25+ Ways to Make Money With Jasper Art

Most of the ways to make money with AI are ways to build your own business, but also services you can offer to and sell other business owners. So whether you need active or passive income, you can go get it! You must have a Jasper subscription to use Jasper Art.

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I earn a commission when you make a purchase through them. 🙂 Click to learn how to increase your affiliate earnings on your own blog.

Get a free trial here (does not include a free trial of art but they are working on a stand alone option). I will update this post as I have more ideas.

Can you use Jasper Art for commercial use purposes?

You can use Jasper Art for commercial use! You can read the terms of use here.

How to make Jasper art images higher quality

Use an image upscaler or your mad Photoshop skills to increase the quality of JasperArt generated images. Jasper images start at 96dpi and 512×512 pixels.

An image upscaler improves the quality and size of your image. This means you can even use them for prints like with wall art, print on demand, etc.

Learn how to dance with Jasper Art

Just like when you're writing with AI, you've gotta do the “dance” – back and forth; the better your input, the better Jasper's output. The same is true with Jasper Art. I created a spreadsheet with dozens of words to use for input, as well as some examples of images I've created using Jasper and the exact inputs I used. You can get the spreadsheet here.

Write and illustrate a children's book

I have an entire post about this process in the works, but in the meantime I'm still sharing the idea because I LOVE IT! In true Sadie fashion, I wrote down allllllll of the ideas I could come up with to make money with Jasper. One of the first ideas I had was to write and illustrate a children's book. I even reached out to Kevin's oldest daughter to ask what the grandkids do every day so I can make a book about/for them.

In the Jasper group, I saw a woman who said her son was writing a book with Jasper. I was instantly intrigued! When I reached out to Chrissy, she said the book has already sold dozens of copies!

Devon Young, children's book author!! See his book on Amazon by clicking here.

Devon got to learn about coming up with an idea, executing it, the logistics of selling on Amazon, sales vs profit, and more! What a great learning experience that school will never teach our little ones. Stay tuned for a full interview with Devon's mom next week. I'll link to it here when it's published. 🙂

Want to take it in a different direction? You can create children's books digitally, then turn them into a slideshow or video, and do a voiceover. Then, publish on YouTube like this guy did!

Greeting Cards

While Jasper Art isn't great with words (yet?), this program excels in creating art in any style you can think of. Knowing this, your imagination is the only limitation you have – and even then, you're not really limited by your own imagination… you just need to know where to look for the best prompts. Speaking of prompts, did you download my free spreadsheet with input/output examples? Pause the scroll and do that… right meow!

watercolor, long brush strokes, cat, friendly, smiling, next to a plant
birthday cake, watercolor, bright, happy mood, colorful, dr seuss, candles

Add text to your greeting cards with a program like Canva. You can even do fun stuff like curved text!

Popular greeting card themes/messages include:

  • birthdays, anniversaries, holidays
  • celebrations, events, milestones
  • just because, sarcastic, funny, dry humor
  • baby showers, bridal showers, weddings
  • get well, sorry for your loss, thinking of you

I found this Pinterest board that has literally like 300 greeting card ideas, so you can start there if you're in need of inspiration!

Book covers

You can use Jasper for pretty much any genre, but here are a few ideas I came up with while writing this post:

  • romance novels
  • sci-fi books
  • travel guides and books
  • religious books, guides, journals

Here are a few first-tries of mine, designing book covers, and the inputs I gave.

cityscape, cyberpunk, futuristic, dystopian, realistic, photo quality
colorful beach scene, dr. seuss, realistic, watercolor painting, photorealistic

After creating the images in Jasper, I loaded them into a mockup in Canva to make them look like real book covers. 🙂 Here is a real life example of a book cover created with Jasper Art, by Devon Young… the budding author I mentioned above.

Wall art

I used Alura to see what's popular on Etsy, and then followed those ideas to create something with Jasper. You can create wall art in literally any category, covering pretty much any topics.

Some popular themes include:

  • minimalist wall art
  • wall art by room: kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office
  • nursery prints

Nursery prints

watercolor, nursery art, giraffes, realistic, high quality, pastel colors
baby leopard, watercolor, in the jungle

Wedding prints

You can use this artwork to make thank you cards, holiday cards, wall art, and more. You can even get super detailed and do custom artwork for your customers, such as these custom wedding portraits.

romantic watercolor wedding portrait, realistic, symmetrical faces, wide shot, woman with red hair, man with brown hair, happy
romantic watercolor wedding portrait, realistic, symmetrical face, beautiful woman with long blonde hair wearing wedding dress, happy, very detailed

Pet prints

People – yes, I'm talking about me – freakin' love their pets. We love them so much so that thousands of pet prints have been sold on Etsy alone!

watercolor, pit bull, friendly, happy (see this watercolor pit bull print on Etsy – selling for $30!)
watercolor horse, pretty, white, realistic, up close
watercolor cat, realistic, long brush strokes


You can see some infographics I've created at the bottom of this page. I like creating infographics because the images are realllly small, which means even if they're a little jacked up, nobody will know. 😉

Print on Demand: tees, mugs, etc

I got into Print on Demand (POD) a few years ago, but when the VID hit, there were so many shipping delays I decided to get out. Now, it seems to be back on track and as I'm dipping my feet in again, so far the results have been as good (or better) than before the VID… so YAY!

