RightBlogger AI Review: Is it the BEST AI Tool for Bloggers?

I've been teaching bloggers how to use AI writing tools since Jasper (formerly Jarvis, formerly ConversionAI) came out at the beginning of 2021. I was amongst the first round of ConversionAI certified experts, and used my knowledge to launch Passive Income Pathways (formerly Blogging With AI) at the end of 2021.

I co-founded The Women of AI at the beginning of 2023, and have helped thousands of women learn how to utilize AI tools in their blogs and businesses. To say I'm a huge fan of AI writing tools is an understatement. 🙂

In this post, you'll find my affiliate link for RightBlogger. If you purchase, I may earn a commission. You can read about my affiliate marketing strategies here. More about their affiliate program is below.

With that being said, I've only really put my stamp of approval on a few tools over the years:

  • Jasper (though I stopped really promoting them over a year ago for many reasons)
  • Outranking (short-lived as they ended up being a hot mess)
  • Koala (I still love them for outlines but they're overpriced and limited compared to RightBlogger)
  • FABB AI (great article outliner and writer, and I love the owner, Pete)
  • ChatGPT (still love this tool, but sometimes I don't want to put the energy into prompting)

When I stumbled across RightBlogger, I almost didn't even want to try it because of how many tools I've tried. I was happy with my Lazy SEO Method using Koala and RankIQ, and I was dabbling with using FABB for my niche sites I'm building to sell. I left the RightBlogger sales page up in my browser for two weeks before I finally decided to sign up.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge to buy was that they offer unlimited access and nearly 70 tools – much like Jasper did in the old days. I loved OG Jasper (ConversionAI), but they started with the nickel-and-diming and I was out. So I figured I'd try RightBlogger out. Worst case scenario, I would waste $29.99 and let you guys know it's junk. (But, they offer a money-back guarantee, so no risk at all, really!)

Fortunately, that is NOT what happened. Once I started digging around, I immediately went live on Facebook to talk about how much I was loving this AI writing tool, and I wanted to dig in live so everyone could see what I saw. Of course, in true tech-hates-me fashion, my audio went out half-way through, and though my group members could see how much fun I was having with the tool, it wasn't the best introduction.

I decided to write a blog post with a full review highlighting my favorite features because they're just so plentiful, it's difficult for me to put into words when people ask why RightBlogger is my favorite AI writing tool.

My answer: BECAUSE ITS EVERYTHING I EVER WANTED IN AN AI TOOL. But, I know y'all want more than that… so let's dig in! 🙂

I'm going to cover each section of the tools that are currently offered by RightBlogger as well as which ones are my favorites. 🙂

Blogging Tools

RightBlogger has 16 blogging tools:

screenshot of rightbloggers blogging tools, including: article writer, smart suggest, post ideas, post outline, post title, post introduction, paragraph writer, post conclusion, faq, list, listicle writer, grammar fixer, paraphrase, rewriter, shorten, expand

Smart Suggest

I fell in love with RightBlogger almost instantly because of their Smart Suggest. You pop in your URL and get ideas for blog posts to write. As simple as it sounds, it did a better job than other tools I've used, even when that was their sole purpose.

My personal site is pretty random; I talk about tarot, thyroid cancer recovery, and my life experiences. Instead of giving me general suggestions based on the keywords of “tarot,” it somehow gave me ideas for blog posts that would fit perfectly with what I've already written.

Listicle Writer

Listicles are one of my favorite types of posts. I like that RightBlogger's listicle writer stays on topic (ChatGPT goes off the rails sometimes lol), and the Expand tool makes it simple to expand from that point to make it into a full-fledged article I can edit and then publish.

Grammar Fixer

While I don't use Grammarly or any other grammar checker (because I'm lazy, not because my writing is perfect), I was surprised to see this tool in the RightBlogger toolbox. Why? Because RB only costs $29.99/mo and Grammarly by itself is $20/mo.

If you're already paying for Grammarly, it could potentially replace that tool. Now, I will say it's not as robust as Grammarly seems to be, but I think it's sufficient for the price.

Post Outline

The Post Outline feature (paired with the Article Writer) will easily replace Koala, FABB, Article Forge, ChatGPT, or any other AI tool you're using that just writes articles. I love Koala and FABB, so I'm not trying to throw them under the bus by any means here. I'm just saying, as someone who has paid for all of these tools at one time or another, RightBlogger has replaced them.

SEO Tools

The #1 question I've been asked so far is, “does RightBlogger replace RankIQ?” and my answer is a solid no. RightBlogger is not meant to replace RankIQ.

However, if you already know SEO basics, it could be sufficient to use for writing your posts. With Google's latest updates, they've said (in so many words) that only going after low competition keywords (which is what RankIQ's library gives you) is not the way they want us to blog anymore.

