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(p.s. if that's how you got to this page in the first place, just hit reply to your email and let us know you still need help!)

Do you accept guest contributions, collaborators, or paid backlinks for the Passive Income Pathways blog? 

Thanks for checking with us, but at this time we do not accept guest posts, sponsored posts, collaborators, or paid backlinks for the PIPs blog. If that changes in the future, we will update this FAQ.

How do I cancel my subscription, change my billing information, or update my card info?

All of your billing information is currently handled by our billing partners, Stripe and Paypal. 

This includes things like changing your payment method, viewing paid invoices, and canceling your membership. (For those of you on paid plans or who have purchased standalone products) 

If you used Stripe to make your purchase(s) click here. 

If you used Paypal, to make your purchase(s) click here

Each link will take you to the respective payment processor and allow you to make the changes you need to your account. 

All of this information is located inside the “Welcome-Start Here” module inside your membership dashboard. Here is a video telling you exactly how to manage it as well: https://www.passiveincomepathways.com/billing
If for some reason you can’t get it taken care of, just let us know at support@passiveincomepathways.com and we’ll help you get it straightened out!

I thought my subscription was canceled, but I just got charged again! How do I fix this?

We’re sorry that you got billed again! If you did not go into Paypal or Stripe and cancel your recurring subscription or ask us to do it for you, then yes it is possible you were charged again. 

All of the information you need to cancel your subscription is located inside the “Welcome-Start Here” module inside your membership dashboard. 
Here is a video, showing you exactly how to manage your billing as well.

How do I cancel my account in Podia so I can move over to Subtrio?

To move over to the new platform, you will need to cancel your account in Podia.

To do that, in the top left corner of Podia, there should be a circle with your initials. Click the drop-down arrow, then click on settings. 

​Scroll down to the billing section, then where it says Community go across from where your plan is listed and click on edit. 

​On the next screen, scroll down to where it says “cancel plan”. You can cancel your Podia plan there. 

Then you will need to sign up on our new platform, Subtrio, here: https://passiveincomepathways.com/lite or https://www.passiveincomepathways.com/vip

That's all you need to do. 🙂

Your existing account is not migrated over to Subtrio. Some of the courses in PIPs LITE will be retired, some will be revamped, and some combined.

We want to make sure our members have the freshest most accurate information possible. 

Thanks so much for being a part of the PIPs family!

How do I cancel LITE to move to VIP?

If you’ve signed up for VIP but have an active LITE account on our Subtrio platform, here is a video showing you how to manage your subscriptions: https://www.passiveincomepathways.com/billing

If you’ve signed up for VIP but have an active LITE account on PODIA still, you can go into your account and cancel the subscription. 

If for some reason you can’t get it canceled, just let us know at support@passiveincomepathways.com and we’ll help you get it straightened out! All of this information is also included in the “Welcome-Start Here” module in your membership dashboard. 

Where do I start with PIPs?

This is a great question! It is easy to get a bit overwhelmed with all the new information you’ve found! 

So, here are a few quick tips: 

Am I ready for VIP?

If you're asking, you probably ARE ready! VIP does require hard work, just like if you were building any other 6-figure business.

VIP is about accountability, building your business step by step, with the help of 200+ other VIPs who are here to cheer you on every step of the way.

If you are willing to commit to your success, put in the work, be a team player, and DO THE THING, we would love for you to join the VIP Family

What niche should I choose for my blog?

That’s a great question, and one we all love to help you figure out! First, have you grabbed the PIPs Path freebie? We think this will help you get started figuring out your niche. 

Our free course 6-Figure Blogging Foundations can also help. 

Sadie has a great step-by-step guide in this blog post as well! 

If you still can’t figure it out (we get it, it can be hard to decide… hello ADHD, lol) just post in our Facebook group. We’ll be happy to help you figure it out!

Who/What do you recommend for…?

We have a page full of resources right here: https://passiveincomepathways.com/resources/ . We only recommend businesses or products that we trust and use ourselves, so you can trust any resource you find on that page!

Do you still offer Pretty Links Pro, WP Rocket, and Hello You Theme installations?

