7 Businesses to Start for Under $150

I wrote this on my Facebook page but after it reached 1,000 words, I realized I should just throw it up here in a blog post. If you're looking for a way to invest your stimulus check, or if you aren't getting a stimulus check or are on a budget but still wanting to start a business, this post is for you.

Remember it was originally written for my friends so it's in no specific order and it's super relaxed compared to most of my posts. It's also not as detailed as most of my blog posts are, so take these ideas and run with them – or email me and ask me to write a more in-depth post on any of these ideas individually and I will. 😉

❤️$150 or less Biz Ideas❤️

If you don't have exact plans for your stimulus check yet, let's brainstorm! Most of you are getting that $600, plus $600 for at least one kid or spouse… Some will get more, some will get less, but it can work no matter what.

“Personalized gift” was the top searched term on Etsy in all of 2020. Making customized gifts and products is THE way to get started.

The links below are my affiliate links. And yes, affiliate marketing is a great (and legit!) way to make money in 2024. Dive in with me!

Pssst… before we get started, I found this free small business guide that gives a LOT of info you're going to need if you're starting your first business online! 🙂

First thing's first: I recommend having a physical shop as WELL as a digital shop(s).

I explain it like this: Physical shops are quick, short-term money. Digital shops are slower, but long-term. Having both is key to maximizing your success. My goal is always to get you to six figures with part-time work. That means doing more to get started than most people would be willing to do!

GRAB THIS: Etsy 40 free listings

Rollo Printer (if shipping on Etsy – not necessary but SUPER helpful)

A quick note: These costs do not include setting up an LLC or registering as a business. That cost varies from state to state. In my state, it's $50.

Have more money to invest in your biz? Check out my Glowforge post. I have friends who made $10K their first few months!

💡Digital Etsy Business💡

You can start a digital Etsy shop for free, using the 40 free listings link above. It takes time, and patience, but you can do it.

Or, you can take the fast track with my Etsy course (sadiesmiley.com/DBB) – it's $147, and teaches you everything you need to know to get started.

Plus, with my course, you get lots of free templates, which will save you HOURS of time! I have one student who has made 200 sales in the past month, and another student who is making an average of $200 a day from her shops. Both students started just 2 months ago!

💡Digital Shopify Business💡

Decide on the digital product(s) you'd like to create. I recommend starting out with bookmarks, cards, and planners.

Buy a domain, install WordPress, and use Shopify LITE to get a “Buy Now” button. Here's an example of a digital shop on Shopify LITE. I created some Etsy keyword lists and sell them for super cheap.

Keywords help people get their Etsy shops off the ground faster, saves them hours of time, and makes me a few bucks each time. That's a win/win and that's how I try to set all of my shops up.

What can you do to help someone else's business? Create templates/files that help THEM and help you at the same time.

💡How to start an earring business💡

My DIY BIZ KIT includes coaching, keyword help, and wooden earring blanks and stainless steel earring backs to get started selling wooden earrings. https://sadiesmiley.com/diybizkit

Want to make your own earrings? This will take more time than buying one of my BIZ kits but you can get started for super cheap.

Buy this earring kit, and then get charms from this Etsy shop! I've been buying from her for YEARS (like 10+ years) and everything is always perfect. You'll want tissue paper, earring boxes (you can make on your Cricut), etc to make them look pretty when mailing out.

💡How to start a keychain business💡

Start with enough supplies to make 25 keychains. If you sell each keychain for $7, you make $150 after you pay for supplies. You can use tissue paper from the dollar store or get some bulk tissue paper here. Because these are not going to be fragile, you can ship in these polymailers.

💡How to start a print on demand shop💡

Example shop: sadiesmiley.com/tees

– I use Printful as my supplier. sadiesmiley.com/printful

– I use Shopify LITE and have it embedded on my blog. I don't like the full Shopify store, it's clunky and also $29 a month. Shopify LITE Is only $9/mo and you can put it right on your blog.

Don't have a blog? Get a domain for $10 (for the year) and use SiteGround for hosting, for less than $15/mo. If you move away from Shopify, you still have your own website and can use another ecommerce plugin if you'd like.

Don't know how to start a website? YouTube is FULL of very simple tutorials. Sign up with SiteGround, buy your domain somewhere else (I use GoDaddy), connect the two, and install WordPress. Help with all of this is available for FREE on YouTube. Use. Your. Resources.

You can start a t-shirt, mug, canvas bag, etc shop with ZERO inventory.

Use Canva to design some stuff, then use Printful for mockups til you make some money and can get placeit.net ($29/mo) for better mockups.

I made $100 the first week I set up my print on demand t-shirt shop, and didn't have to make any shirts… just the designs! Plus, my prices are lower than most, and I still make great profits.

💡How to start affiliate marketing💡

Technically, being an affiliate costs $0. You can do it without a website, for some businesses. You can start by referring your friends, and growing from there.

If you want to be an affiliate for any of my products, send me your email address and let me know (sadie@themadmommy.com). My Etsy course pays $45 per sign up. So, if you refer 3 friends, you’ve made nearly $150! That can happen in a few MINUTES.

I also pay affiliates within 24 hours, which is NOT something that usually happens with affiliate marketing. 😉

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💡Start a physical Etsy shop💡

Put your Cricut to work with these 7 projects you can sell, and follow DollarCrafter (a new craft blog) for cheap ideas of projects you can make and then sell on Etsy or locally!

Still hungry? Best 2021 Hustle Ideas

💡BONUS: Egg your yard💡

This is a one time thing rather than a business, but you could expand it for each holiday. ““Egg your yard” is a biz idea I was going to do last year but didn't get around to it. So, I'm doing it in 2021. We bought 2,100 eggs for $350 but you could start with smaller batches until you sell enough eggs to pay for more.

Basically you deliver a few dozen eggs to peoples yards for a certain amount. Choose a zip code and cover JUST that area, if it's populated. Or, choose a few if you live in a more rural area. Don't have a car? Just stick with your neighborhood! 🙂

Offer add-ons and upsells like putting the Easter Bunny in a photo of their front yard for $5. It's literally 2 clicks on Canva! 😉

You could very easily make $1,000+ just for Easter. I have a friend who is planning her first egg your yard and her goal is $10,000! Expand that to every holiday and it becomes a viable year-round business!

Get ALL the details on exactly how to do EGG YOUR YARD in your town!

7 Business Ideas

What should #8 be? Leave YOUR $150 or less business ideas in the comments below!

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PIPS 7 Businesses to Start with $150 or Less
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