Am I ditching RankIQ? Absolutely not. I love the library, even though I rarely use my reports. The library alone is worth the price of admission for me, because it sparks a gazillion ideas and gives me dopamine hits every time I log in. Should most people stick around just for that? Obviously not LOL but I really enjoy using RankIQ and don't see getting rid of it any time soon.

enshot from rightblogger ai review:

Many of you have a ton of RankIQ reports that you've ran but aren't utilizing because you aren't publishing enough. Download the reports, use them at your own pace (while writing other blog posts to serve your audience), and go back when you're ready to get more keywords or reports. Until then, I am confident RightBlogger is sufficient for your blogging purposes.

Keyword Research

While the keyword research tool in RightBlogger isn't as comprehensive as, say, RankIQ or Keysearch, it holds its own by giving basic info such as volume, competition, and CPC.

enshot from rightblogger ai review

For OG bloggers who already know how to naturally and organically include LSI keywords and write high-quality blog posts, this is a convenient way to do some quick SEO research for your blog posts.

If you're a beginner, I highly recommend sticking with RankIQ for your SEO process – but remember not to JUST focus on low-competition keywords for your niche. Mix it up.

This may seem silly but I'm terrible at figuring out exactly what my permalinks should be. I try to remove stop words, I never include numbers, but sometimes the permalink feels longer than it should be and I don't know if it is or if I'm just overthinking it. Having this tool takes the thinking out of it so I can just hit publish.

I have only tried it with a few posts so far, but it's been solid.

Content Gap

How can you tell if you're going deep enough in each blog post? How do you know if you're covering the topic thoroughly enough to satisfy your audience (and Google)? How do you find content gaps in your blog posts? The Content Gap tool, of course.

enshot from rightblogger ai review

If you haven't searched for content gaps yet, simply put your article URL in the first box, your competitor's article in the second, and RightBlogger will tell you what your article is missing that your competitor covered. Now this doesn't mean you have to rewrite your entire article. In fact, I'd encourage you to read through the report with an open mind.

I compared my “how to start a laser business on a budget” article to another article that is going after the same keyword and is already ranking on the front page.

After seeing the data from RightBlogger, I knew I could do a better job of thoroughly covering the topic. Adding a market analysis section? I literally never would have thought about that because I don't typically blog from that angle.

I'm not really a numbers person and I make decision based on my gut and intuition. So I never would have thought to include a market analysis. Now, I know that I can add that to better serve my audience.

As with all AI tools, please use YOUR best judgment. Don't rewrite, add, subtract, or pass go and collect $200, without stopping and using your (human) brain first. This includes ALL tools (RankIQ, RightBlogger, etc).

Keyword Cluster

If I had to choose my favorite features of RightBlogger, the Keyword Cluster tool would be one of the top 3.

Not only can I use this for my own blogs, I can help my VIPs out on our Saturday morning coaching calls if they are not sure what they should add to fill in a content cluster.

screenshot from RightBlogger: keyword cluster tool
screenshot from RightBlogger: keyword cluster tool
screenshot from RightBlogger: keyword cluster tool

I put in “how to blog for beginners” and not only got a cluster of blog posts but basically a roadmap for a blogging course (a lot of this is what I cover in Blogging Foundations), freebies, email content, social media post ideas, YouTube content ideas, and more. That alone is worth the price I'm paying for RightBlogger, especially because I can use it for as many of my blog as I want!

I can now create a mini cluster for each of the subheadings (Content Creation, Growing Your Blog, etc) and then create a landing page (like this one for all of my Etsy sales tips) that links to all of the posts.

Social Tools

It's no secret that I'm not a huge fan of social media. You won't see me posting on Instagram, X, TikTok, etc. However, I do lovvvvve my Facebook groups. So while I wasn't like “OMG SO EXCITED!” about the social tools, after looking through them, I could see there's many benefits to using them.

enshot from rightblogger ai review: social media ai tools list including... social bio, youtube video ideas, youtube video titles, youtube video descriptions, youtube video outlines, youtube video to blog post, youtube video to tweets, youtube video to transcript, blog posts to youtube video script, tweet/x post ideas, facebook post, instagram caption, tiktok content ideas, linkedin post, linkedin headline, pinterest pins, podcast name, podcast episode ideas

Social Bio

If there is one thing I freaking hate doing more than almost anything in my business, it's writing my own bios. While you can get a pretty decent bio with the right prompting from ChatGPT, the convenience of the prompts already built in make RightBlogger a winner for me.

screenshot from rightblogger ai review: social bio generator

I created an imaginary LinkedIn bio in like 5 seconds. Not too shabby. The other options for the social bio tool are: Instagram, X, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest.

YouTube Video to blog post

Pop in the URL of your latest YouTube video (mine was about how blog post roundups bring in traffic), and RightBlogger will turn it into a blog post draft!

Remember: AI tools are here to help us write drafts. DO NOT, under any circumstances, no matter how amazing the writing tool is, just let AI write the post and then you hit publish.

Not only will your audience see right through it, Google won't like it so you won't rank, and you won't gain any topical authority because you're not putting the legwork in to show your expertise and knowledge to your audience. So, don't do it. Period.