Yes! Our VIP Rachel from Simple Tech Connections took over the installs for us. She set up a great affiliate program for us though, so we still get $$ from each sale to feed the kiddos in Mexico! Check them out here: 

Pretty Links Pro (Link and Track Bundle) Installations: https://passiveincomepathways.com/prettylinksinstall

WP Rocket Installations: https://passiveincomepathways.com/rachelwprocket

Hello You Theme Installations: https://passiveincomepathways.com/helloyou

Do you still have the “XYZ” Course available?

When we moved from Podia to Subtrio, we took the opportunity to evaluate which of our courses and products needed a revamp. Some of our courses and products (like Lightning Fast Content Creation) were combined into one new and improved product. Some (like Blogging 101 and 102) we completely recreated to help serve our customers better. (If you haven’t checked out Blogging Foundations, then you need to! It’s completely free!!)  

So if you don’t see a particular course inside your membership, more than likely it is because it either didn’t make the cut or it was revamped for you! 

I had access to/paid for the “XYZ” course/challenge in Podia, but I don’t have it inside my new membership dashboard in Subtrio. Why not?

Some of our courses and products didn’t make the cut to get moved over, and some were combined and remade into a new product. That may be one of the reasons you aren’t seeing your product. 

The other reason may be if you gained access/purchased a product on the Podia platform, but don’t have a membership with us on Subtrio you might not have been given access to it. All you need to do is reach out to us at support@passiveincomepathways.com and let us know what you had in Podia. We can then manually add the product or course to your Subtrio account.

I would like a refund for the LITE or VIP membership

If you don't LOVE being a LITE or VIP member, let us know within 7 days and we'll give you a full refund – no questions asked. Just drop us a note and let us know the name and email you used to purchase, and we’ll get you that refund. We would also love to hear what you didn’t like or what we could do better if you want to let us know! 

If you paid for the yearly LITE or VIP membership and would like a refund, we will pro-rate the refund amount based on the time left in your membership and value of any bonuses you received when signing up. 

Thanks for trying out PIPs!

I want a refund for the product I purchased.

We’re sorry that you didn’t enjoy the product that you purchased. drop us a line within 7 days of purchase and we will happily refund you. Just let us know the name and email you used to purchase, and we’ll get you that refund. We would also love to hear what you didn’t like or what we could do better if you want to let us know! Thanks for trying our products! 

Do you have an affiliate program? I want to promote PIPs!

We would love to have you as an affiliate! All the information you need is right here: https://passiveincomepathways.com/affiliate

I had a lead sign up for a product/membership, but I don’t see the commission inside my affiliate dashboard. Why not?

First, thanks for promoting PIPs! Second, sometimes it can take a little but of time for a commission to show up inside your dashboard. If it’s been more than two weeks and you still don’t see it, email us at support@passiveincomepathways.com and let us know the name you use in our affiliate program, the name and email (if possible) of your lead, and the product they purchased. We can look into it and get them added to your account manually! 

Help! I can’t log in to my course/product. OR Help! I forgot my password! 

Visit https://members.passiveincomepathways.com/login and use the login information you signed up with. If you don’t recall that information, follow the “Forgot my password” link for assistance with that. You can also choose to login in using a secure code. Just choose “generate a secure code” to use that option. You will then receive an email with your secure code that you can enter and login. Our team cannot access any of your login information for safety purposes, but we can reset your password manually if you can’t get in any other way.

I purchased a product or signed up for a freebie and I don’t see it in my dashboard, help!

We’re sorry that you are having trouble getting access to everything. Let's do some troubleshooting: 

​1. Are you getting emails from us? (Check your spam if they aren't in your inbox) Specifically, did you get the “you’ve got access email” with your login information? 

2. Can you send us a screenshot of what your dashboard looks like? If you don't see any courses, can you make sure you're in the right spot by clicking on the square of dots in the upper right-hand corner and choosing courses? 

3. Have you cleared your cache and/or tried a different web browser? If not, please do that and try to log in again. 

4. Are you using the correct email to log in? You must use the email to log in that you used to sign up for the product or freebie. 
Please try the above things. If you still do not have access to the products in your dashboard, just let us know at support@passiveincomepathways.com and we will help get it all sorted out for you.

I love the platform you're using, what is it and where can I get it?

Thanks, we love it also! You can check it out and sign up here: https://www.subtrio.com