35+ Blog Post Formulas for Travel Bloggers

You've traveled and you want to share that with the world, but you get hung up on what to write about. I get it! Travel bloggers never have to run out of blog post ideas with these 35+ formulas.

These blog post ideas are perfect for travel bloggers, and I created them in a style of “formulas” so you can easily swap my examples out for your own keywords and destinations. The possibilities are truly endless here.

How to Use a Blog Post Formula

When using the formulas, keep in mind who your target audience is. Are you writing to:

  • families with young kids
  • romantic couples
  • digital nomads
  • solo travelers
  • worldschoolers
  • seniors

Keeping your exact audience in mind is the main key to these blog post ideas working perfectly for your blog.

For example, you may use The Most [Romantic, Fun, Educational, Dangerous] Places in the World to Visit and turn it into multiple posts like:

  • Top 7 Most Romantic Places to Visit in Italy
  • 17 Quaint Places to Visit in Europe
  • 7 Best Educational Experiences for Homeschooling Families in Scotland

The list could go on and on – and these formulas work no matter which places you're talking about, who your audience is, etc.

How to be a Better Travel Blogger

If you're a new travel blogger, you may be struggling… thinking your topic is oversaturated, or you can't cover it well because you aren't currently traveling, or maybe you're just overwhelmed after looking at other travel blogs. Don't worry, you can do this. Being an excellent travel blogger isn't about taking the best photos (though it does help) or even about visiting every destination you write about, it's about providing a service to your readers.

Questions to ask yourself

Are you connecting your readers to valid, up-to-date information about the travel destinations they're curious about?

Are you writing thorough blog posts, paying attention to SEO but not keyword stuffing?

Are you enjoying the process?

Are you working hard to provide an amazing user experience for your readers?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, you're on the right path!

the beach in la jolla, california
La Jolla, California

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I earn a commission when you make a purchase through them. 🙂 Click to learn how to increase your affiliate earnings on your own blog.

Original Photos vs Stock Photos

Another way to improve your travel blog is to make sure you're taking and publishing as many original photos as possible. Stock photo sites are amazing (I have a whole list of stock photo sites I use), but nothing beats the real deal – photos YOU took while you were at the destination you're writing about.

Even if your photos aren't the best, you can practice, practice, practice and improve!

photo of people on the beach in southern california
Another visit to La Jolla

Real Reviews

While you don't have to visit every single destination you blog about (I don't – I write “bucket list” posts and dream a lot), if you've been to the place you're writing about, the blog post will be much better. If you need to fill in some gaps – either you haven't been there or it's been a while – use sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp to get real reviews from real people who have visited recently. Especially with the pandemic, a lot of travel stuff has changed… so if you visited Dublin 5 years ago it's going to be a little different when someone visits today.

How to Monetize Your Travel Blog

In addition to writing blog posts, I highly recommend monetizing your blog by creating digital products.

You can create a travel calendar and use it as a freebie opt-in or even sell it on Etsy.

If you haven't sold digital products before, start by creating on Canva (there's a cool free Canva Facebook group I joined to learn tricks and tips), and use a free software like WooCommerce to sell your ebooks, guides, etc on your blog. Throughout my blog, you can see where I am selling digital products but I also have my own membership.

Creating multiple income streams not only makes you more money, it also makes your income more secure. If one of the streams dries up, you still have several others making deposits into your bank account. In fact, I recommend striving for a certain monetary goal daily – start with just $1 and move up from there.

My current goal is $100 passive income daily. 27 days of the month I make way more than that (I made like $23,000 in April), but I have 3 days a month that I haven't set up my passive income perfectly yet. So, that's what I'm working on now. After I get to that point, the next goal is $200 a day, $500 a day, and then $1,000 a day. That can seem like a lot (and it is!!) but it all starts with just $1 per day.

Action step: Set a daily income goal for your blog!

la jolla lock box
Taking photos can be fun – and everyone has a phone in their hands these days so it's easy, too!

35+ Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

All of these ideas were provided by Jasper. If you're looking to save time blogging, you've gotta try a free trial – you will fall in love. If you're looking for more info on Jasper, I have lots of posts and videos! 🙂

The Best Places to Visit in [month or season]

10 Unforgettable Places to See in [city, state, country]

5 Affordable [Island, Jungle, Tropical, Etc] Destinations for Your Next Vacation

Why You Should Take a Trip to [City/State/Country] This [Weekend, Season, Year]

10 Places Everyone Should Visit in Their Lifetime [Bucket List type post]

Best Places to Visit on a Budget in [City/State/Country/Continent]

How to Travel the World for Free

The Most [Romantic, Fun, Educational, Dangerous] Places in the World to Visit

10 Tips For Planning the Perfect [Road Trip]

The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking [Country] on a Budget

10 Reasons Why Traveling [As a family, with a friend, solo, slowly] is the Best Way to See the World

7 Tips For Planning a [Romantic, Family, Educational, Adventure] Vacation

How to Pack for a [Month-Long Trip Around the World]

3 Ways to Make Your Next Vacation [More Sustainable]

7 of the Best Eco-Friendly Destinations in [City/State/Country]

Tips for Planning the Perfect [Anniversary, Birthday, Honeymoon, Girls Trip, Destination Wedding] on a Budget

The Best Places to Go [Glamping, Boondocking, RVing] in [State/Country]

15 Tips for Planning a [Family-Friendly, Adults Only, Girls Trip, Solo, Romantic] Vacation

The Most Instagrammable Places in [City/State/Country]

10 [Beach, Jungle, Mountain] Vacations to Take This [Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter]

7 [Wonders of the World] You Have to See [Before You Die]

8 Unforgettable Places to Visit in [State/Country] for [Kids, Families, Couples, etc]

The Best Places to Travel [Alone as a Woman]

11 Incredible Places You Didn’t Know [You Could Visit without a Passport]

How to Plan the Perfect Trip to [Disney World – or any attraction that is usually expensive] on a Budget

10 Spots for the Ultimate [Foodie, History Buff] Vacation

The Most [Adventurous, Romantic, Haunted] Places in the World

9 of the Best [Winter] Destinations in [the U.S.]

15 Tips For Planning a [Luxury Vacation] on a Budget

8 Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations in [the U.S., Europe, etc]

8 places every [Harry Potter] fan should visit in [Scotland] [change up for different books/movies/countries]

The Best Places to See [waterfalls, castles, the Northern Lights, etc]

7 Day [Backpacking Through Europe] Itinerary

How to Spend [Two Weeks] in [Europe]

The Ultimate Guide to Traveling [Europe] by [Train]

8 of the Most Scenic [Train Rides] in [Europe, Scotland, U.S., etc]

How to Choose the Perfect [Cruise, Honeymoon, All-Inclusive Resort]

image states "need a blogging refresher or just getting started? grab the free blogging foundations course!"

Now what?

Hopefully you've set a daily money goal for your blog and started using these blog post formulas to plan your next few blog posts. If you have less than 50 blog posts published, keep writing! Need help and accountability? Join me in VIP!

Love blogging? I would love to invite you to my free Facebook group, PIPs (Passive Income Pathways). Hope to see you there!

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