Two Etsy Shops? Avoid Getting Your Shop Shut Down by Following This Rule

You may be wondering if Etsy allows you to have a second shop. Yes, you can have two Etsy stores. But, there are rumors everywhere when it comes to this question, so I went straight to the source to answer this popular question!

I have personal experience running multiple Etsy shops for more than a decade. The only shop I ever had issues with was my The Women of AI shop, as it was brand new and took off with dozens of sales right away and got shut down due to the Etsy algorithm. It was up a week later. My other shops have never had issues.

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Can you have more than one etsy shop?

Yes, you can!

Rules for opening a second Etsy shop

I searched to find Etsy's official stance on what the rules and guidelines are for opening a second shop, but they don't update their guidelines very often, so there wasn't much. The last time I looked was in March of 2024.

I'm going to dive a little deeper into some of the other questions you may have (because I had them, too!) about opening another shop on Etsy.

How to open a second Etsy shop

To open a second Etsy shop, you'll need a different email address than the one you're using for your original shop. You are opening a new account, not adding to an old one.

Unfortunately, Etsy does not have an option to have multiple shops for one email. The best way to set this up is by having a different email address for each online business you have.

Here's what Etsy says:

How many etsy shops can you have?

I have several shops. If you have different products or a separate niche, you want to keep them in separate shops. There is no specific amount that Etsy publicly says they allow, as long as each shop is on the up and up.

Here's what Etsy says on the issue:

Do I have to disclose my second Etsy shop?

Etsy does say you need to disclose your second shop in the public profile of your first shop and vice versa.

Thanks, Andrew, for the heads up!

I've reached out to Etsy about this in the past, and their response was basically “as long as your shops follow our guidelines, you're good”.

My thought is that Etsy used to check into this more often because people were trying to somehow game the system and list the same items twice in multiple stores.

Over the years, Etsy has realized that many sellers prefer to open niche shops for best results. This leads to many sellers having multiple shops.

The problems arise when one of the shops violates Etsy's terms. If one of your shops gets shut down, they both (or all) can.

If you want to make sure all bases are covered, in your “About” section, include a list of your other shop names. However, most of what Etsy does is automated so my thought process is this: if you're going to get shut down, they're not going to look at your “About” section before they do it. *shrug*

Pros and cons of running multiple Etsy shops

While I 100% recommend opening a second (or third!) Etsy shop so you can expand your brand and offerings, there are some cons to it as well.


Niche is key with Etsy! You don't want a shop that has “all the things”. Having multiple shops means you can create products across several niches, without confusing your customers. Think of your niche audience.

Etsy transcation fees are affordable and don't go up just because you have multiple shops.

You can learn what works really well for one shop, and use those tricks on your other shops. It's a lot of work to build a successful shop, but you can do it!


✘ Logging in and out all the time is a pain. in. my. ass. If someone could invent a way to log into all shops at once and just toggle between them, I would love them forever and ever.

Pro tip: If you only have two shops, have one logged in via Chrome and the other logged in via another browser. This way you don't have to constantly log in and out. 🙂

✘ You'll need two sets of business cards, two different logos and branding color palettes (unless you share the palette across them all, which is fine), and an email address for each shop.

✘ If you use paid tools, you'll pay twice as much because they usually only cover one shop.

✘ For branding purposes, you may want to have separate social media accounts as well, which is way too much work for me! I like to automate as much as I can. I don't usually use social media to promote my shops, as I rely mostly on SEO for Etsy.

How to succeed on Etsy

There are many ways to succeed on Etsy, but it all comes down to consistency. If you consistently create new products and work on your Etsy SEO, you will be successful.

How do I know? Well, besides my multiple Etsy shops, I've taught hundreds of women how to create digital products to sell on Etsy successfully!

If I can do it, if they can do it, YOU can do it. But it depends on YOU. Are you ready to go all in? Only you can answer that. Etsy shops take work to set up and keep running!

The most important part is to have FUN with your shops! If you aren't having fun, consider a different niche or product line. You should never be miserable while creating!

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How to Avoid Getting Your Etsy Shop Shut Down
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  1. Informative! Thanks for the idea. This is also very detailed. Amazing!

  2. Furkan Akyuz says:

    Thank you for this information, it helped me a lot!

  3. I have a question! I have heard that if you have a brand new shop on Etsy they will list your product(s) at the top of page to help give you a boost in traffic when first opening a shop. Is this true? If so, and you decide to have two shops on etsy, will they do this with two brand new shops or only one?

    1. Sadie Smiley says:

      I don’t know if that is true – fresh listings do boost traffic but I don’t know about a new shop. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the infos 🙂 Would you start a second Shop, when you want to sell the exact same products only in different languages? Or is it ok to sell them in the same shop?

    1. Sadie Smiley says:

      Hmm I’m not sure. I’d probably do two different shops but I think it would be fine to combine them and have different categories by item or language.

  5. How do I add an about section to a 2nd shop I’m trying to open up?

  6. Hi can i use same residential address for multiple Etsy accounts?

  7. Did you open a new LLC for each Etsy shop? Or are you able to use the same LLC from the first shop you opened?

    1. Sadie Smiley says:

      My LLC covers all of my businesses.

  8. I have two Etsy shops one I put on vacation and deactivated all products but I would like to shut it down completely, how can I do that ?Also I do not see anything on this subject other than closing ONE SHOP shop.

  9. The private browsing window also lets you log into an additional account at the same time. So you could have four accounts logged in; 1 in a Chrome window and 1 in a Chrome Incognito window, and then 1 in Firefox and 1 in Firebox private browsing window. More than 4, use additional browsing programs: Edge, Opera, Vivaldi, stick your ipad on a stand and use Safari main and private browser windows to add 2 more. You could be the Doc Oc of Etsy shops.

  10. you should date your blog posts. there’s literally no way to know when I’m reading this if the info is from 2013 or 2023.

    1. The same.. when was this written!!?? 😮

      1. If you read the post you will see “the last time I looked was in March of 2024” — so it was written either on or after March 2024 by using those context clues.

  11. This was so helpful. Thank you and although i 100% agree with you on the workload and automated tasks im gonna bite the bullet and dopen a second shop…… I just cant decide on a couple of things so im gonna call it research i guess… lol

  12. Instead of using multiple browsers and private browsing, an even easier way to access multiple sites/stores is by using Chrome Profiles. This works very well on a computer (I don’t think it works the same on mobile so this might just be computer specific). Simply create a new profile then log into one store under each profile. Then you can easily swap profiles within Chrome to jump to each store. If Etsy doesn’t time out your login, you should stay logged in indefinitely. Of course, it would be easier if this was an option within Etsy, but this is a simple alternative.

  13. Could you please share a link to where the rule is regarding disclosing all singularly owned Etsy shops in the profile?

    I don’t feel comfortable having my shops linked this way, and don’t see the benefit of it.

    1. It’s the handbook (same one linked in the post). You can read through all of it but I posted a screenshot for simplicity’s sake. 🙂 I understand why you wouldn’t want them linked. Unfortunately what we feel comfortable with doesn’t protect our shop from getting shut down if we don’t follow the rules.

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