RightBlogger tools also worth mentioning, if you're utilizing YouTube in your biz:

  • YouTube Video Titles
  • YouTube Video Descriptions
  • YouTube Video Outlines
  • YouTube Video Ideas
  • YouTube Video to Tweets
  • YouTube Video to Transcript
  • Blog Posts to YouTube Video Script

Sales Tools

Need help writing better email subject lines, slogans, ad copy, call to action? The tools in the “Sales Tools” section will be your new best friend.

Mission Statement

Having a mission statement for your business is important not only for the public to be able to read and learn about you, but to remind you (and your team) why you're doing what you do. Business isn't always easy. Many times, there are rough days for one reason or another. Looking to your mission statement to guide you can help keep you on track.

A sample mission statement crafted for PIPs:

At Passive Income Pathways, we're on a mission to unlock the power of financial freedom for women everywhere by guiding them to create and scale their own six-figure blogs as passively as possible. We believe in making success accessible, which is why our approach focuses on low-cost memberships and leveraging organic blog traffic to build a sustainable income. Through our easy-to-follow, financially accessible paths, we empower our clients to not only achieve their dreams but also to replicate our model of passive prosperity. We're not just teaching skills; we're fostering a community of women who are ready to take control of their financial futures, one blog at a time.

Not bad, RightBlogger… not bad at all. 🙂

Sales Copy

Whether you want to use Feature-Benefit-Outcome or AIDA framework, these tools can help draft your sales copy for products, memberships, and more.

I chose “persuasive” for the tone, and it changed it quite a bit from when I used “casual” or “default.” I only gave a little bit of inforation about my course. In order to get more accurate results, obviously I'd need to write a little more. 🙂 But, for just getting one sentence about my Blogging Foundations course, RightBlogger nailed it.

The other sales tools include crafting product names and descriptions, webinar topic ideas, and real estate and car listings. Those last two feel pretty random to me but I remember that Jasper has real estate listings, too. Maybe AI tools are popular amongst realtors.

Productivity Tools

Last but not least, we have productivity tools!

Excel Formula Generator

I'm not a huge fan of Excel, but I love Google Spreadsheets. This Excel Formula Generator works on Sheets, too!!

Acronym Generator

If there's one thing my VIPs know about me, it's that I love a good acronym. I really don't know how it's a productivity tool, but I guess because I spend way too much time on coming up with my own if I don't use AI, it does make me more productive…

I create acronyms for literally evvverrrrything, including:

  • my FAST freebie framework for generating freebies fast
  • my ALIGNED funnel framework for generating freebies that align with your low ticket membership path
  • and more!

At last once a month, I create a new product that uses an acronym. Maybe it's my autism haha but I seriously LOVE them. 😀

What else you need to know about RightBlogger AI

1. There's a RightBlogger Chrome Extension!

Level up your blogging process with AI blogging tools that inspire, generate, and refine content – all from your browser. Fix grammar, shorten text, make text longer, paraphrase text, and much more. The RightBlogger extension also gives you an SEO overview of any page you're viewing. This includes the page title, meta description, canonical URL, open graph image, listing page headings, and much more.

Like I said above, if you're paying $20/mo for Grammarly, it seems like a no brainer to hop over to RightBlogger.

2. RightBlogger has an affiliate program. As soon as I knew I was going to love this tool, I signed up for it. They pay 50% on the first 3 months. So if someone pays $29.99 x 3 months, you earn $45 over the course of the 3 months. While it's not recurring beyond that, it does qualify as a Golden Goose according to my affiliate marketing parameters.

If your audience is interested in AI tools, it's a solid tool to promote. I'm adding my RightBlogger review to the top of all of my Jasper posts, because it's THAT good.

screenshot of a free trial rightblogger ai tool

3. They have a free trial, and a 30 day money-back guarantee, so you're risking NOTHING by trying it out! 🙂

One of my PIPs, Kelley, pointed this out. Thank you! She said, “I made a free trial account. Most things are limited either by feature or amount of times I can use it, but it’s a really generous way to let people test it and definitely sold me on paying to get the full feature set.

Downsides to RightBlogger AI

Are there any downsides to using RightBlogger? I only found one potential “downside” but it's not a big deal for me.

Unlike with Koala and FABB, there's no way (that I've seen, at least) to export straight to WordPress. While it's definitely not a deal breaker, it's a convenient feature that many enjoy with Koala and FABB that is missing with RightBlogger.

So, is it the best?

TL;DR: yes, RightBlogger is the best AI Writing tool for bloggers on the market today, out of the dozens I've tried. Feel free to send me others to try and I'll put them head to head.

In the meantime, make sure you're on my email list so we can keep in touch!

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It helps my blog tremendously. Thank you!

Honest Review of RightBlogger
An Honest Review of the AI Tool RightBlogger
RightBlogger AI Tool Review

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Looks like a great AI tool! I’ve been dabbling with AI and I don’t hate it, bit it needs a lot of personalization I think! How did you find this tool did in the “not sounding like a robot” department?

    1. I’ve written several posts with RightBlogger’s help and I’m loving it. I choose the voice (there are several options) and also I don’t just let it write the whole thing. I edit the outline as well as the post it writes. 🙂

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