With POD, you can make mugs, blankets, t-shirts, aprons, and a million other things. Printify, Printful, and Tee Spring are all POD options I've used in the past that delivered good quality and customer service.

This custom dog mom mug has made this Etsy shop nearly $4,000.

The artwork used on the above mug is clip art from a place like Creative Fabrica or The Hungry JPEG, but the sentiment is the same: print on demand is a lucrative way to make passive income. If you're doing custom mugs it isn't completely passive, but the 5-ish minutes of work is worth making $15 or so, right?

Coloring Pages

These are very simple descriptions (literally just a few words) and Jasper still gave me some pretty awesome outputs.

You can sell coloring books on Etsy, as PDF downloads on your own site, via Print on Demand sites, and even through Amazon via KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). This listing on Etsy has generated hundreds of dollars, and look how simple the coloring page designs are.

coloring page of a tree
mandala coloring page


I've always been obsessed with stickers but what surprises me is that other people are just as obsessed as I am. So much so that some of my most popular posts are about how to create and sell stickers on Etsy.

Educational Worksheets

One of my VIP coaching clients, Beth Ann, sells her educational worksheets on her blog, on Etsy, and on TeachersPayTeachers. Talk about double triple-dipping! Yes, that's right… the same exact worksheets can sell over and over again on various sites, bringing in multiple streams of passive income.

Of course, I wrote a post about selling printables on Etsy for passive income. And if you want to learn more about making money with educational printables, check out the VIP marketplace.

Meditation videos

Create pretty backgrounds in Jasper, add soft music, and do a voiceover with a meditation written by Jasper. You can put the meditations on YouTube and make money with ads and digital products, or you could create your own PLR site (like mine) and sell your meditations to other creators who can then monetize them. Soooo many ways to make money!!

river, trees in background, photo realistic, photo quality, very detailed, tranquil
ocean, photo realistic

Tarot or Oracle card decks

I've been reading tarot cards for more than 20 years now, and I've never completed the creation of my own tarot deck. I've started many decks, one on paper, one on Canva… but they never got finished due to my artistic limitations and perfectionism. Maybe now I can fight that voice in my head with Jasper Art's help and finally create the deck of my dreams.

If you're creating your own deck, keep in mind the intention and interpretation of each card so you can match the imagery with what you feel when you read the cards. I kept my inputs very general, but when crafting your deck, get specific AF! Or, if you need some ideas, start general and see what Jasper Art comes up with… that can help you get more specific.

tarot card, colorful
alien tarot card
cyberpunk tarot card

Comic Books

My husband is a huuuuuge fan of comics, superheroes, all that jazz. Using Jasper to create comics could be really fun. The challenge is getting the artwork to keep the same style and look throughout. If you use the same keywords and finesse them a bit, you should be able to describe clothing, actions, and the background so you can keep them consistent.


While I wouldn't create an actual logo using Jasper Art, you can use it for inspiration… basically, a rough draft – like many others on this list. There are two ways to complete a logo after using Jasper Art for inspiration:

Import the logo design into Procreate (or any drawing app) and trace over, or use as a reference. Or, you can import it into Canva (or any design program) and use it as a reference to create an actual logo.

Virtual backgrounds

Everyone works online these days!! And Zoom isn't the only place you can use virtual backgrounds; you can also use them on Skype, WebEx, Facebook, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

Zoom room background image requirements are 16:9 ratio, or 1920px by 1080px. This means you'll need to use an image upscaler and finesse the final images a bit to make them perfect, but it's a solid start.

Ideas for virtual backgrounds:

  • minimalist office
  • farmhouse style kitchen
  • high-rise office building with a view
  • book shelves
  • cozy fireplace
  • professional meeting room
  • on the beach

Here are two virtual backgrounds I quickly created using Jasper Art, along with the exact inputs I used as captions.

luxury office, ocean view, high rise, very realistic, super detailed, photograph quality, vase with flowers
colorful office with book shelves, very realistic, very detailed, photograph quality

While these outputs are not perfect, it would take just a few minutes to make them AWESOME. I'm showing a realistic view of using AI to create art as a newbie, without any training – because I figure if you knew what you were doing already, you wouldn't be reading my post LOL. So just remember that the better your input, the better the output you will get. You may need to work with Jasper a bit and change some phrases up to get what you really want.

