Candy Deluxe Dice Game will everyone on their toes, laughing, and strategizing to outdo each other. So go ahead, satisfy your sweet tooth, and let the dice decide your candy fate, if you dare…😁

Life Skills Play and Learn Monthly Guide

🌟 Life Skills Play and Learn Monthly Guide is your ultimate starter pack. Designed for busy moms, this guide is a treasure trove of monthly activities focusing on life skills, social skills, and social-emotional learning for young learners.

Each month offers different learning ideas. From fostering empathy and cooperation to enhancing communication skills, these activities are crafted to develop crucial social and emotional skills in a child-friendly way.

With “Play & Learn Year-Round,” teaching life skills and social development becomes an enriching and enjoyable journey. 🌈

Homeschool Adventure Goal Calendars & Brainstorming Printables

Make your homeschooling days meaningful, memorable, & FUN with these free printables! 😍 Designed to make homeschool adventure planning a breeze, this PDF set includes a brainstorming sheet to spark creative ideas for hands-on adventures like hikes & historical explorations! The included calendars 📅 allow you to schedule & organize your homeschool experiences efficiently & maintain learning records your state may require. Download now for stress-free, well-rounded homeschooling adventures!


Introduction to Games-Based Concept Training

Are you looking for: • A dog who walks nicely to heel on a loose lead? • A dog who listens and recalls instantly? • A dog who is calm and relaxed, both at home and while out and about? • A dog who can cope with novel experiences? • A dog who takes vet visits and visitors in their stride? • A dog who sees you as the centre of their universe and can't wait to train with you? Then look no further. Grab the Introduction to Games-Based Concept Training Workbook and discover the power of concept training to get real-life results, turn struggles into strengths, and turbocharge your relationship with your dog.

Arts & Crafts

Let's Create Line and Wash Watercolor Workbook

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Master Line & Wash Watercolor in 5 Easy Steps! Free Workbook & Video Paint Along Inside! Stop feeling intimidated by watercolors. This beginner-friendly workbook unlocks the magic of watercolor with 5 fun and easy templates, step-by-step instructions, and a video paint-along with me! No experience needed! Discover the joy of loose washes, bold lines, and vibrant colors. Download your FREE guide today and start creating beautiful watercolors in no time!


Custom MTG Commander Scoresheets

Tired of knocking your dice over and losing track of your life? Asking everyone what their life total is, or figuring out poison counters? Wish you could track your games, see what you struggle against, take notes in the moment how to improve, or what wrecked your strategy? Enter these Magic: the Gathering Commander Scoresheets! Keep track of everything you’ll see in commander. Take notes. Look back on your play sessions like watching game film. Get better results next time you sit at the table!