Virtual backgrounds sell on Etsy every day (this set has made over $400)! That means even if you don't need them for your own business, you can create Zoom backgrounds to sell. Need help with SEO? Read my post: All About Etsy SEO

Backdrops for videos

In the Jasper group, there are so many good ideas flowing. One person said they are using Jasper to recreate their dreams, while another is an online preschool teacher and she's using Jasper to create majestic backgrounds (like a gingerbread house or castle) that she can then add herself to – kind of like a green screen background.

tranquil background, forest, relaxing, majestic, thomas kinkade, very detailed
tranquil background, mushroom fairy house, waterfalls, relaxing, majestic, thomas kinkade
tranquil background, waterfalls, relaxing, majestic, thomas kinkade


I've already written an entire post about how to create and sell calendars on Etsy, but these images are absolutely PERFECT for a calendar! You could do some like the images right above, with the mushroom fairy vibe… you could do one in watercolor with animals… I could think of 100 different types of calendars to create!


I created a video tutorial on how to make digital bookmarks – they are a best-seller on Etsy and most of my Etsy students have made money selling digital bookmarks! Even though, at first, they were like… what the heck? You're selling… rectangles? And people are buying them? YEP!

Digital Patterns

Digital backgrounds and patterns are another hot seller on sites like Etsy, Creative Fabrica, Creative Market, The Hungry JPEG, and more.

birds, abstract, flying, repeated

Digital interior design

While crafting some zoom backgrounds, Jasper gave me some awesome ideas – like the fact that you can use this amazing AI art tool to mock up what you'd like your home to look like!

crisp clean office space, white chair, ottoman, computer, shelves
rustic kitchen space, big open area, realistic

Stock Photos

More and more folks are using stock photos on their websites, but Google keeps telling us original content is best – and that includes images! That is one reason I'm so in love with Jasper Art. It's the most affordable, convenient way to create original images for your blog and other projects.

Recipes & Cookbooks

Now I know some of you are going to freak out over this one, but I'm going to list it anyway. Yes, you can create a cookbook with Jasper. Be sure to use recipes you know and love, recipes you've already tested and know are amazing. This isn't about faking people out with recipes you've never tried… it's about cutting the time and energy required to create and share recipes down to a manageable amount.

As I've said many times, for me, Jasper is about making content creation more accessible. If you have a chronic illness and can no longer cook or bake every day, but you spent the last 10 years running a restaurant, you know how to write recipes and probably have a ton of tried and true ones to share, too… but you may not have photos. And that's okay. Now you can use Jasper to create those photos.

Food bloggers use stock photos, PLR, and hire freelancers to create recipe content for them all the time. Using Jasper to help you create images is not much different, and you can always disclose the images are AI at the beginning of the book if you want – heck, tell your story. Why did you use AI? People love to be nosy and learn more about the author. 🙂

bowl of spaghetti on a table, ambient light, photo realistic, very detailed (image upscaled)
chocolate cheesecake, photo realistic, very detailed, close-up, shallow depth of field (no image upscale used)

If you don't find the stock photos forgiving enough, you could create a watercolor (or otherwise illustrated) version and make your cookbook have a fun, whimsy vibe! Or, create a kid's cookbook – kids love illustrations!

bowl of spaghetti on a table, watercolor, ambient light, photo realistic, very detailed
chocolate cheesecake, photo realistic, very detailed, close-up, watercolor

Notice, the only difference in the inputs is that I added “watercolor” – and it creates entirely new images! Watercolor and other illustrations are very forgiving, so if you aren't getting the results you want with real photos, try them out!

Building niche websites and blogs

Last but certainly not lease – quite possibly my favorite way to make money EVER – you can use Jasper to create original images for your niche sites. I currently have about 20 niche sites in the works (verrrry slow going, they're all back burner projects) and I love that I now have original artwork for every single one of them.

One thing I knew I wanted to do when I started building niche sites is to make sure when they're ready to sell, they're damn good sites that will make the buyer lots of money if they put the work in. To do this, I had to set the sites up the right way (ehem, the PIPs way), and one thing that really hung me up was original photography.

While I took photography classes in college and have all the fancy cameras and such, I still don't have the energy to go take photos all day. I wish I did, but living with chronic illness changes your life – and that is one change I had to make. As a result, my sites got backlogged or I just half-assed them and used stock photos.

I'm sooooo sooooo very thankful for Jasper – both the writing side and the art side – for making content creation accessible for more people who have limitations or illnesses that have stopped them dead in their tracks before. Now we can create anything our minds can dream up!

As my niche sites get published and sold, I'll do some updates so be sure to get on my email list if you aren't already, so I can email you about the progress I'm making with them. Maybe building niche sites is in your future, too!

Jasper Art Guide

I hope this post helped you brainstorm some ways to make money using AI art. If you haven't read my full Jasper Art Guide yet, now is the time to do that! Here for the AI writing side? I have a money-making Jasper Writing Guide for you, too. You can say I'm a little obsessed. 😉 If you have questions about Jasper, leave them in the comments and I'll update this post to answer them. I also answer questions over in my free Facebook group.

Passive Income Pathways 25+ Ways to Make Money with Jasper Art
25+ Ways to Make Money With Jasper Art

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